Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets 110 Tablets $22 (C&C/ in-Store Only) @ Chemist Warehouse


Got notified on spam ads, so not at all bad. $0.2c per wash.

I just purchased a couple of boxes last week for $21.25 via price match at Mitre10, so maybe if you're that bold, you may get it for about $18.7 per box if you show them this ad.

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  • Just checked the Mitre10 website, they only sell the 112 packs. How did you manage to pricebeat that?

  • Thanks! (free delivery if order is $50 or more)

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    Got this for $12 each box 2 years ago and still using them today…not as good as the $9 from 1-day tho. Today $22 is considered a bargain…the good old days are gone

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      Same, got a box 2 years ago for about $12, as it was a good deal at the time. I recall the normal price back then was only about $22 as well, so inflation was bad over the last 2 years. I also just use powder as it is a lot cheaper and washes just as well. People should watch this video which discusses what to use

  • I usually use the Quantum Max tablets combined with either Crystale or Finsh rinse aid and my dishes always come out sparkling.

    How do these Finish tablets compare with the Quantum?

    • Quantum are better for us, better clean.

      I normally get my Quantum from chemist warehouse

    • I definitely find Quantum to be better.
      However, I changed to the Active Rapid tablets recently and they work really well - much cheaper too when they go on sale.

      • Countdown/Woolies have 2x 60pack Active tablets for $30

        I'd much rather the extra $0.05 for each wash just for the fact I don't have to unwrap and chuck away a plastic wrapper every time (vs these Finish ones)

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          I think I got them even cheaper - about $17 for a 100 pack from memory.
          They do go on sale every so often and are available in different pack sizes at Mitre 10 as well.

  • How do these tablets compare to the Finish lemon powder?

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      I personally prefer tablets. Have tried the power ball and no difference. I refuse to pay big money for the other ones so it's on me.

      But the difference lies on using rinse aid. If it's not loaded in the compartment, washing is horrible.

      I also run a monthly clean cycle and check the filters. That helps.

      • Do you meant the rinse aid being loaded in the compartment, or the powder?

    • You wouldn't notice a difference in the actual cleanliness of the dishes - it's more the convenience of just grabbing a tablet and chucking it in as far as I can tell

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        Just looking at Pak N Save they have the 2kg Finish powder for $11. I might give that ago tbh as it’s not really a hassle compared to tablets with their plastic wrappers..

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          The 2kg powder goes down to $9.99 constantly.

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      Not sure how many people will sit through 20 minute of some guy talking about dishwashers but hey … .
      Great watch on how they work, why they might not be working tell.

      TLDR: Tablets are fine as long as they go in the correct dispenser (not just thrown in the bottom)
      But they are more expensive than a powder.
      Plus you miss out on the benefits of any detergent being used in the prewash
      Save your money and buy powder.

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        That video sure says tablets are nonsense and powder should be used. It makes sense.

  • 19.99 at bargain Chemist, my frugal hombres

    • I can't see that on the Bargain Chemist site? The 110 pack is $22.49. The $19.99 is for 46 or 50 packs

  • Has anyone had problems with the Finish powder? From time to time, It drys to a hard substance in the dispenser making the dispenser cover closed during the whole wash. Never had the issue with the tablets.

    • My guess is that you might have too much power in there? Try halfing the dose and see if it works better and still cleans OK.
      Especially if you also add some powder to the pre-wash compartment

      • I normally load a bit over 2/3 full, is that still too much? We don't use pre-wash or rinse aid.

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          The video I posted above is definitly worth a watch to understand whats happening - sounds like the full dose will cover every household, no matter how soiled your dishes, and how hard your water is.
          Softer water etc needs less.
          Maybe tip like 1 teaspoon or so of powder into the bottom of the dishwasher to be used in the prewash and then half fill the main powder compartment

    • Wondering if the water isn't hot enough initially to dissolve maybe? Run the tap until it's hot before starting the dishwasher to make sure it gets the best start but agree with other posts - I'd only fill to half way for a regular wash with a bit extra sprinkled on the door for pre-wash

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        As far as I know most of the dishwashers here are linked to cold water tap. So I don't see a point of running hot water tap would make any difference.

        • Oh really, they always heat it up from cold? I wouldn't know how to check what mine is hooked up to but I always assumed it would be hot! Crazy

          • @Melse: Check under your kitchen sink. Only one pipe should be going in to dishwasher and would be hooked up to cold water tape. Unless it's not than either you have 2 individual pipes or it is hooked up wrong with hot water.

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