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Persil Front & Top Loader Laundry Powder 4kg (Sensitive & Ultimate) $10 @ PAK’n SAVE, Cameron Rd (Tauranga, + Pricematch TWH)


Persil Front & Top Loader Ultimate/Sensitive Laundry Powder 4kg $10 @ PAK'N Save Cameron Rd Tauranga Price Match at The Warehouse, normal price @ TWH is $25.

Ultimate -…
Sensitive -…

1 Day sale only

How to pricematch…

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    great find thanks OP!

  • Nice one OP! If you want to stock up, you can get 5 for $45 using the app + C&C as there is the $5 off $50 promo with marketclub

  • Uh oh, cheapied once again. Hope it comes back in stock soon.

    • Back in stock and got five ultimates to get the $5 off $50 as well. My son is in cloth nappies during the day and Persil Ultimate is the GOAT for them.

  • just got price match done and out of stock "Unfortunately this item is no longer on offer"

  • Sensitive is showing as available for me

  • Thanks OP - got 10 sensitive so could use the $15 off coupons too!

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a few

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got four boxes of ultimate + some stakes for my tomato plants.

    Add it to my collection of two boxes I got from Chemy Warehouse yesterday when they sent me a free $10 voucher. I'm starting to look like a hoarder now. Garage full of tissues, hand soap & toilet paper from Amazon, washing powder & paper towels from The Warehouse, and toilet cleaner from Chemist Warehouse.

    • Is it cheaper to buy toilet paper from Amazon?

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      Why bulk buy Costco when you can cheapies 🤣

  • Thanks OP! Managed to get some sensitive

  • Thanks OP!

  • Damn just bought it yesterday for $25 lol will cancel and reorder

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    Use to be $20 at the warehouse about 4 weeks ago but now $25

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thank you OP. Great find.

  • +3

    George was the warehouse team member I was with. He was straight to the point, no faffing around. Very good to deal with.

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      I had Claire. Same experience. No issues and very responsive and prompt

    • +1

      I had Nicola - great, fast and easy. :)

      • Same here. Took less than 2 minutes.

      • Lucky, I had Nicola too and she took 19 minutes!

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      Same I got George too, and he was the quickest price matcher I've ever had, straight to the point and done within a couple minutes

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        Yes, agree. Got George too, first time price match completed in a few minutes.

    • +5

      If you're reading this George - you're the real GC :)

    • +1

      Yes! George was mine and did it right away just now!

  • Amazing! Thanks so much! I was just down to my last box from the last time I price matched!

  • Thanks, price matched for a couple of the Persil Sensitive boxes.

  • this is amazing, thank you!

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    Thanks OP. I got an agent who made things more difficult than it should be. Refused to match saying that the Persil Ultimate at PaknSave is different to their product because of different packaging.
    I told her it's the same product but you guys haven't updated the image but still refused saying "I can see that it's a different product".
    Disconnected and the next agent matched for me instantly.

    • Who was it @gunman? So we can avoid

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        It was in the morning, I think her name was something like Shena?

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    I just ordered 5 boxes of this to get the extra $5 off. Not really sure i needed this much Laundry Powder but hard to pass good deals lol

  • Ultimate is out of stock now hah

    • Tried to look up this at TWH, seem like they didn't stock the 2.25L one

  • General question, on the box why does it say 60 washes for ultimate and 90 washes for sensitive. I assume the dosage must be different.

    Also sensitive is restocked with 44 more boxes.
    Ultimate also restocked
    Ultimate seems to have gone instantly

    • It's like ordering a PS5 last year. It's oscillating in and out stock.

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        Wonder why, are they discovering more stock or they can't count it up properly?

        • I suspect when there's little to no stock in distribution centres they reallocate stock from stores. Just a theory so like black boxing any system could be completely wrong.

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      On the box the dosage is shown as
      ‘normal load’ for ultimate is 1.5 scoops and for sensitive is 1 scoop.
      Likewise a ‘large load’ for ultimate is 2 scoops and sensitive is 1.5 scoops.
      The lesser washes is probably due to the higher recommended dosage

      • Thanks, that's what I guessed.

        Either sensitive is more potent, or you use less to reduce sensitivity.

  • Ah bugger it! Didn’t check cheapies on my lunch break! Not quite worth driving down to a warehouse at this hour 😂

    • Just put it in your The Warehouse cart and get on the chat in the morning. There are currently 17 units in stock online and they keep adding more.

      • I thought the pak n save was 1 day only pricing?

        • Sorry, I missed that. Screenshot it and go in tomorrow. This is directly from the warehouse website:
          Product must be in stock at both our store and the competitor’s store at the time of the price promise request and must take place within 7 days of the price being advertised by the competitor.

          • @wowbigdeal: Yes, I saw that and had a hard time understanding as below that they say, if done online it must be same day pricing. Conclusion is 7 days for instore?

            Either way I took screen shots and I'll take a shot tomorrow.

            • @Bill: Didn’t know this either. My question would be how would you/they be able to verify the date of which that product was at that price?

              • @Joshyss: I don't think their terms are detailed enough to cover that. They also have some contradictory wording.

                • @Bill: My guess is they will get out of it one way or another

    • I tried instore yesterday. Was first told we dont do price promise anymore. Then I was told to go buy it from pak n save. I couldnt be bothered pushing it so just left.

      • Press away. These stores shouldn't hold policies if they aren't going to keep to them

        • I didnt point out it was an out of town pak n save. I later heard them saying to another employee someone tried to fool them (guess they looked up the price at a different pak n save. They also didnt know I had come back instore). I almost went up and said the terms state NZ not local but didnt feel like pushing. Had a similar issue at a mitre 10 earlier this year, basically told me to go away and buy from noel leeming who I was trying tobproce match with. Agree with just dont have thr policy if you are going to flight it but usually it all depends on the person you get at the counter.

          • +2

            @Robbert: Online definitely is the best option. It's easy to switch between reps.

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