expired 50% off Zomato Gold Memberships (Auckland)


300 Zomato Gold Memberships have been released with 50% off the 3, 6, or 12 month memberships.
Get the second dish from your order complimentary or Pay for 2 drinks, the next 2 are complimentary at over 150 select restaurants in Auckland.

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    Great FAQ there. Makes it easier to understand what we are getting.


    ya naa Zomato changed their policy from 1 gold unlock per head, per visit to at least 2 people per gold unlock. It means you can't avail it if you're visiting a restaurant alone, only 1 gold unlock if 2 people are visiting,


    Does anyone know if the 2+2 on drinks work on alcoholic drinks as well? If it does then my friday nights will get a hell of a lot cheaper. Thanks in advance


    Is it $50 after the 50% off is applied? There’s no mention of it when you click the link


      Apparently it used to be $100 for a 12-month membership. So $50 is after 50% off.

      Used the random referral code generator to get 20% off AND gave someone a free month.


    i've just looked up where i can go.. I live in Newmarket and I am working at sylvia park… it seems like nothing much to go for myself… can anyone share at where/how to use this membership?

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      I go to uni in the city, so i eat out quite a lot for lunch and dinner. I plan on using the membership to eat out with mates so basically go halves and get the second item for free, $5-%7.50 for a decent bowl of bibimbap at Kimchi project or a laksa at PappaRoach sounds great to me. I'll also be using it to hopefully get cheap drinks on Friday nights. Daikoku on victoria does great japanese sake and beer, so $20 for 4 pints of beer is a bargain, got my mates to join as well so beersies for everyone. Also some cafes and cocktail bars on offer means i get to go out more on my small student budget. Could be really useful if you have a partner but not advisable to whip out coupons on the first date, maybe save it for the third or fourth date.

      Hopefully zomato doesnt change the terms and conditions too much like they did in other countries. At the moment if 5 members at a table have gold memberships, all members get a free item, means the restaurant will be running at a loss. I expect to see a change in terms and conditions after their promotional period so plan to make full use of the deals beforehand.


        what do you mean by "if 5 members at a table have gold memberships, all members get a free item"

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          if everyone at the table has their own gold membership they can all use it at the same time and get 1+1 meals for themselves so everyone can buy one meal and get one free so essentially if there were 5 people, there would be 10 dishes on the table


        Thank you for your reply. i can picture it for myself more clearly.
        I could not find the 5members at a table and members get a free item on the website…
        also.. for the first date.. is it matters???

        so according to below;

        How many times can I visit a Gold partner restaurant?
        You can use Zomato Gold only once at each partner restaurant in a day. However, you can visit each restaurant as many times as you like during your membership duration.

        I can visit restaurant A,B,C on a day but not restaurant A twice a day.. right ?

        and my understanding of another condition;

        Can more than one Gold members use their membership at the same table?
        Yes, all the Gold members on the table can use their memberships for the same order. However, there must be at least 2 people on the table to avail Gold benefits - one or both of them may be Gold members and avail benefits.

        above means, to use 1 gold membership, it requires 2 person. for 2 gold membership, it requires 4 person… and so on…

        correct ?


          Yes, if there are 2 people at the table and all 2 are having Gold membership than, they both can use their Gold membership.


    11513 people in waitlist. We’ll remind everyone at the same time - so watch out for an email from us.


      No I don't work for them. You can see thus info if you try signing up, just copied, pasted the message

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