50% off Your First Order @ BargainBox


50% off your first Bargain Box with code save50 - I think this might also work on any of the My Food Bag range of subscriptions. You can cancel any time, so a great deal for one delivery!

This also works with referral codes for an extra $50 off! (though 50% comes off after the $50 is deducted)

Edit - it looks like this is only working with referral discounts if you already have a referral discount on your account prior to signing up for this deal. Sorry for the confusion!

Referral Links

Referral: random (12)

Referee will receive $40 off their first Bargain Box purchase, and the Referrer will have a $40 credit applied to their account.

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    I managed to use on my deactivated account - although my last and only order was in 2018


    Thanks for this. Is there a way to apply both the federal and save50 discount?

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    Doesn't work for existing mfb customers but does for new.
    Also note there is an order reward system for winter.
    After 4 and 8 deliveries u pick from 2 selections each time


    I've never used them before but it seems to be only allowing me to apply one code.


      Yes looks like one code only


      Have also tried and looks like only able to use one code