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10% off Minimum $0.10 Spend @ The Market (Requires MarketClub, Exclusions Apply)


Confirmed T's & C's now:

  • All standard TheMarket coupon exclusions and T&Cs apply.
  • Code is Valid from midday, 12:00:00, 16 Nov 2022 and expires midday 11:59:59, 29 November 2022
  • Codes are available to be used by new and existing customers.
  • 10% discount applied when code BF10 claimed at checkout on TheMarket.com. Minimum spend $0.10.
  • Excludes purchases of alcohol, Apple products supplied by Noel Leeming store, R18 games, PlayStation 5 consoles, e-Gift Cards, donations, and shipping costs (if applicable).
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • +6

    You win this round largecheese

    • 🧀🏆
      I've still got quite a bit of catching up to do….

  • Oh wow, surprising that it's lower than Singles Day…

    • +2

      Remember there may well be other coupons and there is still Cyber Monday which will probably have it's own coupon code.

      • +3

        Also gotta remember the level of discounting in general will be higher for Black Friday so even though you’re getting 1% less from the coupon, the sale price should be lower and more than offset that differential.

        • Yeah, it's mainly the Noel Leeming Black Friday Deals + 10% Off that I'm holding out for. Singles day isn't really a big deal in NZ so I imagine they'll be waaay better next week.

  • Any good offers for TP-link mesh devices? Or you reckon it would be good to wait till Cyber Monday for a deal

    • This coupon goes past Cyber Monday so you could probably wait and see if a better deal comes out.
      If not, you can still use the 10% off until midday on the 29th Nov.

  • Hoping to get either a Breville Dynamic Duo or Breville Bambino Plus at a good value.

    • Keep an eye on Amazon AU as the Bambino Plus can sometimes be cheaper than here.

      • Ohh thanks for letting me know! I had no idea. It’s not very cheap the bambino plus here aye. My idea is either get the bambino and buy the niche zero grinder or the dynamic duo (which already comes with a so so grinder.

  • +1

    Holding off on buying an OLED. Black Friday can't come soon enough.

    • S95b prices already looking so good, I hope Black Friday delivers for you!
      Just gotta hope Noel Leeming step up their game and beat the other offers out there instead of offering a stupid free tv no body wants lol

      • Yeah I'm thinking about picking one up.
        HN comes with 500 stackable with 300 gem visa HN vouchers which makes it total 2200 for 55 inch.

        The sales person also said they would match black Friday pricing if it were to drop further.which sounds to me black Friday isn't going to have much movement for s95b

        • Yeah the Harvey Norman deal is by far the best, only down side is that you’ll have to spend those vouchers on a future purchase which is annoying. I was also wanting to get the 55inch from there but I just don’t know what I’d spend $800 on when almost everything they sell you can get at Noel Leeming with 10% off from the market…

        • I'm looking at getting one too! Do you thinking the vouchers will last till black friday? At the moment most sites say offer valid till 21st Nov..

          • @cannedbots: 300 dollar voucher is from gem so most likely applicable on black Friday. The 500 dollar one finishes before black Friday so most likely will change to a direct price cut, not sure how much though.

  • Waiting for a printer deal or cashback…

  • Waiting for Dyson vacuum deal maybe v10 or v12

    • If you are an existing dyson product owner, you can ask for a 20%-25% off from Dyson.co.nz

      • I am not, but happy to get one discount if someone can share if it's possible. Thanks

      • Wait really? How does this work?

        • Give them a call or online chat, i have a v6 and they offered me 25% off on all vacuum cleaners excluded the Gen5.

  • +4

    If you spend $100 using Zip, you go in the draw to win 1 of 30 $500 TheMarket e-Gift Cards

    Spend $100 or more at The Warehouse, Noel Leeming, Warehouse Stationery, Torpedo 7, TheMarket using your Zip Account

    Start: 12:01AM NZST 14 November 2022
    End: 11:59PM NZST 24 December 2022

  • Waiting on some noise cancelling headphones. Sennheiser or Sony.

  • Has anyone ordered a tv from noel leeming via the market? Ordered one last week but seems to be stuck at awaiting shipment and in not sure how long oversized items usually take to ship.

    I'm wondering if noel leeming having no stock in the region is the delay on this one and they are transferring stock to a local branch to fulfill it that way instead of using a courier from miles away.

    Doesn't help the market say 3-5 day delivery while noel leeming says a longer timeframe ok their website.

      • +1

        Thanks, That's the exact tv I'm waiting on 🤣

        • In the same boat as you. Although Noel Leeming do have some in Christchurch, so that's not the delay on my end. Will just keep waiting and hoping.

          Any movement on your order?

          • @mrmathewcrow: No movement yet. They have limited stock at moorhouse but that's it, and on their website even that is a 3-5 day click and collect. Considering the time frames quoted on the noel leeming site I'm still waiting to see what happens.

            The nearest store with actual stock levels is wellington.

            • @Everettpsycho: Just got a phonecall arranging my delivery for Friday. At least I think it's this. Also waiting on a stove from Noel Leeming. But I'm meant to be picking that up.

              • @mrmathewcrow: Got the same call but missed it and now they won't answer the phone to arrange the delivery. Hoping they can deliver Friday as well. Must have just landed at the depot.

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