$20 Account Credit @ Mevo (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington)


Send in an email from Beam Scooters
Indicates its only for new users but worked on my account.

In partnership with Mevo

Have you heard of Mevo?

Mevo is a car share service on a mission to create more beautiful and livable cities by providing a better alternative to car ownership. Enjoy the flexibility of driving without any of the hassles of owning a car 📲🚗

Our friends at Mevo have a special offer just for you: a $20 credit for any new Mevo sign-ups before 14th July. Use the code NEW2MEVO to get started!

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$50 credit for referrer and referee.

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    • Referee codes are prohibited
      Add your code to your account settings
      My Account > Settings > Referrerals

  • thanks, worked for me :)

  • Do you have to use the credit but the 14th July also, or does it stay in your account for your first use?

    • Each code has its own expiry.
      Check it in the app i took a car for a couple hours to make sure i didnt loose it.

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