This was posted 2 years 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2 TB Cloud Storage for 1 year Free @ Internxt


Internxt is offering 2 TB cloud storage for lifetime for free. In courtesy of Ivacy VPN.

  1. Go to to sign up for their standard free account
  2. Simply upgrade to any of your preferred premium cloud storage plans (in my case, I choose 2 TB annually billed)
  3. Upon checkout, you should use the coupon code IvacyVPN
  4. Please be sure to check what the plan of your account is under afterwards. (In my case, upon successfully paid $0, I got the 2 TB lifetime plan. I have no idea why this happened. YMMV though.) If your account is under annual plan, please be sure to cancel it before being charged for another year, if you don't want to.

EDIT: This was a bug in their billing system. Check this reddit out:…. Thanks @techhit.

What you will get is an annual billed service free for the first year. So please make sure you cancel the service if you dont want to be charged for the second year.

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  • Free plan appears to be only 2GB (not 2TB)?

    2TB is €99 for 'lifetime' - presumably theirs, not yours? If you click on that offer, it just goes back to the login page.


    • +1

      You should be able to get 2 TB plans for free by upgrading the free account to a premium plan using the coupon code.

      Please read through my instructions.

      • Do they require you to put in your credit card details, even for the free account?


        • No for free account. They are using stripe for checkout. So I presume it is safe.

          • @hhan7: Okay - just tried again, and I can put in the code to reduce it to $Nil, but it won't proceed without me putting in my credit card details.

            Still, might be of interest to someone.


            • +1

              @Alan6984: Same here. The credit card info is mandatory even the amount to pay is $0. And even it's showing 2TB Lifetime for now, it's highly likely that they will fix this bug at some point and put your plan back to 2TB Annual.

              • +1

                @xsolider: Go and buy a $20 prezzy card, that's what I do with these overseas offers. As long as the card has not expired doesn't matter what balance the prezzy card has.

                • +1

                  @pdevonporf: Just checked. They charge $5.95 card fee for any amount. So probably not worth doing it this way.

                  • @xsolider: Yes but you can use it for multiple overseas sign in accounts that require a credit card. It's pretty cheap Credit card security for six dollars.

      • coupon not applicable to 2TB lifetime plan, so if you choose 2TB billed annually you will probably have to pay next year.

        • +1

          yes. The coupon is not valid for lifetime plan. So I upgraded to the annual 2 tb plan. However, when I check my account after the upgrade. I ended up with 2tb lifetime plan.

  • How safe is it?

    • Know nothing about the company. I would not recommend this as a primary back up. I would use it as a secondary back up.

  • Just use Backblaze B2

    • Is it free?

      • +1

        No, it's a good paid service.

  • When i applied the code - came with this message below - 100% off for a year?

    • and then you go ahead, you got a lifetime plan. But this is my case. YMMV.

  • I tried and it lets you pick an annual plan for €99 and then once the code is applied it is charged at €0 for first year. So instead of a lifetime (more than a year i would presume) its only for a year. He did mention ymmv. Not bad, but not sure about the data integrity and who has access to it. My 2 cents.

  • +1

    Apparently, the upload and download speeds are bad because of the encryption they're using (from a Trustpilot review).

  • +2

    Thanks for the deal, but I would not enter my credit card details here.

    • It's claimed above they're using Stripe. If this is true, your card details are frankly probably safer than some NZ websites. Just make sure you remove any subscription/ability for them to charge you in the future.

  • I "paid" for a 2TB annual plan but did get the lifetime plan at the end. hopefully I dont get charges after a 1year.

  • +1

    So applied as per instructions and account shows "Lifetime one-time payment" with 2TB available on Will see if this sticks though.

    Response from serverside shows:

    currency: ""
    isLifetime: true
    isTeam: false
    monthlyPrice: 0
    name: "Lifetime"
    paymentInterval: null
    planId: ""
    price: 0
    productId: ""
    renewalPeriod: "lifetime"
    simpleName: "lifetime"
    storageLimit: 2199023255552

  • before put your credit card details
    please rethink again…
    seems they charge it later no matter its free $0 or not and hard get refund

    • +4

      You base that on a single reply tweet that doesn't say afterwards if they got anything back or not?

  • 2TB is a lot of data, personally I wouldn't trust an unknown company holding that much of my data. But I still upvoted.

    • As long as it is only a secondary or tertiary backup, then no big deal (I'd have to lose the live data, plus the primary backup before being concerned).

      I usually use this kind of thing for backups that are nice to have, rather than anything truly critical.

      In more than twenty-five years, I have never yet actually lost the live and primary backups in any scenario (personally or at a client). Maybe I have just been lucky, but we are looking at a very unlikely scenario.


  • +3

    Why not just use a preezy card with a small / 0 balance if you're worried about being charged?

    • +1

      I use prezzy card to pay and it works.

    • That's a good idea, I have a zero balance prezzy card (that expires in 2023) for things like this. They work most of the time.

  • +1

    So mine came up with lifetime one time payment as my new membership tier.

    I've not saved payment details and used a prezzy card with only a few dollars left on it that I'll be using up before the year is out so no risk of them billing me. I won't be putting everything in here but always useful having another backup service.

  • Bought $0 annual plan with code and then got auto updated to lifetime plan with Prezzy card.
    But never got any sort of email confirming account details or anything????

  • I just tried it, but they are rejecting my credit card ($1 limit, $0.01 current balance, so $0.99 available) - says it is expired, with an expiry date of 12/25!

    Ah well.

    • Not sure but most companies need at least $1 in the card.

      • Yeah - I did wonder about that.

        The $0.01 was a verification charge someone put on there. I'll have to pay off 1c I guess!

        • I paid 2c onto the account, so the available credit is now $1.01 and it still rejects with 'Your card has expired'.

          The box definitely asks for mm / yy, and I enter '12 / 25'.



          • @Alan6984: Please note that Deeshearer said "at least $1" not "just $1". When I purchased Google One, they held $2 for verification.

            • +1

              @xsolider: Sure - I can't really be bothered to find out where the amount lies :-)

              If someone has gone ahead, you may see the hold amount online shown as 'pending' or similar for a few days.

              • @Alan6984: I’ve only got $1.59 in my prezzy card but it went through.

                • @deeshearer: Bumped it up to $2.00 available, but still says the card has expired with the Dec 2025 expiry date.

                  Maybe be a faulty implementation or something.


                  • @Alan6984: To be honest, I guess there billing system is broken. Maybe due to high traffic flow.
                    Too many free leaches 😵‍💫

  • +1

    Not working for the lifetime. Error message as follows:

    "This code is valid, but doesn't apply to items in your order."

    If I put a non-lifetime subscription (ie: billed annually), it works fine, it shows "€0.00 for the first year", but will be billed next year.

    The coupon shows as follows:

    IVACYVPN -€107.88
    100% off for a year

  • How do I remove my credit card from the account after adding it in?

    • Got the deal but same question

  • any way to do this without a credit/prezzy card?

    • Wise virtual debit card which you can generate and remove on demand.

      • Are there any charges?

        • No free to deposit NZD. Only a small fee when converting to foreign currency which is much cheaper than then banks. If you sign up with a referral link you'll get fee-free transfers up to $900.

            • @ace310: ah, it used to be free… i got mine a few years ago, so didn't realise they started charging for it now. Either way, I use it all the time for foreign purchases. It's so good. For a one off $14 I still think it's worth it.

              • @techhit: What's the actual benefits for the card I would like to order it

                • @Splashyminion: You basically pay the actual spot exchange rate as per google, yahoo finance, xe, etc plus a very small fee ~0.4% conversion fee to hold money in different types of foreign currency.

                  If you let paypal or your banks do the currency conversion, you're normally looking at paying 2.5%+.

                  Plus you can have multiple bank accounts which you can make foreign bank accounts payments in and out of. I've used it to pay a friend in Australia to his bank account without paying expensive bank fees, and also in online shopping to avoid paypal charges.

              • @techhit: Is it a one-off $14 for unlimited card numbers (which would be very cool and secure), or $14 per card number?

                • @Alan6984: $14 just for the actual debit card. Then you can create multiple free virtual cards from that.

                  • @techhit: Okay - so I guess the first one is an actual real piece of plastic that they post to you?

                    • @Alan6984: Yeah.

                      • @techhit: Sorry for all the questions!

                        Can you set the virtual ones to expire immediately after use (stops renewal / subsequent charges from the other party)?

                        If so, I'm signing up!

  • what upload speed are you getting?

  • +1

    Just got an email. Did anyone else win a "lottery ticket" from them? :D

  • Hi there,

    Congrats! 🎉 🎊🎁

    Every now and then, here at Internxt, we run a raffle where a random winning user gets a hugely discounted Internxt infinite lifetime membership. An infinite lifetime membership gives you unlimited access to Internxt Drive, Photos, Send, Mail, and other services that we'll launch. This means that you'll be able to enjoy Internxt with infinite storage space forever, for a one-time payment of €499. That's almost a full discount on the retail price of €9,999 that this membership has.

    Our system indicated that you've received a winning Internxt raffle ticket, which allows you to get our infinite lifetime membership for just €499 instead of €9,999 during the next 24 hours only.

    Click here to claim your infinite lifetime membership now! ⚡️

    • Yeah I got this too. Gmail marked it as spam

    • I too won this lottery. I won't be paying for the unlimited pass I won though. Their site is now also pushing me as a repeated winner of the chance to buy 2Tb for life for €99. I'll stick with my free one thanks.

      Their website is awful though, just keeps force opening the play store to force me to use their app, I don't want to install that right now so let me just browse the damn site.

  • Sounds so BS. Everyone is winning a raffle lol

  • Finally managed to sign up - hurrah!

    • My tests so far are that both upload and download via their windows app is quite slow, and it can get stuck, requiring you to kill it and re-open (I've installed in a clean Win10 Pro VM - another issue is a lack of a Linux client).

      For storing secondary / tertiary backups offsite, it is fine, but if you would ever need to get things back in a hurry, this would not be a viable solution.

      For me - I would happily use it for storing backups of family photos and videos. Doesn't matter for that kind of thing if it took a week to upload, and a week to come back, as long as it does.


  • Personally, I don't like that their HQ is based in Singapore which has been confirmed as a “Five Eyes” partner. Look for HQs based in Panama or Cayman Islands.

    • If you're really worried about it / are a high value target, then obviously don't use them, but I would always encrypt everything at my end before uploading it regardless of what it is - that way it is just part of the process.

  • So they deleted my account and put it back to 2GB.
    Could someone please check? I signed up yesterday!

    • Mine still shows as 2TB, but I only completed the sign up this morning.

  • Also, they dont let you upload files over 1gb..Just fyi.
    Otherwise, can't complain much.

    • If an issue, just split the file into parts and upload separately.

      Bit of a hassle though.

  • For what its worth, I completed a full upload and download test and it was all good.

    I uploaded and downloaded via their Windows application (as noted previously, it is quite slow, and it can get stuck, requiring you to kill it and re-open). I installed in a clean Win10 Pro VM - there is no Linux client, and there is no obvious command line utility (bash / PS) which would be a clear preference purely for efficiency. It might be compatible with RClone - I haven't checked that.

    This is what I did:

    1) Uploaded a total of 1,568 files, which was about 3.7GB.

    2) Hashed those (original) files from the source using md5.

    3) Downloaded all of those files to a new location.

    4) Hashed the (restored) files using md5.

    5) Ran a verification using the restored md5 hashes against the original source files - no errors

    6) Ran a verification using the original md5 hashes against the restored files - no errors

    So it looks like what I sent up was bit-wise identical to what I got back.


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