Cash Back Credit Card (TSB Bank/$1 Cash Back Per $70 Spend)

Hey Team,

Anyone seen this card or use it?

TSB Bank
Platinum MasterCard
Minimum $8k Limit
$1 cash back per $70 spend…

Would love some feedback and pros and cons.


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    Arguably the best value (overall) rewards credit card on the market, just applied for one today.

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    Looks a good deal!

    Up until recently I thought my ANZ Cashback Platinum card offered a good deal but it now has an annual fee of $80 with a reduced cashback rate of $1 per $120 spend. With this TSB card and it's $90 fee on an annual spend of $60,000 I'd be $340pa better off.

    The potential deal breaker for me personally is that it doesn't look like the TSB card supports Apple Pay. I'm so used to Apple Pay now with my ANZ card I'm not sure I could give it up, even for $340pa :(

    • $60k ÷ 70 it would be $857/annual?

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        Sorry, in comparison to my ANZ Cashback Platinum I'd be $340pa better off with TSB.

        ANZ - $60,000 / $120 = $500 - $80 fee = $420 net
        TSB - $60,000 / $70 = $857 - $90 fee = $767 net

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          Just to add my 2c in comparison using the above figures.
          I have a BNZ advantage platinum card earning flybuys and the calculation works out to be.

          $60,000 / $15 = 4000 flybuys. Converted to fuel discount = 3000 cents off per litre. Assuming max fill of 50L when used = $1500 discount off fuel - $90 fee = $1410 fuel discount over the year at Z/Caltex

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    I use two cashback cards

    • SBS credit card: $1 for every $150 spent / "no annual card fee"
    • Dosh card: $1 for every $100 spent / "no annual card fee"

    I tend to go for cards where there is no card fee at all.
    Bcoz then I would tend to spend more just to get the "benefit" of the card after paying the annual fee.

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      Just to add, ASB VISA LITE, no annual fee, 6m int free, no cashback. Not debit card like Dosh.

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    Currently with BNZ and moving to TSB for this

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    that's better than Dosh!!

    time to take their claim of best cashback to comcom?

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    Joined TSB last month (mainly for their mortgage rate) have the credit card and its better rewards than my old ASB one

    So far no issues.

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    Might be worthy of a deal post OP

  • In the same boat. Moved over from anz to TSB 2 weeks ago. Domestic insurance is a bonus too!

    • On-boarding process was a bit of a pain and the App is very basic. Otherwise it has been good so far.

      • Hi, how long did it take to process from online application to issue you the credit card?

  • I seemed to either get rejected or not able to apply. After clicking submit I seemed to get the automated message of not proceeding with the application and to call the number?
    Forgot to take screenshot but does anyone have similar experience?

    Wanting to move from ANZ platinum since they're no longer competitive

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