$1.89 USD (~$3 NZD) off $16.99 USD (~$27 NZD) Spend Coupon @ AliExpress


AliExpress is offering a sitewide coupon to save a little bit of money.

You must select Russia as your location to claim the coupon.

via Clear at OzBargain

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    Not much point given virtually nothing has been shipped in the last month and a half and nothing's likely to change any time soon.

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      Eh? I ordered a pc part 2 weeks ago and it arrived from China 3 days ago. Under two weeks to deliver with free shipping. I think your comment is a generalisation but happy to be corrected.

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        Shipping stopped Tuesday last week. Anything not shipped by then wont arrive for a while


          All depends on the supplier. I ordered 3rd Feb and package arrived last week. So must have shipped mine before the delays.


            @The Hound: From the NZ Post:

            Impact on customers receiving mail and parcels from China
            Customers who are expecting mail or parcels from China should expect significant delays in delivery of these into New Zealand. Chinese Government requirements have resulted in the suspension of many services and many senders within China have suspended business in an attempt to control the spread of Covid-19. The suspension of many flights which carry mail and parcels out of China is also contributing to these delays.


    Had to cancel my orders, seems like half of the suppliers cannot give a ETA and it's out of their control.