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Synology DS423+ 4 Bay NAS $797.93 Delivered @ Amazon US


Hello everyone, my 2 bay NAS is getting full so have been looking for a 4 bay NAS for a while. The ideal is Synology since all I need to do is move the 2 drive from old NAS to the new one and turn on let Synology's DSM do its work then insert 2 new drive to it.

Amazon US is having the DS423+ 26% off at the moment (same price as DS423), it has been this price for 2 days and the stock comes and goes so if it is OOS keep an eye on it might back in stock again.

NZ is selling this model at NZ$900+ and from price history of other models I don't think you can get it below NZ$900 locally. The DS418 is another 4-bay option that is onsale at PB Tech NZ$755.17 which is slightly cheaper (and released at 2018)

Here is a comparison table of DS418, DS423, DS423+, DS923+

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • if this is expensive then i suggest you buy a 2nd hand skylake or newer computer and run OMV or something similar.
    my old server with 4 drives runs at 50watts.
    50 watts is a bit but you calculate how many years it would take to recoupe the money spent on a new server and you will find it may not be worth it.
    just make sure you have an intel network interface.

    something like this.

    • +6

      I love when people need a neutral background for photos so they hold their motherboard by its edges…then put it on the highest static item in the house (carpet).

      • just goes to show how much the person knows, you can see it was used for mining and i/o plate wasnt needed.
        I was tempted but carpet pics put me off.

  • Why would you guys get one of these over a hp mciroserver for 400? I own one overseas and they are crazy good

  • Feel like I should just frankenstein my old parts and do my own

    • Yes i did, it's not worth buying new hardware if its for home use the efficiency hasnt improved alot,
      Im still using my sandybridge setup 24/7 which costs around $120 in power.

      Here is a calculator, find out the power draw and compare to new hardware+cost.

    • Can also pick up an x86 server, like a DL120 Gen9 and dump OpenMediaVault on it and set it up with Docker Containers for Plex, Bitwarden etc.

      Or even Proxmox with an OMV VM, then you can use it for whatever you want as well as a NAS.

      Or something like an HP Gen10 Microserver (the older ones are soldered AMD processors and not upgradeable).

      If you get something Sandy or Ivy and you can pick up upgraded processors on AliExpress for dirt cheap and they'll be able to software transcode Plex etc, or if they have a PCI-E slot you can chuck an old Quadro in like a K2200. Or downgrade it to a dual core like a Pentium G840 which despite being a 65W TDP doesn't actually use more than 35W. I built my HTPC using one when it came out back in the days of processors being well under their TDP:

      Can go way above and beyond an ARM NAS for less than a thousand bucks.

      If going the DL120 Gen9 route, the cool things about fully fledged servers is Out of Band Management (being able to turn on/off the machine while away from home or at least without having to plug in a monitor) and SAS support, you can pick up ex-datacentre 10TB HGST Helium SAS drives for like $150 on eBay. So you spend a bit more on the server, but way less on the drives.


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