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  • +5 votes

    Isn't the frontline code the one being offered for frontline workers only?


      Probably was meant to be, but I found it on honey, so it means its out in the wild now.


        What is honey? Cheers


        How well does Honey work in NZ and for places shipping to NZ - i installed it a few years ago and it was pretty useless really - not at all like the promoters make out .


          It's not that good for nz market but for buy stuff overseas like aliexpress bang good etc etc it's great.
          In saying that have seen more nz stores showing on it

    • +8 votes

      Not sure the code should be published as we dont want the code for frontline workers get cancelled due to a lot of unexpected uses by non-frontline workers


        Part of me agrees, but I think you could make a strong case that it's purely marketing.
        10% codes are common on the market, they're just trying to create a sense of exclusivity to increase sales.
        I don't think they actually doing anything special at all.

        • +1 vote

          Plus this was on Honey which means its already out there for those who use it and could be floating around Facebook and other places too then
          Wouldnt have posted it otherwise.

  • +3 votes

    Frontline worker here. Obviously only speaking for myself here but lock down sucks for everyone, I have no issue with everyone benefiting from this code.

    From what I've seen large organisations have done pretty well from lockdown. I would be very surprised if The Market is hard up.

    Just my 2cs


    The Frontline worker code I was sent is different, but expires 24th September


    I think 10% is as good as no discount, if it's applied to a full price item. But I still upvoted.