ELEGOO PLA Filament 1KG $20 + Shipping @ Marvle3D


1kg rolls of ELEGOO PLA filament are on sale at Marvle3D for $20 plus shipping. Limited colour range but seems quite aggressively priced. I ordinarily buy eSun rolls at around ~$30. Ordered two rolls for $48 shipped across Auckland.

They've also got Rapid PLA+ on sale for $27.50 a roll with a few more colour options.

Have been watching all the filament deals on OzBargin lately and getting a bit jealous, this seems to be one of the sharper prices I've seen locally. Have heard a few grumbles with Marvle3D lately so some "buyer beware", but for low value purchases like this they should be fine.

* White
* Black
* Red
* Dark Blue
* Yellow
* Grey
* Clear

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  • +3

    Damn, SI shipping really kills that deal, $35 to ship three rolls to Christchurch

  • Never used Elegoo filament before but it's a great price

    • Me neither, but it seems to review well on Amazon etc

  • I have purchased this filament from marvle no issues with either. Great price and product. I have the BambuLabs P1S 3d printer

  • Almost grabbed one but shipping killed it (to South Island was $9.50). At that price 2 rolls from Wondershop in Dunedin with free shipping is cheaper.

    • Yeah shipping adds up, I grabbed two rolls ~$54 delivered, so not bad really. I guess Wondershop is $1.80 cheaper, I haven't seen clear PLA for that price landed so jumped on it.

  • Did a print this weekend, seems to print fine. Seems comparable to the eSun I would normally use.

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