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Samsung Galaxy Buds + $149 (Save $149), S10+ $699 (Save $399), Bose QuietComfort QC35-II $299 (Save $196) @Pbtech


PB Tech's Cyber Monday is now live. Ends on Monday at midnight.
Mostly the same deals as the Black Friday sale, but some deals are now missing

some deals that stood out to me:

Samsung Galaxy Buds + (2020) white - $149 (normally $299):

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 302 Gaming Headset - $99 (normally $169)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975F 8GB+128GB Prism Black - $699 (normally $1099):

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4G Foldable Smartphone - $1,299 (normally $2,199):

Philips 65PUT6784 65" Premium 4K HDR Smart TV With Amblight - $997 (normally $1380):

Samsung EVO PLUS 128GB Micro SDXC with Adapter, up to 100MB/s Read, 60MB/s Write - $25 (normally $55):

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Fitness tracker Black - $27 (normally $59):

Huawei Watch Fit Smart Watch Graphite Black - $113 (normally $229):

Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Power Bank 3 Black - $17 (normally $49) -has usb c and micro usb:

Samsung 970 Evo 500GB M.2 - $99 (normally $160):

BLUE Yeti Microphone - $188 (normally $259):

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  • Do other dealers price match these deals on PBTECH sale day?

    • id say probably not as its in store only but i dont have much experience with price matching

    • No doubt the 3 day black Friday will be followed by the same deals online on Monday as cyber Monday.

      • most likely. from my experience with pbtech's cyber monday sale though some things sell out in the first few minutes and the site can be unresponsive for longer than that. hopefully their website copes better this time round

  • The Bose NC 700 for $4?? It's a decent deal. They rarely go on sale and when I was looking a few weeks back JB hi-fi said they aren't allowed to sell them at that price as Bose don't like it.

  • How do you know the prices for these item's?

  • How early do lines tend to start for these sales?

  • Will be interesting to see what hot deals actually eventuate. In the past they had items 'unavailable' or sold out even before the doors open.

  • Nice, in the market for GoPro 9 or Max. Any good price around?

    • Me too on the market for a Gopro 9, planning to wait up till boxing day, usually gets lower

      • Yea, na, i don't think so - as is tradition, usually boxing day are always the loser, no offense. Beside, we going to use it before and during xmas break :)

    • I'd be surprised to see the 9 reduced much, given how new it is.

      The Max is actually quite old now, relatively, so I'd hope there's some room to move on that.
      I'd be checking Amazon for deals around Black Friday, which is still some time away at November 27th

      I have the 8 and have decided I won't be upgrading this time around.
      The 9 looks excellent, but doesn't offer me enough to lose the $200 - $300 on an upgrade each time.

      Do like the return of the replaceable lenses though, that's something the 8 got quite wrong.

  • are the items in the link the only things going to be on sale?

    • Nah it's just a preview - probably some of the best deals here to try and build hype, but there'll definitely be others.

  • They have released the prices on the website :)

  • +5 votes

    Completely underwhelmed by these deals..

    • +2 votes

      I agree, a couple of big discount deals (e.g. S10+) and the rest being pretty average

    • PB Tech operate with single digit margins, aside from the loss leaders to get people in the door, there just isn't enough money in selling electronics to have good sales.

      • Well said mate.

      • Well the margins are certainly good enough for them to expand with more stores. I can't explain why people are going into the physical retail business when online is so dominant overseas, especially in the electronics category.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for $27 seems real good price.

  • Isn't black friday later in the month?

    • Yes, pbtech is doing it early again… they seem to do this every year for some reason. They must get more attention for being the only store with a "black friday" sale on or something.

    • PB Tech usually do their BF sale a week earlier I recall

    • Well Black Friday is fairly disconnected from anything in NZ or in the world besides the US anyway. It's not like we have a thanksgiving. (Canada does, but not the same date.) A number of NZ stores were doing Black Friday stuff before Black Friday in the US although I think PB Tech was often the earliest e.g. I'm sure The Warehouse used to? do their Red Friday before and then there was that Click Monday business which IIRC was often a week or more before Cyber Monday. (I think it was a bit weird at times, not helped by the fact there was The Warehouse Group vs everyone else.)

      It's only been in the past 5 years or so that most stores really began to settle on just following the US. I always assumed one hope was people would get buy stuff before the US sales, so even if they saw something better on Amazon, it was too late but I suspect things are different now and besides we're already slightly ahead. It probably helps that many are starting to do Singles Day stuff too now, so already have a day for their pre Black Friday deals.

      To be fair, I don't think many in NZ or much of the world outside China think of Single's Day as anything besides a shopping day either. (And even in China, I'm fairly sure the shopping/deal connotation has vastly overtaken anything else.) But at least it's easy to remember and comprehend given the numerical connection. than Friday after the fourth Thursday in November :-P That's always going to be a bit of a weird date without a connection. I mean fourth Friday in November, okay. Friday after the fourth Thursday, eh?

      • Black Friday is stupid for the non-US retailers as there are no accompanying tax advantages, and their peak sales period is in the pre-Christmas sales season where they can sell stuff at full margin. Having a cut-price event in the middle of the season is going to hurt them in the long run, as retailers in the UK found out.

        This whole fad all goes back to Amazon. Amazon has the firepower to push Black Friday sales in its overseas markets (e.g. Europe) and that forces all the local competitors to follow suit, often to their detriment as they have large, legacy brick-and-mortar costs.

        Singles' day sales is just something to pander to the Chinese diaspora, as AliExpress/Tmall isn't particularly popular except in Russia and Spain. The clash with the more solemn Armistice Day/Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day will mean that it will always remain a niche event.

        • I don't think it's simply the Chinese diaspora. Single's day is from what I've read, also becoming a big shopping day in a fair amount of SEA. And a reasonable chunk of NZ immigrants population is from China + SEA. Plus I'm not convince AliExpress is as minor in NZ as you suggest. While I know anecdotes aren't evidence, most people I know have bought stuff from AliExpress.

          I'm sure it's not close to Amazon, especially for high value products but I'd be interested in seeing stats. I wouldn't be surprised if combined, the Chinese sellers, AliExpress+JD+Gearbest etc, excluding Ebay (since they don't really do singles day in the same way) are the second biggest overseas ecommerce platform after Amazon for the NZ market. I suspect it's likely to grow as the Chinese sellers and brands continue to develop improved reputations rather than just as cheap crap. I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least one Chinese seller to rival, probably even beat Amazon in 5-10 years in NZ. Probably rival in Australia too despite the current problems with their relationship with China. And I expect in parts of Europe (beyond Spain and Russia).

          And IMO, while there is obviously some recognition of those days here, I think the significance of ANZAC Day means the clash concerns are fairly low. In Europe and the US? Sure. I'll be blunt I wouldn't be surprised if a bigger percent of the NZ population now know about singles day then they know about Armistice Day.

          I also find it hard to call it niche when even the Warehouse etc are doing something. I do agree that both came into NZ largely from the push over the ecommerce markets. Amazon for Black Friday, AliExpress etc for Single's Day. Of course that also means as Chinese ecommerce platforms become a bigger deal in NZ and especially if I'm right and one develops to rival Amazon, Single's Day is likely to become even less niche as other retailers have to respond. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if even Amazon are doing Single's day stuff in 10 years in at some fashion, even if they don't necessarily call it that. (Perhaps it'll be one of their big pre-Black Friday deal periods.)

          Indeed the way that Amazon has pushed Black Friday in a big way into places where it has no meaning or connection to anything happening in their country sort of demonstrates the point IMO of how global ecommerce is having a big effect on local norms. Even in the US one of the reason for Cyber Monday, other than simply another excuse to try and get people to buy stuff, is because as I understand it at the time ecommerce was too compete with the blockbuster retail deals and their queues, fighting etc. People would be too busy shopping in physical stores to notice the deals online. So they needed another day. Nowadays while Black Friday in retail stores is still a big deal, ironically one of the big days where people aren't just thinking they're from a bygone era (although maybe not this year….), eCommerce has no problems getting attention. Amazon and other online deals are something people look out for. (Many deals last the BF-CM period anyway.) So yeah even if you're right about Single's day being niche in NZ at the moment, I'm not convinced it's going to stay that way. Probably not even in Australia or some parts of Europe either.

    • well… friday 13th is called black friday

  • If you want decent headphones it's great,

    Bose qc 35 $$299
    Sony wh1000xm4 $399
    Bose NC 700 $448

    All three are great noise cancelling headphones for a good price, admittedly the sonys are a bit cheaper with the markets 11.11 voucher at the moment.

    • 299 sounds very good for the qc35 ii. lowest historic price on pricespy looks to be $341

      • The sennheisers 450 is also a decent price for those wanting much cheaper. They aren't as good as top end headphones but put in a respectable performance for the price.

  • On hold now due to Covid.

    • Very sensible and responsible of PB Tech. No way could they have practiced social distancing and held this sale.

  • Bloody Covid, couldn't even leave Black Friday sales alone

  • So what's everyone buying today? ;)

    • Nothing cuz no pb stores anywhere near me, hopefully there is stock left for cyber Monday sale

    • nothing because my wife just recently gave birth to another child and dads can't have nice things when he has kids

      • Haven't bought anything either. Was hoping to live vicariously thru everyone else ;) haha

        • it seems they are doing BF sale online as well as they are showing discounted prices
          edit: NVM not all are BF sale prices some are in-stores only

    • Daughter got a s10 plus. Price matched at Noels. No queues, no hassle.

    • +3 votes

      Went along this morning and turned around and left when I saw the queue. No thanks, I met my ridiculous queue quota for the year during the lockdown

  • Just be wary if you looked up a deal on the website before going into store.

    I sought after a 24" monitor (linked below) at $249 inc. GST when browsing through their 'Pre-black friday' website deals on Thursday and Friday. When I got in-store on Saturday (today) they had changed the pricing to $345 inc. GST.


    Luckily I still had the price of the product on the Black Friday deal as initially shown in a tab on my phone. When I showed them their advertised price before the Black Friday sale, after brief checks with the manager the staff at checkout was happy to accept the price as initially displayed on their website.

    Definitely do your research beforehand and have evidence (as I had) to back up any claims when you see a deal because this is not the first time I've had this kind of experience with PBTech and their 'sales'.

  • are there still massive queues?