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50% off for Inactive Accounts or First Time Orders @ My Food Bag


Myself and my flatmate got a letter in the mail offering 50% with the code 50OFF

Not sure if its targeted or only for deactivated accounts. Let me know!

Worked for any of their options like Fresh Start.

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  • This the message I got.

    "This promo code is only available for first time foodies. Keep your eyes peeled for a code just for you!. This promo code is only available for eligible existing foodies. Keep your eyes peeled for a code just for you!. We're sorry, this promo code can't be applied to this product".

    Thanks for sharing anyway!

    • Tried it again today because I forgot that I already tried it 2 weeks ago, and it worked! :O

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    Save50 is another one to try, exact same parameters but I assume if you use one they wont let you use it in the future so try the other when reactivating :)

    • 50OFF didn't work for me, but SAVE50 did! Thanks Rowjo!

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        Glad I could help! Also a small side note/ bonus the 50% works on extra's such as the fruit box which makes for a reasonable price for a good selection of fruit :)

        • Just wondering how many kgs of fruit do you get in the fruit box and is the fruit good quality and what type of fruit?

          • @Squibbly: Just reminded of a previous post where @sunshinenz commented:

            Just in case anyone is interested in MFB fruit nox. The box I received today includes:
            * 1 pineapple
            * 500g Jazz apples
            * 500g
            * 350g oranges
            * 350g green kiwifruit
            * 150g mandarins

            I got this box for half price this week, but the regular price is $22. The fruits are not organic. The pears, kiwifruit and mandarins are very small and some have been squashed in transit.

            So for $11 I'd say it's probably ok, not spectacular. Will update on Sunday what I get will def be more fruit variety than I am used to at least :)

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            @Squibbly: My fruit box contained:

            • 7 bananas
            • 6 apples
            • 5 mandarins
            • 4 kiwifruit
            • 3 pears
            • 3 oranges


            • @Rowjo: Certainly not worth $22 - doubt you call that $11 worth

              • @Squibbly: Agreed! I was a bit shocked when I received it to say the least hahaha

  • Nope, neither worked for me reactivating account :(

  • Didn't work for me either for reactivating account. Tried both codes mentioned above. Most likely targeted.

  • Worked for my account to reactivate which has been maybe 3 months without buying anything but didn't work for my wife's account which we bought from about two weeks ago.

  • Really keen to try this on their Fresh Start option, but it's always sold out.

  • Worked for me with 50OFF. My account was deactivated in February and just turned it back on.

    $215.99 down to $107.99, thank you heaps.

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