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Sony 65" A95K $5399, A80K 65" $3149, LG 55" C2 $2518 & More + Shipping @ Noel Leeming, The Market (Requires MarketClub)


Some pretty outrageous prices on all the TVs at Noel Leeming but with an extra 10% off at TheMarket. A few stand outs:

Sony BRAVIA XR 65 inch A95K 4K QD-OLED Google Television $5,399.10
Sony BRAVIA XR 65 inch A80K 4K OLED Google Television $3,149.10
Samsung 65'' The Frame 6 2022 QLED Smart TV $3,149.10
Sony BRAVIA XR 55 inch A80K 4K OLED Google Television $2,519.10
LG 55 inch C2 evo 4K OLED 2022 Smart Television $2,518.20
JVC 86 inch 4K Ultra HD Google Smart TV $2,069.10
Sony BRAVIA XR 55 inch X90K 4K Full Array Television $1,888.20
Samsung 50'' QN90B Neo QLED 4K/Titan Black $1,709.10

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  • Wanna get a 50/55inch bedroom TV just to watch the fifa WC games haha, now I’m confused whether to go with the QN90B or the Metz Oled from this deal: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/37545 🤯

    • That tv also has 10% off on the market or warehouse stationary too if that sways it further. If it's purely for tv or movies either would probably do you. If you plan on playing any games on it or using modern av equipment the Samsung makes sense as it offers high refresh rate support and eARC for sound output.

      The Metz looks like a great value oled but can't help but think it's an unknown quantity on how good Metz sets will be and if they will support you going forward.

      • Yeah my issue with unknowns/cheap brands is the display panel itself may be fine but the electronics powering it are often well sub par.

    • I have a 55" QN90B - the full array local dimming is awesome. Plus as far as a smart TV side of things goes, it's actually not too sh1t. Sammy's produce an excellent pic and would be wary of off-brand TV's as you really do get what you pay for in terms of picture quality.

  • +1

    The C2 or A80K are awesome TVs.

    Brought the A80j last year and it's been great.

    • I read the 85j/k are where it's at for price/quality ratio

  • +1

    I am hoping the event model that is LG CS 55inch will go under 2k on black friday.

    • CS is up on the market now with 10% off it's just over 2k

  • I have the C1 and it was one of the best investments ever. The image is absolutely amazing. Definitely getting another OLED when this one dies.

    • Also got a C1 last year and it's been great. The only annoying thing is the stand isn't tall enough to clear my soundbar (Sonos Arc) so it actually covers up the bottom inch or so of the screen. It was down between the C1 and the Panny JZ1000 - the Sony was way out of budget.

      • I had the same problem and got a tv stand for around $100 dollars. Its been great since the tv is on a tallboy at the end of the bed, lifted it 30cm. We can now watch tv without propping up pillows. True comfort(read:laziness).

  • Pretty tempted by either the Sony 43" X75K or X85K as don't need a big TV

    • I'm also looking at a 43" TV but haven't done much research yet. Is the Sony better than the equivalent Samsung?

      • +1

        At those sizes you're probably better with the x85k over the x75k.
        A lot of the 43 inch tvs that have larger counter parts often don't carry a lot of the features or higher specs the larger size carries, so be a bit careful there if you're looking at reviews of larger sizes in the same range.

  • +2

    1% cashback is available in the form of Airpoints dollars from the Airpoints Mall via The Market. Worthwhile for those making big purchases.


  • I wonder if this is the lowest they can get or are we going to get better deals on friday

  • You guys think itll be this price come boxing day? Looking at the a80k

    • +2

      No usually Black friday is better than boxing day so seeing a better price is very slim to none. The a80k is a great buy if you are considering the 65 inch or you can get for a very similar price point the samsung qled oled hybrid .

  • +1

    The Tvs on the market cant be picked up and your charged >60 dollars for bulky shipping so not as much of a discount with that factored in sadly.

  • Hello guys,

    What is the warranty coverage like when it comes to burn-ins in OLEDs?

    • Image retention and burn in is not covered under warranty. The burn in issues very less likely to happen as oled became more advanced and progressed from how it was 5 years ago but you can also reduce the risk of burn in by lowering the brightness choosing wide screen mode instead of normal mode etc.

      Visit this sony website if you want to learn more on how to reduce the risk of burn in whatever brand you choose the same rules apply.

  • Really want to grab one a new Sony 65 inch but can't justify it without selling my current one first! Anyone want to buy my 55inch X900h? Im in Christchurch, send me a dm with an offer if interested.

    • Interesting there's a reference to Noel Leeming's pricing errors on 5-6th October. It was bigger than what's mentioned there. I don't know if anyone benefited or not. I haven't seen any references here.

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