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[Web, iOS, Android] Free Video and Music Streaming Trials Available in NZ @ Apple / Google Play Store


The following is a list of all the 'Free' and 'Free Trial' video and music streaming services I can think of available in NZ.
The list came about after I received my Wise Card after seeing this post from @asterix, and wondered how many free trials I could sign up to using the virtual card. What I couldn't find was a table with all sites listed together - hence this post.
I am sure there are many others but this work is a combination of what I knew already and a LOT of google searching.
I have tried to make it as easy as possible and all of the list can be accessed without the need for a VPN.
A VPN will enable the likes of Youtube Premium, Netflix to be subscribed to at cheaper rates than those indicated here but I thought my post was getting long enough as it is without adding that in too. It will also enable the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime to have different catalogues available for viewing.
Information on this is readily searchable on Cheapies.

Credit to @davew for pointing out the online table conversion tool which makes converting a spreadsheet table a lot easier.

  • Everything listed as a 'Trial' can be cancelled immediately after signup and watched for the rest of the trial period without charge, with the exception of Mubi which will end the trial immediately.
  • All pricing shown is in NZD apart from Amazon Music Unlimited which is in AUD.
  • Credit card type and/or PayPal is indicated as well. All trials accept Visa/Mastercard although strangely Spark Sport does not allow Debit Mastercard but accepts Visa. Some accept Amex.
  • Netflix and Disney+ are also included in the list for comparison purposes - there is no free trial with these.
  • Free trial periods are generally 7 or 14 days or sometimes a month. Times indicated are the normal trial period without any promotional activity.
    Currently you can get Apple Music for 3 months, Tidal for $1 or $2.
  • I have included links to the websites, iOS and Android apps. A number of these services can be accessed on other devices - XBox, Smart TV etc and you will generally find this information on the websites listed.
  • Plex and Kodi are also on the list - although arguable they are more of a media server/hub, I know a lot of you use them so thought I would include.

Hope you find this beneficial - I have tested the links but please let me know if anything is wrong or missing from my table.

'Free' and 'Free Trial' Video Streaming Services

Name Free or Trial? Trial Period Payment Required Monthly $ Yearly $ Other $ Description Notes iOS Android
ConTV Free N/A Visa, MC $7.99 $69.99 Stream movies and full episodes of anime, classic cartoons. Email signup required. Free content does contain a lot of ads. Subscription gives no ads and unlocks more content. Not the best interface. iOS Android
Kodi Free N/A N/A N/A N/A Media centre and entertainment hub. It is 100% free and open source, very customisable and runs on a wide variety of devices. The official Kodi version does not contain any content whatsoever. Need to provide your own content from a local or remote storage location. Can install third-party plugins iOS Android
Plex Free N/A Visa, MC N/A $62.99 Weekly $7.99 Lifetime $186.99 Media server offering access to your personal media on your own server, Movies & Shows, live TV, podcasts, , streaming music. Free plan enables you to host a media server, stream content to any non-mobile Plex app  and watch Plex's ad-supported TV and movies. Paid Plex Pass gives additipnal functionality iOS Android
Prime TV Free* N/A N/A N/A N/A * Prime is Free To Air but owned by Sky TV. Free to watch Prime News but all other content requires active Sky TV subscription to watch. Will require active Sky subscription to watch iOS - No app Android - No app
Three Now Free N/A N/A N/A N/A Three, Bravo, HGTV and Choice channels Ad supported. Login required to view but free to setup. iOS Android
Tubi Free N/A N/A N/A N/A Thousands of hit movies and TV series.  From comedy to drama, kids to classics, and niche favorites such as Korean dramas, anime, and British series. No credit card and no subscription required. iOS Android
TVNZ On Demand Free N/A N/A N/A N/A TVNZ 1, 2 and Duke channels. Ad supported. Login required to view but free to setup. iOS Android
WatchMe Free N/A N/A N/A N/A Free on-demand video service focusing on producing short format, 100% homemade NZ shows. Content that’s made by kiwis for kiwis. No signup required. iOS - No app Android - No app
Acorn TV Trial 7 days Visa ,MC $7.99 $79.00 Offers mysteries, dramas, comedies, and documentaries.Includes hard-to-find gems, timeless classics, and newly discovered favorites from Britain, Ireland, Australia, and beyond iOS Android
Amazon Prime Video Trial 7 days Visa ,MC $8.00 N/A Enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows. Watch anytime, anywhere. iOS Android
Apple TV+ Trial 7 days Visa ,MC $8.99 $89.99 Streaming service featuring Apple Originals — award-winning series, compelling dramas, groundbreaking documentaries, kids' entertainment, comedies and more. Requires creation of Apple ID (Apple device not requied). 3 Months free when you buy selected Apple devices. iOS Android - No App
DocPlay Trial 14 days Visa, MC, PayPal $7.99 $79.99 Collection of the some of the world's most amazing and thought provoking documentaries covering arts, culture, nature and other genres. HD with no ads. Does not require VPN to use. iOS Android
iwonder Trial 14 days Visa ,MC $6.99 $34.95 Offer a wide range of top documentary films, TV series and shorts from various genres. iOS Android
Mubi Trial 7 days Visa, MC, PayPal $12.99 $95.88 Global streaming service with a brand new film every single day. Editorial coverage of what’s new in cinema culture. New film added daily. Will offer 30 day trial if you cancel inside 7 days. Trial ends instantly upon cancellation. iOS Android
Neon Trial 14 days Visa ,MC $15.99 $159.99 Hit TV shows, movies and blockbuster movie rentals are all in one place with Neon, the biggest 100% Kiwi owned paid entertainment streaming service. Download and watch offline on 2 screens on mobile or tablet.2 Screens. No ads. iOS Android
Sky Sport Now Trial 7 days Visa, MC, PayPal $39.99 $399.99 Weekly $19.99 12 Sky Sport and ESPN Channels. Live and On-Demand available. Excludes Pay per View events. iOS Android
Spark Sport Trial 7 days Visa ,MC (not Debit) $24.99 $255.00 Six Monthly $135 Wide range of sports available live and on demand. Includes, Cricket, Football, Motorsport, NFL, Basketball, Athletics, Extreme Sports, Golf, Tennis, Rugby Union & League. iOS Android
YouTube Premium Trial 1 month Visa ,MC,Amex,PayPal $15.99, $23.99 YouTube & YouTube music ad-free,offline, and in the background. Plan gives 1 or 6 accounts respectively. Includes access to Youtube Music. Students at half price individual. iOS Android
Netflix No N/A Visa, MC, Amex $12.99, $18.49, $24.99 N/A Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries. No free trial. 3 Plans to choose from allowing for 1,2 or 4 simultaneous devices and video resolution of 480p, 1080p, and 4k+HDR respectively. iOS Android
Disney + No N/A Visa, MC, Amex, PayPal $12.99 $129.99 Disney+ has entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars™, National Geographic and Star No free trial. Watch on up to 4 devices on 4K resolution. iOS Android
'Free Trial' Music Streaming Services
Name Free or Trial? Trial Period Payment Required Monthly $ Yearly $ Description Notes iOS Android
Amazon Music Unlimited Trial 1 month Visa, MC, Amex, PayPal AUD 13.49, 20.49 N/A Similar catalogue size to Spotify. Hi Fidelity Music at no extra charge. Plan gives 1 or 6 accounts respectively. Note pricing is in AUD. iOS Android
Apple Music Trial 1 month Visa, MC, Amex, PayPal $14.99, $22.99 $149.99 Millions of songs. Similar catalogue size to Spotify & Amazon.Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. Plan gives 1 or 6 accounts respectively. New Voice plan for $7.49 month that only works on apple devices for streaming using Siri voice control. Student individual at $7.49 per month. iOS Android
Deezer Trial 1 month Visa, MC, PayPal $12.99, $19.49 $116.91 Stream millions of songs, podcasts and radio channels. Plan gives 1 or (6) accounts respectively. Also available in individual Hi-Fi for $19.49 per month. iOS Android
Qobuz Trial 1 month Visa, MC, PayPal $21.99, $29.99, $32.99 $209.99,$293.99,$299.99,$479.88,$329.90, $549,99 French platform. Studio quality streaming (FLAC 24-bit up to 192 Khz). Over 70 million tracks. Offline listening. Original editorial content. Subscription covers 1,2, and 6 accounts respectively. Monthly price is without commitment. Trial allows you to select any plan for one month. iOS Android
Soundcloud Trial 7 Days, 30 Days Visa, MC, Amex, PayPal $7.99, $14.99 N/A 120 million + tracks from established and emerging artists. Ad free. Can save for offline listening. 2 Trial options: 7 day of SoundCloud Go then $7.99 month or 30 days of Soundcloud Go+ then $14.99. Students eligible for 50% off Go+ Pricing. iOS Android
Spotify Premium Trial 1 month Visa, MC, Amex, PayPal $14.99, $18.99, $22.50 N/A World's largest music streaming provider. Music and podcasts available to stream and listen to offline. Plan gives 1, 2 and 6 accounts respectively. Student individual at $7.49 per month. iOS Android
Tidal Trial 1 month Visa, MC, Amex, PayPal $14.99 ($22.49), $29.99 ($44.99) N/A Millions of songs. Artist owned music streaming service. Plan gives 1 or (6) accounts respectively. First price is for standard and second is for Hi-Fi.Students at half price individual. iOS Android
YouTube Music Premium Trial 1 month Visa ,MC,Amex,PayPal $12.99, $19.99 N/A Smaller playlist than Spotify but more Music Videos. Plan gives 1 or 6 accounts respectively. Students individual at $7.49 per month. iOS Android

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    Beamafilm is a movie and TV streaming service that is free if you belong to a participating public library. beamafilm.com

  • +1

    Jango is an American free online music streaming service available worldwide. I have the Jango app installed on an Android tablet, and listen to it all the time. jango.com

    • Thanks. I'll take a look at it.
      I am sure there are many sites available that I hadn't thought of or heard before.

      • +2

        Bonus: a good thread full of legal streaming services


        • +1

          Cheers Wakrak.
          I did find a number of these but didn’t include any that didn’t offer free trials (such as Curiosity Stream) - didn’t really seem like a ‘deal’.
          There are a few that I didn’t know on your link though.
          I need to check how many are still working with the thread being nearly 7 years old.

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    You can get a free 6 months trial of Apple TV plus with a PlayStation 5.
    Or 3 months with a new Apple device
    They don't stack unfortunately and can you can only redeem one of them(ie you can't use them sequentially on the same Apple account)

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    This post deserves more love than what it is receiving.

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      Thanks danz.
      Hope you find something of value in it.

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    The best way to listen to classic rock on your echo, phone or tablet is asterisk radio via tuneIn. They are based in San Diego and there is no advertising at all. asteriskradio.com

    • +1

      I also listen to "New Clear Radio" https://ncradio.fm/ "Online radio streaming Indie, Britpop, Prog, Alternative and Classic Rock"
      They run 320/256/192kbps streams and have no ads. (also have a mobile app)

      For something more local - Brian FM has a 128kbps stream and have minimal ads - https://brianfm.com/

  • Any instructions how to get the trials i.e. are you creating new accounts or will work on old accounts, gmail aliases? etc

    • The trials are generally for first time use.
      I create a new email address for each signup.
      If you have used the same credit/debit card for the trial before it may stop you even with a new email, but worth trying as it will say whether it is free or not.

      The advantage of using the Wise Virtual card is that I can create a new card number every time if necessary.
      It is absolutely brilliant and my only regret is I didn't know about it sooner!

      • sweet, will try and give it a hoon. Thanks for the info mate.

        • Did you manage to get it to work for any of the trials?

          • +1

            @bigcheese: Haven't tried yet. Am trying to finish watching a series before I start the trial.

            Will comment with outcome

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    Shudder (horror video streaming platform) has a free 7 day trial. https://www.shudder.com/

    • Cheers.
      Now I'll never get to sleep watching that!

  • Thanks for these @bigcheese!

    • No worries.
      It was your post on the Wise card that got me thinking about it!

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    if you watch tubi with a usa vpn there is way more stuff on there ive been using it for years

    • +1

      I hadn’t actually looked at Tubi with a vpn, but this is pretty typical for a lot of these streams.
      Little old NZ is at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to content.

    • +1

      Thanks, I hadn’t even thought about using a vpn with tubi. I just had a quick look while running ProtonVPN, and The Green Mile and Enemy of the State were two movies that jumped out.

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    Very detailed table of information that would have taken a while to compile!
    On behalf of all members, we thank you for sharing!

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      Yes it did!
      Would appreciate a ‘+’ vote if you got something out of it 😉

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    Thanks for the list!

  • Wow, very comprehensive. I thought there used to be a guide here somewhere on how to get Spotify cheaper by paying in a different currency. I think you had to use a VPN to sign up and after that it would just charge you in that region. I can't find it though. I'm thinking about upgrading my wife's Spotify account to a family account if I can do it cheap enough. Anybody have any experience with this?

  • Ahh that's was the one! Thank you. It looks slightly more complicated than I remember! I wonder if I can just use a NZ credit card. I'll have to do some reading.

    • Did you have a go at getting Spotify cheaper?
      Our half price Spotify ends in a month so I need to decide whether to try this method.
      Family don’t like the idea of YouTube music - Spotify is too ingrained!

      • No I didn't, I started reading through the guide and got distracted, and haven't got back to it yet. Ideally I'd like a method without having to load up with Spotify cards etc and just use a credit card, set and forget type thing. I'm in the same boat, I am on a grandfathered YouTube music plan but everybody else wants Spotify.

  • After Argentine subscription jumped to almost the same price as NZ subscription (22NZD~) I went down the road of renewing for Turkey subscription prices.

    And after awhile of trying things I can confirm these instructions from our oz friends works:

    This works for me which may helps those still trying to get it to work.
    1. Signed up to Netflix Australia for basic and payment with my 28 degrees card
    2. Verified card and Australian phone number
    3. Let it expired after 1 month
    4. Re-activate the subscription with Netflix Turkey using Tunnel bear (free VPN) , paid for ultra subscription using eGift card purchased from MTC gaming, 100TL lasted for close to 2 months subscription
    5. When credit from the gift card all used up the renewal automatically take payment from my 28degrees card. Paid $5.70aud for the ultra subscription.

    In my case I left my NZ credit card details still there but added the gift card.

    After adding the gift card credit should be all sweet, shouldn't have any requirements of adding any turkish mobile number. I also used CyberGhost VPN (has free 1 day trial).

    NB: Don't be alarmed if gift code takes awhile to enter your email box. MTC Gaming physically go out and buy them xD

    • I've had no problems with Netflix via Turkey using giftcards although I get mine from Turgame
      Still need to wait a few months until they run out to see whether it will default to my NZ credit card (hopefully in Lira and not at the NZ price!)
      My current dilemma is deciding whether to have a go at getting Spotify cheaper courtesy of the link found by @Wakrak here

      • Me too, will post update here when that 2 months credit is used up.

        Good luck mate.

        • @bigcheese your netflix roll over all good? Just checked it hit my nz credit card for a juicy low $5.69 nzd 🥳

          • @Trenchard: That’s good to hear.
            I’ve still got quite a few months left on the giftcards but now I know it works I won’t buy any more giftcards and let it debit my credit card instead.

            It’s quite a saving on the Netflix NZ price!

  • +1

    4 months free new customer, possibly 1 month free existing.
    - https://redeem.apple.com/msh-de-online?%E2%80%8B

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    Tidal: $1 for 90 days

    I just signed up though Argentina. Will charge me ARS$99 in May = NZ$1.42 /month (HiFi).
    Family plan is ARS$145.

    • Which VPN did you use and can you pay by Wise? Cheers

      • Wise, probably. Never used it. I have NordVPN.

        This post might be of assistance.

        • Helpful indeed. Any tricks/issues with adding family on family plan?

          • @L3tstaxth1s: Members who accept the invitation have to be connected to Argentina via VPN in order to join. If an existing account, they might also have to delete their non-Argentina payment details within their Google account .

            I have 5 other members on mine. It was easier to create a new gmail account for most of them and then add them to the plan myself while connected to Argentina via VPN. For the person who already had an account that was connected to India previously, I had to delete the NZ and India payment details they had attached to their account.

            • @Wakrak: Cheers - have set myself up on family trial thru Argentina using Wise for 10ARS or NZ15c - hoping that ARS monthly will start being charged after trial ends rather than NZD? Will work on setting up family next… Cheers again.

  • 3 month trial Apple TV for PS4 owners

  • +1

    Spotify Premium 3 months free

    • Thanks.
      Always useful these ones!

  • Some good offers available if you happen to have a Telstra sim from Aus. Sign up to their Telstra + service for free, get 10,000 points, get 3 months of Disney+ free for 5000 points.

  • +2

    Bonus Flybuys if you sign up to Disney+. 150 points for $12.99.


  • Odd. Was only charged $3.73 this month for YouTube. It was $7.22 last month due to the price hikes.

  • This new year, try MUBI. 3 months for only NZ$1. Limited time only. Get the deal.


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