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TSB Platinum Mastercard: $1 Cashback with every $70 Spent, $90 Annual Card Fee, $8000 Min. Credit Limit


Hi Team,

Posted on the forums but I think this might be worthy of a deal as Wakrak and a few others pointed out.

Unsure how long this is for but so far the best cash back offer for credit card in NZ.

TSB Platinum Mastercard

  • $90 annual card fee
  • 20.95% p.a interest rate for purchases1
  • 22.95% p.a interest rate for cash advances
  • $8,000 minimum credit limit
  • Spend less time at the checkout, simply tap & go for purchases under $2007.
  • Protection from fraud with Mastercard’s Zero Liability2 promise.
  • Price Protection5; You may be reimbursed for the price difference if you find a lower price for new items purchased for personal use, using your card.
  • Access to Priceless® experiences: use your card to access a range of Mastercard cardholder offers and experiences. 3

  1. Different interest rates apply to balance transfers. We can change our interest rates and fees from time to time. 

  2. For details on Mastercard’s Zero Liability promise, visit 

  3. Priceless experiences are subject to terms and conditions at 

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  • -2

    So about $113 ish crash back in total…

    • +2

      If you spend $8000. You can spend more or less, but your credit limit has to be a minimum of $8000.

  • +1

    Thanks. Have been thinking of switching from Westpac since they dropped the earning rate on their cards

  • +4

    Note that this card also comes with 800 dollars worth of annual accidental phone damage coverage (if you pay mobile plan with it)

    • +1

      Thats the most valuable part of this entire deal

    • +1

      What's the excess? And when you say plan, do you mean paying off the phone?

      • +1

        Excess is $55 and it applies to "on the first day of the calendar
        month following the payment of your postpaid monthly mobile phone bill or
        prepaid top-up using your eligible card." Whatever that means.

  • +1

    Like the forum post, planning to move from anz cashback to this due to much better reward rate

  • +2

    Great deal! Noticed they didn't have Apple pay though :(

    • Can you use google pay on an Apple Watch or iPhone?

      • No

  • +1

    The fee makes it not worth it for me, amex do 100 spend for 1 airpoints, zero fee but not accepted widely..

    I'd have to spend 6300 per year just to cover the card fee on this card. So worth it of you spent a lot on a card

    • +2

      You're doing very well if you are spending less than $525 per month

      • Can i pay council rates, power, internet with credit card? Is there a fees occurs? Is there a way to pay mortgages with credit card?

        • Most of those have fees. I pay power and internet with card

          • @Stoffel: Are you paying more than 1.4% premium for using creditcard over direct debit?

            • @Dunno: Nope. My broadband is with Slingshot and they don't charge a card fee. I use Contact for electricity and they charge a 0.95% card fee but I still come out ahead as I use my AMEX Airpoints Platinum to pay and I'm earning 1 Airpoint Dollars for each $59 spent (or 1.69% back).

              • +1

                @Stoffel: If you pay water (in Auckland), z electric or Vodafone as regular credit payment, there is no credit card fee.

              • @Stoffel: That's if you assume an Airpoints Dollar is worth $1. It certainly isn't worth that in the overpriced Airpoints Store.

        • Skinny are one of the few without a credit card fee from memory.

        • +2

          Yes, I pay AKL Council rates with CC, but you cant do that online or they will charge you fee.
          You need to go to a service desk/library to pay with your CC.

          My quarterly water bill from Veolia also pay at the service desk to avoid the fee.

      • +2

        true - but more rather prefer the extra 63 airpoints per year instead of paying TSB :)

        • I got the card and have a upcoming trip, travel insurance was going to cost $300 on it's own. So I will get travel insurance + cash-back within the first month, already 'covering' the yearly fee.

          Mastercard is accepted in more places than AMEX and is not locking someone into using Airpoint dollars.

          TSB low rate card is also a very good offer. Lets hope they keep these offers on-going.

    • Do what I do and simply send an internet banking message asking to waive the card fees for that half of the year. So simple to get back half a years worth of card fees by spending 2 mins writing a message to the bank.

    • With cashback I can use it to pay off my credit card balance then earn an interest with the money that would otherwise be converted to airport and sitting idle not earning anything until I spend them.

  • +1

    Where is 0 interest balance transfer deal, I'm running out of cash…

    • this is the way

      • this is the way

    • BNZ conveniently dropped theirs due to the pandemic but have never brought it back grrrr

    • ASB do 0% for 6 months

  • Thank you. I think I will wait till tsb offers a sign up deal like no fees etc. Every year there are sign up deals from many providers.. The best one from q mastercard a few months ago.
    Kiwibank has the easiest application process if you have an account with them already.

    • The TSB Low Rate Mastercard is decent - especially if someone cannot pay off the full-monthly amount. Only 9.95% PA interest and has some of the Mastercard insurance benefits thrown in (but not travel insurance).

  • Dosh is better

    • Currently have ANZ cash back card as my secondary card preference. Everything goes on AMEX where possible

      Tempted to switch to TSB but might try Dosh for a bit given no fee and see how I go

      • Dosh cash back is only till end of July

        • Don't think this is true, where did you read that the cash back ends in July?

          • @genesis133: Agree, cant see that anywhere

            • @Madao: Dosh is my primary card. Then Amex when Dosh runs out money :p

              Only use my debit card to top up or pay the credit bills and those don’t take credit card or occur surcharge for credit transactions :)

          • @genesis133: My Dosh card says the 1% cashback deal expires on 31 December

            • @felixfurtak: Where does it say that? I gave the Dosh team a quick message yesterday and they said there is no end date, and that they would post it up if/when there is an end date

              • +2

                @genesis133: It's in the app under 'Offers'

                Title: Dosh
                Subtitle No airy fairy airpoints, just cash!
                End Date 31.12.2023

  • so far their sign up process is kinda meh.
    let's see how that goes.

  • These banks have major issues nowadays….

    I always repay any credit card in full each month for maybe 20 years now. I own my own home plus 3 rental properties with about 35% of the total value mortgaged - of course I have never missed a payment since I bought my first house 15 years ago. Employed full-time in a technical position with a large employer with 6-figure income. I am far from being "rich" but I always think I am comfortable financially.

    Yet my application got declined straightaway. They didn't even need to see my bank statements/expenses.

    What kinda of people can actually get one of these credit cards, I wonder?

    • maybe worse to check your credit history. I find out that ASB "forget" to close one of my mortgages after 5 years or more.

      • They declined my application like instantly after I entered the numbers…..doesn't seem like they had even gotten to the credit check part yet :(

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