Adblock Pro - Free Download (Mac and iPhone)


Ad-block pro available for free on both Mac and iPhone/iPad App Store.

Links below:

From website:
Save data and speed up your Safari - block ads, trackers, unnecessary resources and bypass anti-adblock detectors.

Say goodbye to:
• ads and banners
• autoplay videos
• fake "x" buttons
• scrolling banners
• timed popups
• redirects to "xxx" websites
• YouTube video ads in Safari
• collection of your data online

Enjoy better Safari:
• on average 2x faster web browsing
• on average 50% lower data usage
• improved battery life

Extra features:
• bypass anti-adblock detectors
• sync settings between your devices with iCloud
• built-in button in Safari for quick changes
• hide obtrusive "Allow Cookies" prompts
• hide comment sections on popular websites
• block adult content (make browsing safe for kids)

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    i like too see ads it helps out the websites i like and people im a fan of on youtube


    How much is it usually?


    does it only work in safari not in any apps?

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      It only works on Safari. See my comments below about Chrome for Android - the same thing applies, you can either jailbreak and add a host file ad blacklist or install a network-level blocking device like PiHole.


        I have pihole setup following Linus's video but recently it doesn't block any youtube ads


    Any for chrome Android?


      Chrome Android doesn't allow content blocking plugins, you can use Firefox with uBlock Origin, or if you have rooted your phone you can install a host file ad blocker which will block all ads for all apps.

      Another alternative if you have some technical know-how and don't mind running a computer or Raspberry Pi 24/7 is to install an app called PiHole. This will block ads for all devices (including TVs, phones, tablets) on your network, but only while you're on that network.


      You can use dns66 for vpn based dns blocking.

      What it does is creates a vpn and filters the internet through that with DNS. Filters.
      Or use bromite browser


        Or just use private DNS and set it to Easy and no apps running in the background. Of course, this requires you to be on Android 9.0. Some phones may hide this setting, you can always enable it by using Android Hidden Settings app or other apps. Can also create a shortcut using QuickAppShortcuts or whatever that is called.

        DNS66 doesn't work in certain situations in my experience. You can also try using blokada. Bromite is a good option if you just wanna block ads in your browser, or just use Firefox or Kiwi Browser with uBlock or adblock.


    Hi can anyone please suggest how to get this free Adblock pro bcpz when i am opening the link its saying in Apple app it $13.99.
    Is there any code i am missing ?