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Mitsubishi Electric E85R Air Purifier $499.97 + $7 Shipping / $0 CC @ Noel Leeming


Not sure what the go is here. Seems way cheaper than elsewhere.

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Mitsubishi $499 ($25 shipping)
Harvey Norman $999
Lim Electronics $1449
Gary Anderson $1499

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Date Store Price
23 Feb 2023 Noel Leeming $949.99
20 Feb 2023 Noel Leeming $949.00
01 Feb 2023 Noel Leeming $949.00
25 Dec 2022 Noel Leeming $999.00
31 Aug 2022 Noel Leeming $1,249.00
08 Feb 2022 Noel Leeming $1,199.99


Colour White
Fan Modes Silent, Low, Mid, High and Turbo
CADR 508m3/h*
Air Volume 510m3/h
Filtration 4 Step: Pre-Filter, Two-Layer HEPA, Activated Carbon and Platinum Catalyst
Smart Search Mode YES
Air Quality Monitor 3 Step: Odour, PM2.5 and Dust
Operation Modes Normal, Night and Turbo
Sound Ratings (dBA) Silent 22, Low 27, Mid 33, High 43 and Turbo 55
Dimensions (mm) 425W x 244D x 547H
Weight (kg) 11.9 Gross / 9.9 Net



Ultimately the Mitsubishi Electric MA-E85R-A Air Purifier is a solid product that ticks a lot of boxes. The device filters out impurities and odors efficiently across a large area, but the tracking and extras are a little lacklustre.

If you're looking for a simple option that you can just set up, and forget that it exists than this machine will do the job, and do it well. However you'll be paying a high premium for it. If you want a higher level of control or more detail to your air purifier it may be worth looking elsewhere.


Easy to use with just the right degree of control options. Working very well at removing Spring allergens and Sydney air pollution. Living area now fresh and odourless. Haven’t yet had to change filters but manual is comprehensive and easy to follow.
Purchased from Harvey Norman Hornsby where the sales consultant knew the product well and answered all questions about its use.


Ranked 4th best

Good points

• Good for dust removal.
• Very good for smoke removal.
• Very good ease of use.
• OK cord storage - it can be wrapped around the base.
• Comparatively very quiet on low fan setting.

Bad points

• Borderline for VOC removal.
• Borderline for comparative energy efficiency.
• Comparatively noisy on high fan setting.

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  • Would this be beneficial for a place like Auckland?

    • +1

      Given the relatively low pollution compared to overseas, the main use case benefit for NZ i'd suggest would be mitigating spread of Covid and other respiratory airborne dieseases in indoor environments that lack sufficient external ventilation. It's HEPA filter claims to be high grade enough to filter viruses, and Air Purifiers have shown to be an effective mitigation for spreading of sickness. But its not perfect of course as it's going to vary based room to room and air flow - eg for hypothetical sake 2 people in a room of 10 get sick instead of 7 for example - which could be useful for an office not all getting sick at once.

    • Good for hayfever

  • +1

    I feel an impulse buy coming up….

  • +1

    Added Choice.com.au review.

    CHOICE Expert Rating 78%
    This is made up of performance (70%) and ease of use (30%).

    Performance score 77%
    Based on dust removal (50%), smoke removal (40%) and VOC removal (10%).

    Dust performance score 79%
    How well this model filters out dust compared to the other models on test.

    Smoke performance score 80%
    How well this model filters out smoke compared to the other models on test.

    VOC performance score 51%
    How well this model filters out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to the other models on test.

    Ease of use score 80%
    Based on the model's onboard controls, its remote (if it has one), how easy it is to move around, whether it's prone to tip over, how easy it is to clean, and the quality of the supplied instruction manual.

    Comparative energy efficiency - Borderline
    How the model compares for its energy efficiency (energy used in the dust performance test) against the other tested models. Air purifiers don't use a lot of power, but the best models combine low energy consumption with good dust removal performance.

    Noise on high setting (dB) 64.1 - noisy
    The noise measured on the highest speed setting.

    Noise on low setting (dB) 30.6 - very quiet
    The noise measured on the lowest speed setting.

  • Seems like a clearance product. It appears to be OOS in most stores countrywide except for a couple with "limited stock".

    • +1

      I am very good friends with a manager at a store, and if things end in .97 then it is on clearance

  • I bought the Mi Air Purifier after the Australian bushfires. The filters are cheap as and it does the job when you have a bit of smoke indoors.

    • Have one of these as well, i upgraded to the HEPA filter from the stock one included, sourced it from Kogan.

  • +2

    Where can you find replacment hepa filters for these?

    • +1

      Their website says they have easy filter maintenance & can be cleaned yourself (I guess no different to the HEPA filter on a Dyson vacuum):

      • The Pre-Filter can be cleaned through the Auto Cleaning Function which will collect any dust or dirt particles into the dust box. For tougher substances the Pre-Filter can be washed in water.
      • The Two-Layer HEPA Filter can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner to collect any dust that is sitting on the filter.
      • The Active Carbon and Platinum Catalytic Filters can be washed by soaking in lukewarm water before being rinsed off and left to dry before being put back into the machine.
      • Regular filter maintenance will ensure the ElitePure continuously operates at peak performance.

      Nonetheless, the instruction manual says they might need to be replaced at some point as the machine has a "replace filter lamp" - the life of the HEPA filter and activated charcoal filter differs depending on operating environment and conditions of use.

      The lamp lights up after approximately 8 years with “Silent” manual operation and approximately 1.6 years with “Turbo” manual operation.

      Replacement parts can be purchased from Black Diamond Technologies (www.bdt.co.nz) - Hepa filter is approx $160 + GST and Charcoal Filter is approx $60 + GST.

      Considering I can still buy replacement parts for my 8+ year Mitsubishi dehumidifier - I wouldn't be too worried about getting replacement parts for this air purifier (though with post COVID supply chains it could take a few months).

      • -1

        Every manufacturer recommends to replace atleast the hepa filter every year and that it cannot be vaccumed, I doubt this hepa filter is any different.

        • +1

          Not true for all, atleast not on Dyson.

        • +1

          Ok then - you asked a question so I answered it.

          I sourced the pricing for the replacement parts by contacting Mitsubishi directly via email.

          You're welcome to read their website & instruction manual yourself if you disagree about cleaning the HEPA filter

          You can also read Mitsubishi's FAQ at https://www.mitsubishi-electric.co.nz/air-purifier/faq.aspx#…

          "How often do I need to replace the filters in the Mitsubishi Electric ElitePure Air Purifier? If these basic maintenance steps are followed and depending on the operating environment, it is estimated that the life span of the ElitePure Air Purifier filters will range from 6 – 8 years before you would need to look at any form of replacement."

          • @Garciahigh: Interesting. Pat on the back for going the extra mile of research. I do still question how often the HEPA filters ACTUALLY need to be replaced, looks like varies a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer with the same HEPA technology.

  • +2

    For similar performance and also good reviews:

    This is one is the one recommend by Wirecutter US/NYT

    Also https://www.amazon.com.au/Panasonic-Purifier-Technology-Deod…, if you want nanoe-X/ionising tech. Works pretty well, I have the usb version

    • I bought the Winix Australia Zero+ PRO 5-Stage from amazon.com.au under $500 and free shipping, works good.

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