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METZ 55" 4K OLED Android Smart TV $1699 + $30 C&C / $69 Delivery @ The Warehouse


Saw this and seems like a very aggresive price on a 55 inch OLED display.

I believe it's this model from their Australian line up that has a 120hz panel but no HDMI 2.1 to make the most of it.


More discussion on the tv itself over on the ozbargain site here.


Also available at warehouse stationary with code welcome10 and cheaper delivery/collection fees.


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    In a stupid turn of events order it from warehouse stationary and you can get it delivered for $31.90 or click and collect (probably at the same warehouse store) for free. The welcome10 code also works on there to get it down to $1529.10.


  • Interested to see what people's thoughts are on these. I'm glad to see OLED's fall in price but Veons have taught me you can take a semi-reasonable panel, slap a shit controller on it and the picture quality becomes garbage.

    So I wonder if OLED can make up for the major flaws in the processors used on these cheap TVs, or whether it's just better to wait another 5 years for a name brand to make a cheap OLED TV.

    • i am quite happy with my veon 70" for sub 1000 price

      • I had a 4K 65" Veon bought new for $800, sold it, bought a used Mi 65" 4K for $500 on TradeMe and it was night and day. The Mi TV was better in every way.

        • What brand is Mi? Xiaomi?

          • @cutcutcut: Yep. One of these:

            China only streaming stuff all through it, but I installed Aptiode via USB drive which I could then download Netflix, Edge and Kodi onto and read from my NAS. It allowed me to install Amazon Prime (signed up via Cheapies) but the processor/Android version can't handle it.

            • @danvelopment: Ahh ok. Are those sold locally? Or did somebody you. It it off import it somehow?

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                @cutcutcut: "bought a used Mi 65" 4K for $500 on TradeMe"

                The point of my post isn't "buy this specific TV", it's "manufacturers like Veon are motivated to use the latest tech for marketing purposes to sell cut rate goods, in order to achieve this they skimp on highly important but non-marketable aspects, such as the quality of the controller, which can result in the product sounding good on paper but being worse than alternatives at the same or lower prices elsewhere. AKA, a used TV on TradeMe from a brand known for making quality products, that are also cheap, as opposed to a brand known for making cheap products was significantly better and still met the budget.

                So OLED is great and all, but did they skimp out on the controller and other aspects so much as to actually make it bad, as is my experience with similar brands in the past"'

                It's all there in the first post. Then I qualified my concern in the second post.

                • @danvelopment: Yes I understood the point of your post. And I wasn't trying to disagree with you. I was just curious if there was somebody selling Mi TVs locally as I hadn't seen them pop up anywhere here before. Sorry for the confusion.

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                    @cutcutcut: The TV is almost certainly part of someone's move to NZ. Many immigrants hire shipping containers to move all their stuff (especially furniture, as they're expensive here) from overseas.

    • Would be a pretty hard sell currently with the well reviewed mini-led TCL 55C835 55" currently $1999 at the market, and take an extra 10% off that with BF10. I know its not OLED but mini-LED is really close, and has no burn in drawbacks.

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        I've got a c835 coming on Friday so hope it's as good as the reviews say. Supposedly what you give up on local dimming at the pixel level you get back in brightness compared to a similarly price oled. We're coming from a tv where "local dimming" is 5 full height zones and it's annoyed the hell out if me since we got it as it's just huge grey stripes down the dark image so the TCL will be a step up with it's mini led array.

        Figured if I'm buying a new tv I want 4k 120 and HDMI 2.1 just in case. I only have a series s and won't need it but VRR is definitely something I'll use.

        • 100% future proof where you can, congrats on the purchase, I'm pulling the trigger Friday as been watching this one's price for months. Let me know your initial impressions :)

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            @Jaqqour: So initial impressions are generally good. From our old $1200 LG panel that's noe a few year in to it's life the dimming and HDR content is a significant improvement. Whacked on the end sequence of avengers endgame as it's the first thing I found on Disney+ and anything that is meant to be a source of light pops like it should.

            Only a couple of minor downsides:
            the menus are confusing as hell, they are very contextual and when you find one thing it might not be there if you are in an app or different input. Weird things like variable refresh rate has to be enabled on an input before the other option can be toggled, but it didn't explain that it just wouldn't work until I found it.

            My amp is having weird issues over arc but I suspect that is my amp as I've never got it working properly on any tv. I've decided to stick with optical for now and a weird quirk with that is there's no options at all for what it outputs on that connection, its Dolby digital and that's it, but if I mute the tv I have a mute symbol, if I set the tv to 0 volume the signal switchs to stereo PCM, so I have to have some tv sound and the surround sound to get it working.

            Overall for $800 it's a great tv and the few that got that price we've done amazingly well and it blows any rival out the water, I've never spent $2000 on a set though so always hard to judge if it's worth the full price as you are getting in to diminishing returns territory at that point. Compared to oled I've seen in shops I'd say they aren't far off, slightly better contrast in an oled with no blooming but the brightness works so well for HDR content. Also stuck on bioshock on Xbox and it definitely helps, I can actually see the detail in the shadows now, I struggled with it before as I couldn't see enemies in the darkness.

            • @Everettpsycho: Thanks for the update, glad the image quality and contrast etc is good :)

              My current tcl has pretty janky/confusing menus too but you do get used to them eventually. For the audio mute symbol issue with optical out I just plugged some trash 3.5mm jack headphones into the TV, taped them to the back and set the TV volume to 1 hopefully that also works for the 835.

              Can't believe you got it for 800$ been watching this TV like a hawk and totally missed that!!!

        • Did you purchase during price error?

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            @Peter Wyngarde: I did, they just delivered it so more willing to discuss the topic now they can't cancel the order on me.

            My views on it will definitely be skewed by the low price as I can forgive much more on an $800 tv over a $2000 one.

        • Well designed with eARC on HDMI4, 144Hz on HDMI1 and 120Hz on HDMI2.

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