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KUULAA USB Type C to C Cable: ~0.5m: 0.92nzd (US $0.6); 1m: 2.22nzd (US $1.48); 2m: 3.43nzd (US $2.28) Delivered @ AliExpress


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Aliexpress website:55% off
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Aliexpress website: ~ 0.5m:NZD0.92; 1m:NZD2.22;2m:NZD$3.43
Aliexpress app: ~ 0.5m:NZD0.87; 1m:NZD2.14; 2m:NZD3.32
New User Offer: 0.5m: US$0.1; 1m: US$0.1; 2m: US$0.24

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    Just be weary that USB-C cables need to be built to a spec and there are lots going around that aren't.


      I'd say if they specifically say USB PD it should be ok.

      I have good experience with branded cables usually. If you don't want the risk stick with uGreen or BaseUS they are usually the best.