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Amazon Prime Video + Gaming TRY₺7.90 Per Month (~NZ$0.71) No VPN Required @ Amazon Türkiye


Alright alright alright ladies and gentlemen here is another unbelievable deal from the country we now all very familiar with. This has actually existed since Amazon Prime was launched in Turkey in Sep 2020.

How to get this deal:

  • Go to the deal link.
  • Use google translate on Chrome or whatever translation tool in your browser. The site is not available in English.
  • Click the big yellow button that says "Try free for 30 days".
  • Log in with your normal Amazon account. You can register a new account for this but it is not required.
  • Use an existing credit card or add a new one. I used a Wise card, but I believe any card will work as long as your issuer doesn't block it.
  • Create a Turkish billing address. This is important. Use any Turkey address you can find. It will require a Turkish phone number. Use the format 212-XXX XX XX.
  • Complete the process.


  • I just signed up myself so haven't passed the free trial period to see my card getting charged. But I do see 2x card verification attempts from Amazon so I assume that should work.
  • This is the full Amazon Prime membership with shipping benefits in Turkey. We can only take advantage of the Video and Gaming part of it obviously.
  • Amazon Prime memberships are regional. This means you are not considered a Prime member in other countries like Australia and US. I am not sure what will happen if you have existing Prime memberships in other countries. But if you already do you don't really need this.
  • This does not include Amazon Music Unlimited. If you want it you can subscribe to Prime in Brazil, which is slightly more expensive.
  • I don't see a yearly option in Turkey.
  • I haven't compared the library with the normal NZ version, but the big shows I can think of are all there. The Boys, 007, Mission Impossible, Transformers, Top Gear, Grand Tour etc etc.

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  • +2

    You also get a free prime sub which you can use to sub to Twitch streamers… wink wink

    • recommendations?

      • Depends what/who you're into; gaming, discussion, chess, gambling, pool parties, cooking etc.

        • Honestly doubt I'll ever watch the content on there. Not a form of media I find appealing. Happy to throw a sub at someone that might deserve it.

          Otherwise just looking for a laugh as what how far NZBigC was willing to suggest

          • @Tmurder91: If you are looking for someone to knock your socks off with quality entertainment and 50+ wins a night, then… I am not that guy. I haven't streamed for ages (when I do, I'm lucky to get a win in Fortnite/Siege) but I do have a channel ha.

            I guess it is worth subbing to any small NZ streamer if you aren't going to bother watching anything. Kinda despise the big-timers who get hundreds of donations/subs and just go 'Cheers. Anyway…'

  • I tried and got stuck on the phone number. Tried your formatting, and with all spaces and dashes, and without. But cant get it to work

    • Try without the leading 0? I just double checked my address book.

      • Your payment instrument could not be verified. Please update your payment instrument or enter a new payment instrument and try again.

        I am attempting to use a standard westpac credit card, so that is probably my problem now.
        I don't have any others to try

        • Ok so it works without the leading 0?

          The card is probably blocked by the bank. Can you see any pending transactions from Amazon in online banking?

  • Yeah, worked without the leading 0, in the format you provided.
    And no, no pending transactions :(
    Guess i can't get it - i was just in it for the games.

  • How do you get a Turkish phone number

    • Make one up with the format I mentioned. Amazon doesn't validate it.

      • +1

        what about prime gaming? it says "add your mobile number to enable prime gaming" and they also validate it. everything else worked fine though

        • Ah not sure about that. I previously had prime gaming through 2degrees so doesn't need to validate again. Try your normal NZ number? It is for the gaming site not your main Amazon account I suppose.

  • +1

    struggling to get past the phone number, it says we sent a code to number please confirm?

  • +2

    It's interesting, as on the Amazon page prior to joining Prime, it says that you'll be paying £7.90 per month ($15nzd), but then after joining on the membership page it says

    "Upcoming change
    On Tuesday, August 23, 2022, you will switch to the following membership plan: ₺7.90 per month"

    Not sure if you've been using it for over the month period @patwobbly, but we'll see what I'm charged.

    • Amazon should have changed 2x card validation transactions. You can check the currency in your online banking to see if they are TRY.

      Also that Euro sign might be google translate's doing.

      • +1

        Can confirm it was a Turkish currency, but we'll see after the month if it's the equivilent of 7.90euro or 7.90TRY.

        I don't think it's Google's doing for changing the sign to Euro, as I don't have any extension that would do that. Amazon (profanity) up some times.

  • Got it to work for Prime trial with Wise card but the gaming is throwing an error trying to confirm a phone number that has been added. Do you think it will only recogise a turkish number?

    • I can't answer that because I had prime gaming before so might already have a phone number verified. Not sure about new ones.

      What if you try to change the phone number? Is it tied to the Turkish billing address?

  • Thanks OP! I'm happy this worked without a hitch after the Disney+ deal never worked for me. I've started the 1 month trial so will wait and see if the charge is 0.71c after the trial.

    Try one of these numbers for the phone number (worked for me) https://fakenumber.org/other/turkey

    • I also struggled to get the Disney+ deal working but ended up having success with an iPhone

      Can give you instructions for that if you still want to try and have one

      • Not OP, but I’ll take some instructions please!

        • +2

          My steps were:

          Goto www.turgame.com and buy 7x "Apple iTunes Gift Card 50 TL iTunes Key TURKEY" for about $32NZD
          (Note: these codes for me took over an hour to arrive in my email)

          Goto https://appleid.apple.com/tr-tr and make a new turkish itunes account (May need to translate this step but create is 'Apple Kimliğinizi Oluşturun' in top right corner)
          Use: https://www.bestrandoms.com/random-address-in-tr? for a fake turkish address/phone if needed

          On your phone, open the app store, goto profile (top right, then very bottom) sign out of your current account and sign into the turkish account. redeem the 7x Gift cards you purchased onto this account in the profile section
          Download Disney+ app, sign up and when it asks to purchase, use the itunes credit

          Now you can log out and sign back in with your original account. you may need to repeat these steps in a year to pay again

          • @iascoot: I'm having trouble making your steps work on my end. Let's bring kiwi cheapie to the next level, can I please buy a profile off from your account? Thank you.

            • +1

              @Divhon: What step are you stuck at?
              I will recheck my instructions

          • +1

            @iascoot: to clarify the above instructions, use your real phone number. it doesnt have to be a turkish number for verification

            • @iascoot: It worked well now my bro! Thanks heaps

  • Thanks for this. All I need to do now is to figure how to get items shipped from Turkey to NZ and we’ll be able to access a lot of deals!!

  • +2

    So I've got Prime Gaming to work. It required a bit of playing around though.

    1. After signing up to prime video which was easy, I then changed the mobile number on the main Amazon TR account to my NZ mob number and auth'd (required updating the address with a village/etc but was easy to choose from the drop down list on the form)

    2. Went to sign up to Prime Gaming, which required entering in the NZ mobile number again (opens a new tab to Amazon) and auth'd. Went back to the Prime Gaming tab and refreshed but it throws an error.

    3. Logged out of Prime Gaming, logged back in and I can now claim.

    • Tried that but no matter how many times i've added or removed it and auth'd the NZ number. still comes with the error

      • Flick me a PM and I'll see if I can help

        • Latex was wondering if you have found a fix for this followed your instruction but didn't work

  • What kind of benefits do you get from Amazon Gaming?

    • +1

      Free games

      Every month, get exclusive in-game loot, free games, a free subscription on Twitch.tv, PLUS everything included with Amazon Prime.

  • August Prime games

    • StarCraft: Remastered
    • ScourgeBringer
    • Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
    • Beasts of Maravilla Island
    • Recompile
    • Nice one. They gave away a lot of good ones during Prime Day just 2 weeks ago and I didn't know this trick existed back then.

  • Thanks for the deal, took a few goes but managed to get it to work using the address and phone number of the NZ embassy in Turkey. I first tried with a Prezzy card that had $2 left on it as I was hesitant to try one of my actual cards but got an error message asking me to change my payment method. Tried again with a Westpac card and same thing, then it finally worked with a BNZ card. Will wait and see what the charge is after the 30 days.

  • Worked 1st try using WISE card & random address generator, Cheers OP.
    PS. Haven't tried Prime Game yet.

    Twitch account connected & successful Prime Sub used.

    • How did you connect your twitch account? I keep getting a "Add your mobile number to enable Prime Gaming." and after trying to delete and re-add my phone number it fails.(Vodafone 021 number)

      • After creating an account I switched to Prime Gaming(turk) & when asked if I'd like to add a number I chose "Not Now", carried on linking my Twitch Acc.

  • If anyone's here from Turkey, is there a yearly option too?

  • Thanks for this, seemed to work perfectly!

  • Did it work was it only $0.71?

    • +5

      Yes it charged my wise card yesterday. $0.71+$0.01 fee.

      • Right on!

      • Good to know. Mine is due to renew tomorrow after the free month so interesting to see what I get charged.

        • Yep it charged me $0.73 in total.

      • Any tips on if it is coming up with

        "Bank Cards
        Please note that some debit cards may have purchase limits or the card may not be eligible for payment. Click here for more information. This card is not supported"

        I am using my NZ CC and someone else in this thread is using their wise so not sure if there is a fix you know of?

        • Im using my Wise also, so not sure where i've stuffed up.

          • @Ebzmyst: Yea maybe @patwobbly can suggest a way around it, but I think they might have patched it already possibly?

    • +1

      Yup, just charged 7.9TRY(71c NZ) on my Wise card.

      • is it still working my g. 71c is cheaper than water

  • Anyone else have trouble adding credit card details, keeps booting me, doesn't matter if I try to add while joining 30 day free trial, or if I'm trying to add in wallet under account settings. Im using my Wise card?

    "Bank Cards
    Please note that some debit cards may have purchase limits or the card may not be eligible for payment. Click here for more information. This card is not supported"

  • For anyone who has Amazon Prime set up, Black Caps games can be viewed via VPN to India due to a broadcast deal between Amazon India and NZC.
    I haven't used this method for any live games yet, but I can watch the replays of the recent West Indies series.

    • Let us know on the 8th if you remember to see if it works.

      • Works very well. Spark Sport feed. Quality as good.
        Can watch from start or live. Fast forward/skip etc.
        Replays available.

        • What VPNs work for India? Alot of large brands pulled out after they passed a law this year on data retention(which could identify vpn users)

  • Well that was easy (and cheap) - loving having a Wise card!
    I have a whole stack of Turkish deals now: Disney Plus, Prime Video, Youtube Premium & Adobe Creative Cloud!

  • Is this still working for everyone? I think by bank refused the payment for some reason when my free trial ended and then it kept saying I needed another payment method

  • just used it with wise card. took me a while to get wise working, but with the help of their support team its fine now. cheers!

  • +1

    Just an update - looks like price is now over 4x, changing to 39TL per month. Still a good deal

  • I am trying to get onto the 30-day trial for Prime via Turkey using the method above. I have setup an address in Turkey and have added Wise cards (virtual and physical) as well as my ANZ card. When I click on the 'Start your 30-day trial' button, I keep getting 'Your payment instrument could not be verified. Please update your payment instrument or enter a new payment instrument and try again.'

    Months ago, I managed to switch to Netflix Turkey but couldn't add a credit card as it wants a Turkish mobile so ended up using giftcards from Turgame.

    Any suggestions, please?

    • Wise is still happily working for me on Prime, so presumably that's not the issue.. did you use the link above to generate a Turkish address & phone number? perhaps try another one?

      • I used the address and phone number for the NZ embassy as another forum member did and that was accepted. I tried to change it as you suggested with the generator above but the fields include village and district names which aren't generated.

        Maybe things have changed since last year but the missus wants Prime so I'll keep trying.

        Thanks for your reply, anyway.

  • any idea how to unsubscribe from prime? i watched a handful of things a few months ago when i subbed but haven't ever since and i guess its' just turned in to my gym membership now :P something i pay but dont use.. i should really cancel both lol

  • Link doesn't work? I did try without VPN

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