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45% off Emma Sleep Mattresses (Single $484, Double $572, Queen $616, King $704)
Says its for Labour Day sale - 45% off and use the referral code and get an extra $50 off. Seems good deal as they often have only 40% off....
30/09/2021 - 08:15
No, I email and ask for the 4 months half price deal for signing up for an additional 12 months and they email back to confirm. No calls,...
27/09/2021 - 19:34
I just checked and mine is at 5ms
27/09/2021 - 18:27
Oh even better! I didn't realise that, thanks! I just have a reminder in my diary to email them every year to get my 4 months half price as...
27/09/2021 - 18:11
4 Months Half Price Unlimited Fibre with Stuff Fibre
I've been a loyal customer for years - but every year when I know my 12 months is coming to an end, I email them and then they give me the...
27/09/2021 - 17:52
I have an emma mattress and enjoy it, it took a bit of getting used to after having a rather soft mattress! but my back definitely feels...
31/08/2021 - 17:39
theres no option to even use afterpay on their website
21/08/2021 - 09:31
i just used a referal code/link and that also worked for 50% off. I've ordered one - thanks :)
08/08/2021 - 16:46
they have been open for over a month - we went on the 'opening' weekend and they were very quiet and they had no deals to be seen. I think...
10/12/2020 - 15:00
The also have bowling at this one and the credit can also be used towards a game of bowling :)
08/11/2020 - 09:03
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07/11/2020 - 21:34
Timezone Christchurch Riccarton Grand Opening: Buy $50 Prepaid Card, Get $30 Extra Credit
Timezone are having their opening weekend in Riccarton - and if you buy a $50 card they load an extra $30 on, and the card is valid for a...
07/11/2020 - 15:51
Thanks - got some headphones for my kiddo :)
10/05/2020 - 13:35
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