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AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF 6 Core 12 Thread AM4 CPU 12nm 2nd Gen $283.99 @The Market


Number of CPU Cores 6
Number of Threads 12
Base Clock 3.2GHz
Max Boost Clock Up to 3.6GHz
Total L1 Cache 576KB
Total L2 Cache 3MB
Total L3 Cache 16MB
Unlocked Yes
CMOS 12nm
Package AM4
PCI Express® Version PCIe 3.0 x16
Thermal Solution (PIB) Wraith Stealth (No LED)
Default TDP / TDP 65W
Max Temps 95°C
OS Support Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition, RHEL x86 64-Bit, Ubuntu x86 64-Bit

Key Features & Supported Technologies:
AMD SenseMI Technology
Zen Core Architecture
AMD Ryzen™ Master Utility
Enmotus FuzeDrive™ for AMD Ryzen™
XFR (Extended Frequency Range)

Cheapest 6core 12Thread

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    1st gen Ryzen is not going to be supported by windows 11. Just be aware if you are upgrading

  • dont have much of understanding in this but how much better is it from my current one guys - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400T CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz?

    • https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-6400-vs-...
      Not worth the cost of changing from intel to amd

    • That wouldn't be a huge upgrade, if you're paying that much for a processor then you may as well go new new.

      If you want a cheap upgrade, buy a cheap one of these:

      Then swap your processors, knock the price down $150 and resell it.

      I don't really know anyone who would benefit from this "deal", it's really only sort of worthwhile if you had a lesser chip of that generation, but it's not really cheaper than a more modern chip that fits the same motherboard. And it's not exactly a high end version of its generation.

      I paid $140USD for my Ryzen R7-2700 and it came with a free latest game.

      This would run circles around the 1600AF and fit the same chipsets if someone were looking to upgrade from an R3.

      • I think your chances of getting a new R7-2700 at US$140 nowadays let alone with a free game, is close to zero. That was a late 2019 - early 2020. I did actually get a 2700 at around that price this year but that was a used one from AliExpress. I'm not sure I wouldn't recommend this or really any Zen+ as an upgrade for the OP's computer or any Ryzen system but for a new computer that's IMO more complicated.

        If you aren't willing to get used ones from AliExpress, your options are more limited. 3300X vs this is also complicated. For pure gaming, definitely the 3300X. For more mixed work loads, it will depend. 4 vs 6 isn't a small different in core count and especially if you're using a lot of VMs more but weaker cores might be better. The fact that things were so much better 1.5 - 2 years ago is IMO largely irrelevant, you're buying now not then. Although NZ$280 does seem a little expensive to me even considering recent prices, but I haven't paid much attention for a few months.

        In any case, while I've used a lot of AMD systems and chosen Ryzen for my recent one, the main reason was because of the upgrade path beyond 8 cores that will exist. If this isn't something that interests you, at recent prices even the end of last year, especially US prices, Intel has often been a better bet.

        Edit: Sorry didn't see the 3600, definitely at that price I'd either go with the 3600 or 3300X and not this even considering the extra you'll need for a cooler if you don't already have one. The 1600AF made sense when it was US$90 but not at this price.

  • You're better of getting a 3600 or 11400f. More cores doesn't mean faster performance overall.

    • -1

      True but 3600 is around $350-$400 atm

      So anyone wanting to get on the Ryzen platform this is a good jump instead for the budget minded.
      Though there are decent 2nd Ryzen systems & parts too.

      • +2

        The 3300X should outperform this in most scenarios for $230.

      • true, there are some budget b450 boards there.

  • aah ok, will retain how it is then. Cheers guys

    • Yeah hold out about 2yrs and then jump on AM5 or Intel equivalent

      • -1

        sounds good. i am running on HP Pavilion Wave Desktop - 600-a014 PC with factory specs. What things i could change to literally make this a better performance? Like RAM and how do i change from HD to SSD. would be a great support please :)

        • -2

          Wrong forum to ask how to upgrade your PC. Easiest way is to put the make & model of your PC into Google with what you want to do then go watch or read a tutorial about how to do it. 30 minutes of watching how to upgrade your PC on Youtube will teach you pretty much everything you need to know to do basic upgrades.

        • Really depends what you use your pc for, this looks like its a desktop with onboard graphics, so I'm guessing mostly web browsing, office stuff and maybe movies/videos.

          Upgrading to SSD will bring the biggest improvement. Can use clonezilla or just ask a tech friend and shout them some food/drinks for their time.
          Other than that i wouldn't bother too much, save your money and get a better system later or if you must upgrade look at the 2nd market there's a lot better systems you can goto in the $500-1000 range

          Best to goto gpforums or geekzone with these details and what you want to accomplish

        • I take back my previous suggestion, just buy one of the ones I linked earlier and sell yours on.

          An SSD would be an upgrade, RAM probably won't do much, but whatever you do, it looks like it will be a real pain in the ass to upgrade:

          You won't be able to upgrade the processor because it only has one fan, the PSU would JUST manage an i7-6700/i7-7700 but the cooling wouldn't so it would become noisy as hell.

          This would be a big leap up from yours, and you'd probably get around $300-350 for your one.

    • Yeah there's really no point in jumping to a new processor if there's no significant leap in the architecture. It's just a waste of money, unless you're doing build videos of course.

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