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JVC 55" QLED Smart TV $647.10 + Shipping ($0 with MarketClub+) @ The Warehouse, The Market (Requires MarketClub)


Original Coupon Deal

Great price based on 4k QLED

4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV
Resolution: 3840 x 2160, Contrast: 5000:1
Response time: 8.0ms
Inputs: 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB
Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Google Play built in
Dimensions with stands: 1115.2 length x 704 width x 231.1 depth
Dimensions without stands: 1115.2 length x 642 width x 60 depth

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    Been using this for an year or so..
    Quite decent tv for the price.
    Sound quality from tv can improve but best to use a soundbar

    • Can you please clarify if it is an Android tv or just "Smart" as in has built in apps and no opportunity to install others? I can't find anything saying as such on the page itself.

      • +2

        Definitely Android. Can download apps from play store and if a tech wiz then 3rd party apps too.

        • Awesome, thanks!

  • RRP?

  • Total comes to $712 for me?

    Additional Charges
    Bulky Fee(s) $63.00 to AKL

    • Enter the code BF10 to apply the 10% discount. Final total incl bulky N.I. shipping will be as per OP’s title

  • Uncertain what this actual model number is, but this appears to be previous discussion:

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    $644 if they have instore near you and you just go buy it.

    • Thats new, looks like they marked it as on sale via The Warehouse direct since this deal was posted

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    (Tuesday Nov 22nd 10.15pm. Hi Matrixx, I don't have the time or best knowledge to advise - post up to Cheapies of what appears to be a mutch better JVC QLED model offer (on the Warehouse website atleast) at just $579 !!! (Plus any shipping cost unless freebie). Thou it's abit smaller at 50". It's got several Dolby screen and sound features, plus HDR 2 etc, etc:
    JVC 50 inch 4K Ultra HD QLED Google Smart TV
    https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/s/twl/product/R2837228.html ).

    • I'm trying to find out the difference between these 2 tvs other than 5" difference in size.. Most of the specs seem identical except perhaps for a few features you pointed out like Dolby sound and screen, hdr2… Are these features definitely not on the $649 55" model?

      I just bought the 50" $579 model but would really prefer 55" and wouldn't mind paying the extra $70, but I don't really understand what I'd be sacrificing.

      Any advice or suggestions appreciated 🙏

      • Hi Julia Kiwi, I'm not knowledgeable - experienced enough with these hi tech TVs to try to give a full accurate info suggestion.

        Other than The Warehouse - The Market have just introduced these 2 new JVC QLED 4K models, that 50" one I commented on, and a 55" one about $200 more. They have been very heavily discounted for the BF sales period, and with the extra 10% off at The Market BF10 code offer. So the 50" inch one in particular close to $520 seems to be an absolute bargain price, well on paper atleast looking at the features and the few specs listed. (I would have purchased one at that price myself, but my small little unit place already has an old 55" Panasonic 4K 3D unit, and another large screen tv would be an elephant size squeeze in my equally small bedroom). Now here's the really odd thing, I couldn't find any reference to the exact model numbers of these 2 new JVC models. But finally managed to get the 50" inch ones model number by magnifying one of the promo photos of its packaging box, and discovered there is absolutely no reference at all right across google to this new model !!. (Including any reference at all nor lead on the JVC distributor s new Zealand and Australian website pages !!). But on paper it appears to me that this new model 50" (and the 55") have alot of extra good features, than that the Cheapies post older 55" inch model at WH & The Market. So here's the features just diff: Hope this helps. Any other more knowledgeable Cheapies can help us out.

        "Boundless screen 4.0: The Ultra-high screen-to-body ratio design for an ultimate cinematic experience.

        Chameleon Extreme 2.0 Image processing engine

        Eyecare TV: Effectively avoid the harm from the invisible flash by changing the dimming mode.

        Dolby Vision: Dolby Vision HDR transforms your TV experience with an ultra-vivid picture that brings entertainment to life.

        HDR10: HDR10 creates a realistic picture, which is closer to that seen by human eyes.

        Dolby Atmos for TV: Creates powerful, moving audio that seems to flow all around you.

        DTS Studio sound

        And I think it has the screen "HGL" or like that feature built in too.

  • (JulianKiwi. So U got the 50" new JVC model deal I referenced above, yes?. Did the owners manual thing inside detail this new model's exact specs etc?. How r U finding it ? - picture quality, sound, features etc etc . Would appreciate a super quick answer back plse. Just thinking these BF period super big discounts will not last mutch longer, for those Cheapies watching to maybe make a buy. :) Robdee).

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