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Free 7-day Trial of Amazon Prime Video ($8/Month Thereafter) @ Prime Video


Enjoy Amazon Prime Video free for seven days. You can watch movies and TV shows on the web or the Prime Video app. The app can be downloaded onto your tablet, phone, or select Smart TV models. Up to 3 devices can stream content at once. You can even watch offline with the option to download titles onto your Android device, iPhone, or iPad.

Start your free trial today by clicking the button below to go to the Amazon Prime Video offer. Sign-up and start watching. After the free trial has ended, you will be charged $8 per month if you decide not to cancel.

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    Deal also mentioned here:

    An alternative option:

  • Thanks a lot Dealshunter. Do you know when offer expires by?

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      Deal has been available on Cheapies since January 2022 and on OzBargain since 2021. Doubt it's ending any time soon.

  • Cool

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    If you're looking for something to watch on Prime "The Boys" is excellent.

    • The Boys is sooo good. And I normally hate anything to do with superheroes.

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    Is there something this offers that Amazon Prime as a perk doesn't? $59/AU for normal prime which as far as I can tell gives the same content. Maybe mine is linked to Aussie only content?

    Genuine question, just seems more expensive to me, but I might be missing content without knowing it.

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      2degrees fibre is what I keep joining to get a year's amazon prime video

      • That's a good deal, I heart my static IP too much to change ISP these days.

    • Don't think so.

      Alternatively, can get Prime Video for $0.80 a month

  • OP. Why do you keep removing important information from the titles?

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    Just signed up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime over on amazon.com

    Grabbed Dishonored 2 & Evil Within 2 on GOG via Prime Gaming.

    • If you sign up for prime at amazon.com (US), do the benefits only apply to the US version of the site? for example shipping benefits won't apply to amazon.com.au (AU)?

      I assume this to be the case, but wanted to double check

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        Yep, correct. We don't receive any benefit in terms of shipping.

  • Price is now $10.99/mo

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