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Surfshark: 95% Cashback for New Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards. 2yr Plan ~ $5 after Cashback


Currently 2yr plan is 81% off - $84.5.
Considering 95% cashback, you can end up with the final amount of around $5.

Opening a new cashrewards account with referral below can make this a money making deal.

I am using surfshark currently and speed is good. Haven't tried any geo specific services but I think it be good to some extent.

30 day money back guarantee from Surfshark for peace of mind.

Cashback is eligible for new Surfshark customers only.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

The amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Better than Nordvpn?

    • Dont bother, frustrating speeds, ExpressVPN is the best

      • I am always wanting to try out ExpressVPN. But they are pricy. And never saw them run such a deep discount.

        • +1

          Also, I understand that ExpressVPN was just bought out by a company with a very dubious past - if not already tied into a contract, then I would stay away from them for now, and see what the commentary is over the coming months.


        • +1

          I wouldn't go to Express Vpn, they've just been bought out by Kape Technologies. They've also bought out CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, Zenmate, and a number of VPN “Review” websites.

          Kape Technologies has a history of being malware pushers (under a different brand name).

      • Works fine on my end.I use it to downlod ISO's.

      • ExpressVPN is much worse than surfshark.

        I have surfshark for 2 years now and it has given me excellent speeds. Also expressvpn was compromised at one point and caused my CC info to be leaked.

      • I disagree. Been using it for a year now and have no complaints. Depends on which servers you connect to. I just checked the speed on my vm, got 100mb down/30 up. I have 900/500 speed fibre. Which is very fast.

        Can't talk about expressvpn as never used.

    • Can't say we've had any issues with surfshark. We just use it for international servers and it's good enough for HD video consumption without any buffering. Works great on an Amazon firestick where we can have some services set to use it and others know we are here so we never need to touch it.

  • I already have 3 year plan with cashback from a year ago. If i use this, will i extend my time?

    • No. It's only for new customers.

      • Just make a new account. Imma do that too.

        Question - can this tracked Cashback be transferred into a Nz Anz account?

        • only to aus bank account, paypal only for us

        • +1

          PayPal is the only option. I have got in PayPal couple of times.

  • I have bought this deal just wondering when and how would i receive the cash back?

    • upto 90 days

  • If you want to use it for BBC iPlayer then forget it. Their servers are blacklisted. I use Windscribe instead for that.

    • NordVPN is working fine with BBC iPlayer.

    • u using windscribe premium?

      did you get the lifetime offer a few years back?

      • No, I just pay for 2 servers, and use Surfshark (Not the first time they did 95% cashback with Cashrewards) if I need to tunnel elsewhere. I find Surfshark also triggers Captchas on many websites, including Google searches.

    • I've never had any issues using iPlayer through surfshark. Been using it on phones, Amazon tablets and a fire TV all with the native apps. I had lots of issues trying the same with purevpn, especially with channel 4 but surfshark has been good.

      • Good for you, but Surfshark is unusable for me with regards to streaming overseas content. Watched the Euros with Windscribe with no problems, however I only pay for 2 servers so If I need to tunnel elsewhere I'll use Surfshark.

  • i dont know why im buying it, never needs more than windscribe which had all the live Olympics I wanted.

    But FOMO is real

    • Having 2 can be useful though, especially if one is having server or authenticatiuon issues and you need a particular location, or they have a few different locations.

  • There's also a deal for Ivacy VPN. 5 year subscription with 90% off (roughly $8 total). You also get 2tb of online storage. Don't know much about them, but reviews sound okay.

    • What's the link for that?

      Just $8 for five years 2TB storage sounds too good to be true, even forgetting the VPN?



      • Was here, but expired at midnight. https://www.cashrewards.com.au/ivacy-vpn#coupons

        • Darn - would have been the deal of the century!

      • what do you do with the storage when it runs out though?

        or do you just let it lapse without transferring all the files?

        • I normally just use it for backups. I would fill it up and if I don't renew, I would normally have other backups well before that, so happy to let them disappear. If they were on a hard drive, I would have overwritten them on schedule.

          • @Alan6984: https://www.ivacy.com/lifetime-vpn/

            80 usd less 30% off with cashback. Not sure if it'll still interest you. Could wait and see if cashback give a larger discount at some point, don't know how long ivacy is running the deal for though.

            • @Latex Fist: Yes - I saw that. Not bad, but not like $8 for two years for 2TB!

              I'll wait - if they id that deal once, they'll almost certainly do it again.



              • @Alan6984: That link was the deal I was referring to in my original post - the 5 years (idk how they can call that lifetime) of VPN and 2tb, not 2 years of 2tb. Only difference now being the amount back from cashrewards. But again, hopefully cashrewards ups the %age.

                Anyway, hope it helps in some way :)

                • @Latex Fist: Yes - my mistake - Five years of 2TB for $8.

                  As I said above, if they've done it once, they'll likely do it again, so I'll hold off unless and until they repeat it.



                • @Latex Fist: lifetime of the company lol, it's going out of business within that time


                  vpn seems like a very competitive market atm

                  • @justaddwater: That's why I am leery of spending much with them.

                    US$8 I am happy to take the risk. US$56 not so much.


        • Nice find - can't complain about the price, but its only 2GB (not quite 2TB!)

          I wouldn't 'trust' them to keep my data safe (they might be gone next year), but for secondary or tertiary backups, I am not really concerned.

          • @Alan6984: yes. me too.

            As i am an ivacy VPN lifetime subscriber, I found this free cloud storage offered to me. So is the coupon code, which can be redeemed for a year of 2 TB plan. But I managed to get a lifetime 2TB plan by following the instructions. This must be some bugs in their billing system. I suspect the code could be used by anyone, since it contains nothing specific. Please let me know if it is working or not.

            • @hhan7: I'm replying here as well as on your 'deal' thread in case someone is only following this.

              It allows me to put in the code to reduce it to $Nil for 2TB for one year, but it then requires a credit card number to proceed.

              Still, might be of interest to someone.


  • Btw for anyone not in the know, VPN alone does not protect you from companies tracking you. Your browser has a fingerprint which it leaves on each site you visit. You can see how unique your fingerprint is here https://amiunique.org/fp. Of course VPN companies are more than happy to take your money though.

    Surfing with a VPN but still being fingerprinted does sweet (profanity) all, in fact it's worse than not using one because you're trusting the VPN company to not track you as well. Although the VPN can't read your encrypted traffic they can still tell the IP's you're visiting.

    Useful for visiting geoblocked content though, as well as purchasing some deals that are only available to certain countries/currencies.

    • The other endpoint can't (so easily) know where you are geographically though….

      If you want to be more 'private', then use an 'incognito' browser tab.

      if you want to be even more 'private', then just fire up a fresh VM (I normally use Ubuntu 20.04LTS Desktop, but up to you of course), and use the browser in there. If you want to keep the VM to re-use, take a snapshot prior to using it, then revert after each use.

      Beyond that, you might have to be a fairly high value target for someone to bother tracking you successfully :-)


      • Yes in terms of masking your geolocation in terms of geo-restricted content/purchases it's useful, but when a company is building a profile on your unique fingerprint and you visit kmart.co.nz, the local buy-sell group on facebook, etc.. it's fairly trivial for them to add your rough geolocation to the profile.

        Incognito helps to prevent tracking cookies but it doesn't stop fingerprinting, visit the site I linked in incognito and run the fingerprint test to see all the points of data available to any site you visit.

        Yes indeed if you're valuable enough target like a state dissident inside China then you'd better be using something like Tor lol, I'm thankful to live in NZ

        • Simplest option most of the time is just to run a VM if you're concerned.