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$15 off $100 Spend @ Countdown (Online Only)


Here's $15 off from Countdown, Kick Start of the month with discount of $15 discount on online orders @ COUNTDOWN for online orders over $100

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Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)
Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)

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  • CountDown is on a roll with the vouchers currently.

    • And then they'll hike prices again during xmas lol

      • +1

        Do you mean that, during a period or expanded demand, and limited supply, that prices will go up?

        I choose not to believe it :-)

        • No not really but considering they've upped prices approximately 3 times in the past yr i wouldn't put it past them at this stage.

          • +1

            @Huntakillaz: Do you realise suppliers increase pricing as well?

            • @Fred Delicious: Yeah but that doesn't change the fact that despite the discounts we'll see a price hike soon again whether its due to suppliers or countdown themselves lol

            • +2

              @Alan6984: WOW really you're gonna be a jerk!

              All i said was there was gonna be a price hike,

              Its inevitable, can't believe you're all getting argumentative about it like i said something wrong I was merely stating the obvious

              • @Huntakillaz: Welcome to the internet :D

              • @Huntakillaz: Darn - without your life savings, mine alone, all $3.70 of it, won't be enough to change the face of food retailing in NZ.

                It is a lost opportunity :-(

  • +15

    I feel a bit short changed after the recent $30 off $100 😂

    • The power of expectations!

      I have to admit that last week, I would have felt that $15 of $100 was fantastic. Today, I am just a little bit less impressed than I would have been previously.

      • A little bit less impressed? Or 50% less impressed?

        • +1

          Well, to be fair, I am not a linear kind of guy, and I'd have to estimate, so apologies for the lack of accuracy, but I'd say (approximately), about 46.34% less impressed (give or take).

          • @Alan6984: Wow, easily impressed

            • @Foodie: Yup :-)

              But there's no need to be mean, you might have hurt my feelings … if I had any!

  • Thanks, great opportunity to stock up on Noopi nappypants which are already discounted, eo double dipping 😊

  • +1

    This will make it about even with my local pak n save, that's how brutal the markups are at countdown in Christchurch.

  • Found specials that made the items the Pak N Save price…then $15 off - nice one OP!

    • Tell me more

      • +4

        Open Pak N Save shopping, search for an item that is on special at Countdown. For example, Watties Tomato Sauce can is $4.09 at PNS but $3 at Countdown on special. The non special price is $4.39 so you'd buy this.

        The squeezie bottle is $3.99 at PNS and $4.50 at Countdown (not on special) so don't buy that!


        • +2

          When using the browser sorting by "Unit price low to high" is a good idea to optimize value (of course don't always pick the cheapest flavor/quality matters too but helps find whats good value)

        • +2

          This is the best way to go - PNS might be cheaper on average, but if you only shop there, you will almost certainly pay more than if you rotate between them, NW, and CountDown.

          I am a little surprised that PNS is around 36% more expensive for Watties Tomato Sauce this week at your locals, but it just goes to show.

        • +4

          Grocer app is good for this too

  • Code not working for me when ordering online to pickup

    • I just placed an order using the code, and it seems to working fine.

      • Yep, i had to reapply it about 10 times and then it worked. Not sure what the issue was.

  • Order placed with the code. But one hour later, order got cancelled without any reason explained in the email!

    • Interesting. The order I placed last night was ready for collection this morning (albeit with some items missing as they were out of stock).

      The $15 discount seemed to apply fine, but I haven't gotten the final invoice yet to be absolutely certain.

      • Got my invoice last night - it was exactly as expected: $FullPriceOfOrder - $15 - $ItemsNotSupplied

    • Have you used the code already on another account with the same credit card?

  • +1

    Just used the code with no issues. Pick up tomorrow hopefully.

    • good to know, cheers

  • Just used code this morning and all good - Lindt chocs on sale for $5.50/123g so take another 15% of that with this voucher = cheapest I've seen so far this Xmas. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      good to know, enjoy, cheers.

  • Thanks OP. Bought more beers for Xmas

  • Thanks OP! Still working this morning

    • good to know, cheers!

  • Didn't work for me today as I used the code last week, however code SHOP1910 worked for $10 off $100 spend.

    • as per my knowledge each code works only once per account. i suggest if you have more accounts with countdown, you can use it again. I am not sure, you can try

  • Worked for me today. thanks!

    • good to know…cheers!

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