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Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24 Pack $7.99, 30 Pack $7.99 @ PAK'n SAVE, Rangiora (+ Pricematch at The Warehouse)


Ferrero Rocher chocolates are at a decent price at PNS, Rangiora.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse

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    $7.99 Rangiora

    15pk $5.99

  • Just managed to price match now. Thanks OP!

  • Price matched on both versions in same cart with no issues. Thanks OP!

  • Just matched now - no issues. TYVM OP

  • thanks a lot!

  • Thanks OP - no issues with TWL agent named "Danielle".

    • +1

      Got "Danielle" too. Price matched in a breeze. TWL, give her a raise, please!

  • They must have been busy doing price match since morning, they didn't even ask the link. Straightaway matched for the contents in cart.

  • Easy as, got 4x 30 packs for $32. Thanks

  • thanks got myself 5 packs :)

  • Thank you! ez gifts to family and friends xD

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    I went to the warehouse in Silverdale just now and got told they don't do the price match for food anymore and I went home and went online and did the price match and it worked. And I chose to pick up in Silverdale still. I should've done it online at the very beginning
    Thanks heaps

    • Bit of a laugh. They might want to update their price promise policy then. Think that rule is for fruit and vegetables, not all food products.

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      I find in store tend to be fussy and try to reject price matches whereas online just go yep no problem. Noel Leeming wouldn't match Briscoes because item in colour I wanted was out of stock in same city. Price matched online and picked up same day, store person who rejected earlier claim remembered me.

      • Haha what did they say?

        • Verbally nothing, but her look said it all. Ie not impressed.

          NL's T&Cs don't state anything about the item being in stock for local pick up at competitors. Item was in stock online at with shipping at Briscoes but she stood her ground. Wasn't going to argue with her so went home and went online.

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        I suspect store staff are under instructions from the store manager to turn away price matches because it will make the store look less profitable, whereas call centre/livechat decisions come from corporate, and they have customer satisfaction scores to meet.

        • Exactly what I think too. A different budget the price match goes on.

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        I got declined instore at auckland branch because the special wasn't located in auckland. also price matched online and picked up at the same place xD

        • Yeah, I hate when they do that and think that they a)own the business therefore can make their own shit up and b) think it's coming out of their pockets which is not the case either way. Plus it just goes to show their lack of internal communications because it is stated that the "item needs to be same (exact) model or item, in its original packaging and must be a standard stocked item and from a NZ based retailer" nothing about being local and things of that nature.

          It is hilarious the way some of the staff act with such high attitudes when they just get used and abused and treated not the best because well for Queenstown at least they are making more staff cuts obviously after the recent stuff on TWG but the attitude of some I've seen is still strong even though its the same ones complaining about what's happening to them all the time ahhaha

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            @qtboi: Probably think if they save daddy corporate a couple of bucks they won't get the sack this recession. Poor bastards

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        Re: difficult to price match in store.. the best process is to mention their company policy politely and be assertive that staff should not make up own rules), unless it is stated, and often the manager would approve it once they have read the conditions for price promise). also for feedback (regardless for successful or not) do keep individual's names.. and use as part of their online feedback (via the receipt codes). if positive experience say so that they have been helpful. if not, clearly state how the named staff does not understand company policy and needed extra training required. Surprisingly the same person can make an improvement on price matching next time round, so the feedback to eventually get to the person, this would make everyone else life easier.

        • Yeah definitely!

  • Thanks, OP. Got three of the 30pack. The online chat person didn't even ask for the price. Straight away reduced it to 7.99!

  • Thanks, got price matched by Aroha. Asked for 3 but she did the per-unit discount so may have ordered a few extra…

    Much aroha for Aroha <3

  • Looks like the deal is no longer available at pak n save rangiora

    Edit: got price matched with new world whangamata 10 bucks for a box of 30 ferreoro as mentioned on one of the top comments

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