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Google Nest Hub Max Refurb $169.99 + Shipping @ 1 Day


Refurbished but still a good price for the Nest Hub Max - it was USD 180 during Cyber Monday (new) in the US.

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  • 1280x800 on a 10inch screen is pretty hopeless. id expect better from a google device.

    also good luck getting anything shipped from 1day. they have been apparently packing my order for the last 3 weeks. hopefully it will arrive by 2021. seems like once you pay they couldnt be bothered. they have you money after all i guess….

  • Amazon Echo Show 8 is hands down the best sound and screen if you're into echo.I had one for a few months but in the end I couldn't have two different woman telling me what to do, so I stuck with the Google home nest hub. I brought mine at the launch for $128 but now they're over the $200 mark and even some at $260 and they're not really worth it that price considering Australia has them for around $120

  • Last time they had a Nest Hub Max it was a mislabelled Hub. They refunded and said they never shipped - but a lot shipped.

    • Yeah I got a free one

      • Wow lucky, how can that happened refund and still shipped I'm curious

        • What was even better I sold it on trademe for $150 because I already had one.I think their heads were spinning because it wasn't a matter of mislabelling because the picture advertised was the Google max and the deal was so good I expect they sold hundreds and they shipped them before they even knew it was the wrong model.

          • @pdevonporf: I even asked them to send me a courier bag. They said they would and never did it.
            Did my best to return it…

            • @Monk: Brought a Samsung S7 brand-new off them one time, put some software through it and found it was actually two years old and been fully reconditioned new body and screen and surprisingly a new ROM which was only installed two months previous.Gave me my money back plus $50 and said they had no more to replace it although a week later they had more on sale, funny that.

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    BOOSTXMAS10 for 10% off as well.

    • Thanks! I just bought for 158 total. Pretty good deal, if it's truly in 'excellent condition'.

      • I'm sure they'll be fine. They don't get knocked around :).
        I hope it's an official plug though. The plugs they send out with the minis never work.

        • The old Google home mini needed at least a 2A charger to work, and even if it could start the mini could lose power when playing music or doing other random things. I had to use a charger from a Raspberry Pi.

          Google knows this and the new Nest mini uses a barrel plug, so you're forced to use their charger.

        • Just got mine today and the plug doesn't fit…

          • @4znDvd: Ordered 2 and both plugs weren't the best fit. Give it a twist while applying a little force and then it seems to power it okay and stay in. Bit more effort than it should have been.

            • @djb41: Yes mine is the same, just give it a twist as you push in and it holds firm.My only complaint is the plug of course and the cable is too dam short, the rest of it seems to be like new with no visible signs of wear.

        • I got mine today, and the plug doesn't fit. Doesn't appear to be the official one. Contacted them through live chat, and they have offered to send me a replacement power supply. Reading from the comments here, I have the feeling that it it going to be the same story with the replacement plug.

        • Got the same as other commenters - third party plug, and if you fiddle it kinda gets in there, but breathing on it causes it to lose power. hope they send out new adaptors quickly.

        • They have now sent partial refunds for adaptors.
          Anybody find a good aftermarket adaptor?

  • FYI, this has not expired.

  • @Monk did you find the adaptor? I went to jaycar and none of their adaptors fit