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40% off RRP Any New Speaker, Component or Set @ Sonos (Select Accounts)


Just got this email today, seems to be for users who have a device already.

Works on everything, discount on full RRP.

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  • Damn. I've never had a Sonos, but want to buy the Move 2 speaker.

  • Anyone got this and not using it? Any idea how to get it?!

    • I'd also love a code if anyone has one to spare.

      • Me three please! Been eyeing an Arc all year haha, but a bit steep at full price.

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          Bought a Arc at full price 6 months ago..It sounds awesome. I'm sure it would sound better at 40% off tho…

  • I have quite a bit of Sonos gear and (as an addict) I need more, but I don't seem to have received this email and I'm not seeing a discount when logging in. Was there a checkout code included in the email?

    • I got a code in the email

  • No email for me. Already have few Sonos but never bought directly from Sonos but from Noel Leeming or Harvey

  • I would love a code if anyone’s got one spare!

  • Keen for a code too please!!

  • Anyone else get the emai? I’ve got quite a few Sonos items, both direct and through retailers. Wondering how targeted it is?
    Fingers crossed it’s a staged email out :)

  • I've got a lot of Sonos gear but no email for me :-(

    Incidentally their prices seem to have gone up a lot since I purchased two years ago.

  • Would love a code if anyone has one spare :-) Thank you.

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    People over OzB reckon that the discount is attached to your account (no code).


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      logged in, no discount or offers. I have 7 sonos devices. Must be very targeted.
      Edit: Got 3 x 15% off discounts for some older model One SLs I have. Better than nothing but not 40%.

      • Dames. 2 devices registered but no discount.

  • It's called an 'upgrade offer'. The discount depends on how many Sono's products you have. For example, I have two Sonos one so am eligible for a 30% discount. You need to log into your Sonos account to redeem.

    • Mmmm i have a Sonos Beam, 4 sonos play:3, sonos 1, and have no email or offers :(

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      Don't think it works like that unfortunately. The discounts aren't cumulative. Otherwise I'd be looking at 60% off with my four Ones.

  • Anyone has one code to share? ^_^

    • There isn't a code as such as far as I can tell. It is a targeted email and will be linked to your sonos account.

      • It is a single-use code of the form Upgrade40-XXXXXXXXXX. Says to simply enter code at checkout.

  • It's the same response from the people in Australia when this deal was posted. Seems if you got the email you are just super lucky. There was only one other (apart from the OP) who claimed they got the 40% deal over there. So far on here it looks like just Fawxy that got it.

    The 15% to 30% upgrade thing is different. Sonos seem to quite often run those. I did get that email.

    • Also got the '40%-off code' email through yesterday for 'longtime Sonos listeners' (followed by an 'All-new speakers are here' email) so there are a few kicking around.

      For those trying to figure out why they may not have got, I've currently got in my Sonos account:

      30% off Upgrade Offer (Upgrade credit activated)
      1 x Play:5 (registered early 2015, could be the deciding factor here)

      15% off Upgrade Offer's (Eligible for upgrade credit, haven't activate these yet though)
      1 x Beam (Gen1)
      2 x One SL's
      2 x Play:1's

      Was kinda waiting for an Arc (Gen2) to be released, but code expiry is 31st October 2023 so doubt it'll make it in time!

      • Date of registration could well be it. My first Sonos device (a play 1) was first registered late 2016, I now have 6 devices (5 of them eligible for 15% upgrade credit) but didn't receive the email.

  • I also received a 40% off code and have been waiting to order a Sub Mini so the timing was perfect!

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    I found this comment on the /r/sonos subreddit from an official Sonos rep:

    Every so often we do these targeted promotions - but we generally do not share how folks are selected. 🤫

    What I can say is to be (or stay) subscribed to marketing emails.

    Oh, one more thing - all codes have been distributed. So if you haven't got a code at this point, then unfortunately you weren't selected.


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