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$5 Off (No Minimum Spend) @ HealthPost


Hopefully a free shipping offer appears between now and the end of April that doesn't require a code like FLYDEL

If a free shipping offer does pop-up, it is recommended that you add at least $5.01 worth of items to your cart. Some members had trouble with their orders when the total was $0

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    Coupon code NATURE still works for $5 off too.

  • i made a brand new act, with new email address. i cant get the $5 off, my item cost $7.90. any suggestion?

    • There are sometimes exclusions with these codes.
      What is the item you are looking at?

      • lozenges, viralex and manuka honey brand

        • What's the link?
          I can't see the product you are referring to.

          I can see this for $8.90 and the coupon works to bring it down to $3.90 + shipping

            • @d8400: Works for me - screenshot
              Are you sure you're not looking at the added delivery charge?
              There is still shipping on top of low value orders (under $59) so it will add another $6.90 for delivery.

              • @bigcheese: Sub-Total:


                Estimate Delivery:


                Coupon (THANKU) Remove:


                Total $9.80

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                  @d8400: That's correct?
                  The coupon is applied in your example:

                  $7.90 - $5 coupon = $2.90
                  Then add the $6.90 shipping cost = $9.80 total.
                  It's not really worth it when there is no free shipping on offer or you are spending under the free shipping threshold of $59.

                  • @bigcheese: i had a boy look, thanks for the clarification!

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