HelloFresh 30% off Your First Box (for New Customers Only)


Got a flyer in the mailbox even though we've been subscribed before.

Alternatively, use the referral link to get $50 off first order.

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Referral Links

Referral:  notmyname13 or random (37)

Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $50 off their first box.

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    Thanks OP. Just joined and ordered. The referral links no longer seem to be working :(

    • Looks like some of the referral codes had been added incorrectly or had expired. I've gone through 1 by 1 and expired the non working ones. Sorry it's too late for you, but feel free to add your code to the referral system for others to use.

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    The referral codes above include free shipping now as well so you are saving $59.99 on your order.


    Just hoping my order next week comes through. Their CEO sent an email today to existing customers noting potential delays and substitutes due to increased uptake.


      How about dont sign to many people up so existing customers dont get left out. I was meant to get two discount boxes but they just charged full price for second box


    It's not very clear on the website: what is the total cost of the three different boxes after this discount?

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      (Serving cost) x (amount of people) x (number of days) = Total cost, if you don't use a referral code you need to add $10 for delivery.

      Normally I get the classic box for 2 people for 5 nights which costs me $130 (including delivery), but with a referral code above it will cost $70 including delivery.

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