Surge Protector - Recommendations Please?

Looking for a 4 to 6 way surge protector for my TV, router, speakers, etc. I've heard good things about the Belkin but keen to get cheapies' other recommendations, thanks!


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    It depends how much you want to spend, how likely you think a surge might be in your area, and how important the things you're protecting are.

    Ignore any "bazillion amperes" claims, the important measurement to look at is how many Joules of surge protection it provides, which is the amount of electrical surge (cumulative) it can absorb before it no longer offers any protection. But if lightning strikes the pole outside your house, pretty much everything plugged in can get fried, including surge protectors, which is why it's best to unplug things if there's a risk of that.

    Also bear in mind that surge protection generally won't help if you have dirty power with lots of small spikes outside expected tolerances.

    Most consumer grade protection seems to offer somewhere between 200-800 Joules of protection, which actually isn't a lot. Commonly recommended protection is 1000-2000 Joules. If you can find anything above that, you're about as safe as you can get without unplugging stuff. I have a couple of Cabac brand ones I bought in Australia that have 3600 joules, but these don't seem to be available any more.


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