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4 Months Half Price Unlimited Fibre with Stuff Fibre


I've been a loyal customer for years - but every year when I know my 12 months is coming to an end, I email them and then they give me the same deal as new customers.
Thought this was worth a mention, and if you use the referral link any new customers can randomly give current subscribers a month off :)

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  • Do they take American express or other credit card payments without surcharge please.

    • Just Visa and MasterCard I believe, and there's no surcharge

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    The referral deal "Referree gets 6 months half price" is better if you are a new customer

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      Oh even better! I didn't realise that, thanks! I just have a reminder in my diary to email them every year to get my 4 months half price as i've been a customer for so long!
      Definately worth signing up for 12 months with 6 months half price! Then when your 12 months is up email them again to get your next 4 months half price again!

  • I've just joined with Stuff in the last 2 months - and a bit surprised about their latency. Usually with I could get 3-4ms, very rarely go above 5ms (Slingshot/Voda/Trustpower), but with Stuff, Im getting 8-10ms. Anybody else experiencing this?

    • I think i noticed that as well.

      Before I was with Slingshot and felt it was faster.

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        Slingshot and Stuff Fibre are both part of Vocus so should be the same

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          I know. So I thought it would be same. But guess not

          It's not just about which network, but how the internal setup is.

    • I just checked and mine is at 5ms

    • Ping via is not a very good measuring tool, or altogether really.
      Are both tests done to the same test server, same time of day from the same location? Not all ISPs have the same routing and different routes will have different priorities and different loads at different times of day. If you are worried about your ping run a tracert and see which route it is going, the larger ISPs will have better routing, but also potentially larger traffic volumes and some of the routers can be overloaded and traffic sent done another path which may be a longer distance.

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    6 months 1/2 price = $254.85
    6 months full price = $509.70

    Total = $764.55

  • Do they kick up a fuss about giving you a new customer deal? Or do you have to play the I'm looking at leaving card? I must be coming up to term with them soon…

    • Not in my experience, they were more than happy to apply new customer deal when my last 12 months was up.

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      No, I email and ask for the 4 months half price deal for signing up for an additional 12 months and they email back to confirm. No calls, nothing to sign. So easy!

      • I also emailed stuff fibre recently mentioning contemplating moving to advertised broadband compare deal for myrepublic 6 months half price and happy to do one year contract, they were happy to do 6 months half price 1 year contract, so saved hassle of move

        • Could you copy n paste what you wrote + the email address for me :)

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    There is no such as ‘loyal customers’ in the broadband industry. They are loyal to the new sign ups instead of someone being for number of years. You are losing if you get only 2months free with 12 months contract. I always get 3 months free every year.

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    $702, for the skinny deal with 3 months free. Better even the 6 months half price.

  • I got these for a year when taking into account gigabit with 3 months free - I believe the above two were done using 100mb/s and 30mb/s plans

    Slingshot: $882 ($98 base price per month - 3 months free)
    Stuff fibre: $854.55 ($84.95 base price + $10 gigabit upgrade cost - 6 months half price)

    For those interested in the two above at gigabit price

  • Thanks. Just signed up using the random referral link. $39.98 for the first 6 months, then full price after that.

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