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Breville The Easy Pour Kettle $25 + Shipping ($0 CC/ in-Store) @ Noel Leeming


Was popular on here last time it was posted.

  • 1.7 litre
  • 2200 Watts Rapid Boil
  • Concealed stainless steel element
  • Auto shut off
  • Removable scale filter
  • Boil dry protection
  • Dual water windows

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


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    • I price beat this at Mitre10 last time no problem.

      It's a good kettle, the only negative thing is that once it has fully boiled, it still keeps boiling for another 10 seconds or so.

      I would buy this again.

  • Does anyone know if the water ends up touching any plastic? Wanting to switch to something that is stainless steel only for all the internal bits

    • +1

      It's a plastic kettle, so yes.

    • If you find a good one at a good price, please post it, I'm also after one.

      • https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/living-co-stainless-steel-k…

        Fully stainless steel. We have it as our home kettle.
        it's not the fastest jug in the world but works well and doesn't feel like shit in the hand.

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          That's not fully stainless steel since it has a plastic water level on the side. The water for the level comes from inside the kettle.

        • (Blam. If your still looking and prepared to accept a small amount of plastic coming into contact internally with the water, then the plain stainless steel version of this TWH Living & Co kettle is on special for club members at just $24. Not sure when the special will end. (?). I've just brought one today, will start using it in the next few days… :) ).

    • I used to only find chinese brand who will do the fully stainless steel,like xiaomi, Midea. It's acutally very common. Later some Indian brands do the same, like agaro. But anyway I don't use them anymore. I don't mind using one with a bit plastic, like siemens.

  • We use the glass ones. They are pretty good. Only one downside is that it shows the scale build up and the burn mark on the bottom boiler plate.
    For Example: https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/p/russell-hobbs-brooklyn-black… . Use the FFNOV_SUPER (posted recently here by Wakrak) to bring down the price to ~ $76.

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      An easy way to rid of the scale I saw on YouTube is to half fill the jug with cold water, then get a lemon and slice it into approx 1cm rings. Put the lemon into the jug and turn it on. Once the water has boiled leave the lemon in the water and wait for an hour or two. The lemon water dissolves the scale. If the scale is really bad you may need to repeat the process. I've been doing this every 6 months or so for several years now and it works beautifully.

      • Thanks for that awesome tip!

    • This is still not fully stainless steel or glass, as it will need something else to seal the joint of the glass and metal. lol

      • How about a Carafe for you, sir?

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    I use xiaomi mijia kettle for years and I love it. I can't believe how redicilous the NZ kettle price and quality are, all I need are 3 things:
    * Non-plastic inner
    * Boil the water with some level of protection
    * Dual layers so I can touch the outside even with boiled water (and heat trap)

    Mijia kettle does all that with a reasonble price from aliexpress (NZ$20.88 + shipping)

    Parallel Import 5x the price but shows stainless steel inner in picture + wrong plug

    You might be able to find cheaper else where but I highly recommend the basic model of Xiaomi Kettle (don't buy smart one it's a waste of money)

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    I have this one from mighty ape and like it a lot. No plastic apart from the spout the water comes into contact from what I can see. Currently on a pretty good special.


    • +1

      I've had two of these fail this year :(

      But on the other hand, I managed to knock one off the table onto the floor and just transplanted the plastics over (glass didn't break) from one of the dud ones I had (MightyApe didn't want it back) and it's right as rain.

      • That would be frustrating! I've had it for more than a year now and touch wood it's still going strong

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