This was posted 4 years 3 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$7 for 13 Piece Ferrero Rocher and More Easter Deals @ The Warehouse


Some Easter bargains in the link, not sure why they are considered essential but I"m not complaining
The Free shipping code worked for me as well

Examples I purchased:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny 100g…

Ferrero Rocher Collection Bunny Tray 13 Piece…

Cadbury Caramello Cuties 115g…

Original Coupon Deal

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    oooh lots of these are half price what they were. thanks

  • Thanks, picked up some goodies

  • Great price on the Cadbury bunny!

  • Awesome! Thanks!

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    Legend! Thank you for this - got all the family sorted. Looks like The Warehouse are now allowed to sell a range of grocery items (their categories of 'beverages', 'confectionery', 'chips', 'pantry').

  • Doesn't seem to be working for me, anyone know why?

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      Generally only works once per account (and the code has been around for awhile), try checking out as a guest with a different email

  • Thank you. Its gonna be a good easter egg hunt for the kids. Free shipping didn't work for me either.

    • Sent some to my siblings as a guest and the discount worked

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    Wasn't going to get any bunnys this year, but that's changed. Thanks for posting.

  • Countdown also has discounts on their range, although they aren't as good as these. Farro also has 50% off of their range, if you're after something at the other end of the market.

    This will have been the slowest Easter retailers have experienced, so it's no surprise that they're trying to clear out their stock earlier than normal.

    • countdown doesn't have free shipping, plus by the time they pack ya order, they may all be gone

      • I'm talking about in-store.

        • fair enough (i cant leave home)

          • @quote: Ah, well Countdown's range is very similar to Warehouse's (Cadbury-heavy) so you aren't missing anything. To compare prices, Countdown are doing the 6-pack Cadbury marshmallow eggs at 2 for $6, whereas here they're 3 for $6.

  • These are some really great deals!

    Loving the $1 Cadbury bunny. Looks like they've got hundreds available - I guess they had already ordered them in bulk and now just need to clear them out.

    Cheers OP

  • Is the free shipping code still working?

  • Promo code can currently not be added to your cart. Tried app and website as guest

    • Have you used a different name and email address

  • Promo code "FDREF41086" can currently not be added to your cart.

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    1kg of chocolate for $3 wow

    • LOL - How did you get that?

      • I think it's this one:…

        Edit: nachos beat me to it

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          For anyone who hasn't had these before, don't bother. They're not even worth the $3 unless you're giving them to kids >10 who couldn't care less lol

          • @MrSomeone: Honestly, most of the stuff is nasty. Cadbury is very low grade now, and Waikato Valley always has been. The Lindt, Whittakers and Nestle (as evil as they are, their stuff is still okay) offerings are the ones to go for.

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              @Plug: Exactly. Like those nasty imported chocolate found at Reduced to Clear. I would rather eat a tablespoon of raw sugar, as it tastes better. Just read the reviews on TWH website.

            • @Plug: Aye what are you talking about, Waikato Valley is yum as, only Easter brand to buy

              • @Nevaeh: Is it really? I only had it when it was branded Tres Bon (and it was awful), so I figured it was still the same.

              • @Nevaeh: Waikato Valley is good. We're talking about those 'Nice' branded ones. See the URL above.

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    Man I wish these guys would allow you to filter out of stock entries out.

    • Use the app, sold out items are marked as such.

  • code no longer works

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      " (1000 clicks)"

      Yep, that'll do it.

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        Someone posted this link onto UCSA Noticeboard on Facebook and I think a lot of people used the code

        • Can you guys explain what the 1000 clicks thing is to us plebs? Thanks lol 🙏

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            @Cashmere: I am guessing they are referring to the number of times the URL has been clicked above.

            Right now, as I type, it shows '2191 clicks'.

            Go to the top of the page, and you should see it, or search for 'clicks' from the top down, and it should be the first thing found.


  • Ordered me some Ferrero and Lindt chocolate. Pity the big lindt sold out

  • It's interesting to see how online retailers are doing e-commerce right now.

    ie MightyApe selling alot of food/confectionery products by the box(8/12/24 units etc) so staff don't have to overhandle goods
    TheWarehouse selling single units

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      I thought mighty ape always sold in bulk like that? Shouldn't be eating wrappers in any case :P so handling should be the same really.

      • Yes, that's normal for them.

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    Code no longer working!! Anyone have new code? Cheers

  • the code doesn't work anymore, new code please ;)

  • Anybody have a new shipping code :)

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    The code didn't work….but I got free shipping anyway? When I got to payment screen it said townname Free delievery'

    Thanks! spo much for trying to lose 2 kilo during lockdown….$30 of chocolate ordered hahaha

    • Tried on mobile and incognito desktop and still charges me $5.00 delivery :(

  • good deal, the ferrero bunny was still $13 at paknsave yesterday

  • Every year I always grab a few of those 50c or 5c post-Easter clearance chocolate, but definately not this year, especially if they have been manhandled a few times.

    • when

    • Just chuck them in when you do a load of washing. Comes out clean as a whistle

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        Soap-added chocolate will help clean your body of toxins and viruses.

    • Just let them sit for a few days. I doubt they'd have been manhandled since the shops have been shut.

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      as long as u peel away the metal outside its all good. plus tastes better, less pain on ya fillings ;)

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    These are all the free shipping codes for last few years, can anyone figure out what's the next code please lol


  • 2 of our orders arrived today

    • did you get shipping notifications for them?

      • Yes both had shipping notifications, and emails to say they were out for delivery and delivered

  • Hi - Just got an email saying it just shipped today (11 04 2019 - Saturday)

    • +1

      Me too - probably arrive on Tue / Wed.

  • Good try Geoffgo! Lol

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