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Shark Cordless Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum $479.53 Delivered, Detect Pro w/ Auto-Empty System $635.22 Delivered (OOS) @ Amazon AU


Shark Cordless Detect Pro - $479.53 (Was 907.95)

#Shark Cordless Detect Pro with Auto Empty System - $635.22 (Was 1135.23) OOS

Review: Vacuum Wars

So I've been on a cordless vacuum hunt for 3 weeks now starting from the discounted Black Friday Dyson V11 deal. Then realised that it's a bit out of my budget (below $600) and went to Tineco S12 and Xiaomi G11 but both of them unfortunately not available here in NZ (or AU for that matter). Then went to a Reddit page that absolutely hated cordless vacuums but picked up two brands - LG & Shark - both of them always keeps popping up with good reviews.

Started to like the LG A9 Kompressor since it had good Consumer rating and even went to the LG A9 All-in-Tower which was very fancy and can go into my living room. However, again it's out of budget (LG A9 AIT around $1100 on Harvey Norman) so then researched for Shark vacuums.

Saw this Shark Cordless Detect Pro which is their latest model to go toe-to-toe against Dyson detect brands - saw on Vacuum Wars that it has some good features (4 detect technologies), super lightweight and got the HEPA filters as well. Immediately went to the auto-empty system which is very cool when I saw from the Youtube videos (and can help save my allergic a**).

Then saw these deals and bit the bullet as these Black Friday deals can go anytime. Goodluck on your vacuum hunting journey if you've reached this far.

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  • Good price looks to be similalry priced jn the uk aswell.

    Do you think this is better than a v8? I see reviews on amazon us mentioning small dust bin and poor battery life

    • Yeah though of that - the battery life is average (15 min high and 40 min low) and can be enhanced by the detect modes to make it longer.

      For the dust bin yeah it is small but I bought the auto empty system hopefully to remedy that. This'll be my secondary vacuum anyway so I doubt it will fill my dust bin quickly. Plus it lowers the weight down to 1.1 kg unlike Dyson gen5 for 2.2 kg - big difference and adds up when you vacuum for 30 mins or more

      If you have a larger house, maybe the Dyson outsize or the ones with larger dustbin can be helpful.

  • Auto empty system now $584.40 ;)

    • +2

      I think that's the AUD price 😋 fooled me as well at first.

      4 left in stock

      • Oops I'm dumb haha. Thanks for the correction.

  • What do you get if you don’t get the bin system?
    Doesn’t have a wall hang charge mount?

    Our current Dyson hangs on the wall but I’d need to clear floor space for the bin option.

    Also how do you empty it without the bin?
    So manually how involved is it to empty and can you empty with the extension arm still on etc?

    • Looks like it doesn't have a wall charge mount but looking at the reviews it can stand on its own with the stable base.

      With emptying without the auto empty system it's like any other cordless vacuum - disconnect it from the arm and empty out to the bin. I think this channel from Just a Dad has these videos on emptying the bin and their comparison

  • What do you think of this?
    Laresar EliteS6
    Laresar Elite7
    Honiture S14

    Can someone explain how the Amazon AU Prime trial works? I had joined the trial before and now seem like I can have another 30 days trial again?

    • When was the last time you had a trial?

    • Sorry can't comment on these ones - you might have to research them yourself. I was searching only for the reputable brands with good reviews and these didn't come up.

      Most of these brands on Amazon have paid reviews hence I usually go to unbiased videos from Youtube or ratings site such as the Consumer one and the Vacuum Wars guy.

    • Usually one per year ..usually

  • rip i was too slow to decide and its already sold out

    • updated gl next time

  • +2

    Farmers got this for $650. Not sure whether can do a price match with anywhere else.…

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