This was posted 1 year 7 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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YouTube Premium via Argentina: Single ARS$119 (~NZ$1.42/Month), Family ARS$179 (~NZ$2.19/Month, VPN Required only to Register)


Thought it was time for another YouTube post considering the last one was back in 2019.

  • Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (just for registration).1
  • Open an incognito browser window.
  • Sign up via the main link (or here)
  • If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  • Pay using card with no foreign exchange fees.2
  • Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.3

Family (share with up to 5 members)

All family members need to sign into their Google account and accept your YT premium invite while also connected to Argentina via VPN.

Tip 1

  • Create a new Google account with a spare email address and set that accounts region to Argentina
  • Invite your main account (plus any others) to join the family of this Argentinian account
  • Use a VPN (TunnelBear) to connect to Argentina and start a YouTube Premium subscription for your ‘family’

Tip 2

Quick summary for families with existing normal Gmail accounts etc:

  • In an incognito window, create a burner gmail account (no VPN)
  • In an incognito window, create 'family' on htps:// using the burner gmail account as the family manager (no VPN)
  • All family members accept the invite to join the family group (no VPN)
  • Close all tabs. Open a new ignognito tab
  • Tunnelbear VPN connected to Argentina
  •, select family plan
  • Sign up using Argentina address generator & your payment card
  • YouTube Premium showed up straight away. Watched a video for a couple of seconds to activate it (still on VPN) - not sure if necessary
  • Closed all incognito windows, turn off VPN

  1. I used TunnelBear (free) 

  2. I used my standard BNZ card 

  3. Instructions c&p from OzBargain 

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Referrers get 1 bonus month of YouTube Premium
Referees get 3 months of YouTube Premium at A$1.29.

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  • +2

    I'm on an Argentina family account. Last three bills were $2.17 (Sept), $2.19 (Aug), $2.27 (July). Got four different family members attached to mine. 2x North Island, 1x South Island, 1x Australia. No issues. I created new Gmail accounts for all four of them so that I could log in and accept the membership invite while still connected to Argentina via VPN.

    • +1

      I’m also on the family account and it works perfect. Definitely worth it. I just wish Alexa was compatible with YouTube music.

    • Hey mate,

      means I have to create a new google AC? Is there anyway we can use our existing gmail?

      If not, its sending a verification code to mobile, when creating a new gmail. Is it OK to have NZ mobile number for that?

      Thanks heaps - Gee

  • Lord Wakrak, are you still doing the Sky Sport trials with Wise? I think they log IPs with trials now so I always get a notification stating the trial has already been used.

    • +1

      Yep. I just signed up on Saturday. New card, new email address, some random name.

    • when did this happen @Rand0m

    • I've had this a couple of times too, I think it happens when I leave my account signed in too long (I'm not an expert but suspect there is something at the backend that can see IP's up to a reset point).
      Normally a series of 1.) Sign out and don't make a new account 2) reboot 3.) Come back and try again in a couple of days, sorts it out.

      • Rebooting your pc won't give you a new ip, you can check your ip my go ogling my up in google.
        I would recommend using incognito mode on chrome to see if it's cookie related.

    • Are you using a new email address and new Wise card number each time?
      I’ve never had a problem using the same IP address.
      Try incognito mode in case it is caching your previous details.

  • How long does the deal at this price last for?

    • You pay month per month, cant buy in advance,like any loophole it could end at any time really.

      • +1

        You can buy 12 months in india for the individual plans. We had some payment issue crop up with our card and I couldn't seem to get around them with the family plan I was using to just stumped up for 2x individual plans which worked a treat and now we have no issues for the next 12 months.

    • Just depends on the currency conversion rate. Mine has been between $2 & $2.30 since I signed up to YT family at the start of the year. I was on an Indian individual plan for a year or two prior to that.

  • +1

    Awesome write-up, thanks. I've already got a family set up with my wife and kids' accounts sharing apps and using family controls for the kids screen time, do you know if I can just join the new burner account to the existing family and then share the YT family plan to the existing accounts?

    • I'm keen to know this too. I already have a family set up, but I'm just a single user YouTube music account. I'm wondering if I can cancel my sub, make the burner account with a family sub and invite the other members.

    • +1

      Yes. You can add existing accounts to the burner account family.

  • +1

    A must have if YouTube switch to a pay model for 4K streams.

    My India Prem Sum is still going strong after 2yrs.

  • Awesome deal , been using this for about 6 months (probably since you last posted it) - you never get sick of having no Youtube ads, I actually like youtube music as much if not more than Spotify and the family plan is great to share around. Had zero issues really.

  • I have had this for about 3 months now. Had an email from YouTube last month saying that they had an issue charging my (wise) card. I thought the good times were over.. then a couple minutes later the charge went through. I just loaded up with pesos a few months back so I didn't have to deal with fluctuating exchange rates or multiple exchange fees (not actually sure if this is a cost saving or not tbh)

  • Been using family plan via argentina with my wise card for the last 6/7 months. Working flawlessly.

    Honestly been using YouTube music more than Spotify recently due to the additional content on YouTube, you can just find some songs/remixes that are just not available on Spotify.

    • Do you just top up the Argentinian Peso currency every now and then?

      • Wise automatically converts to whatever currency the merchant is requesting. Just leave NZD in your wise account and it will be automatically converted to ARS

        • Wouldnt that charge you a conversion fee every time it converts to pesos? If you add NZD and then you do one lump sum convertion to ARS, wouldnt that save you some money? Just asking cos Im new to Wise.

          • +1

            @kevinh89: Wise has a 0.5% fx fee. There is no flat fee per transaction.

            If I do 1000x 1nzd transactions or 1x 1000nzd transaction, the fees will still be the same as it’s just 0.5% of the amount each time.

  • +2

    Normally I would love to pay for something as useful as this, however with how anti-user google (YouTube) have been recently, I don't want to give them any of my money. I can see why they removed their 'don't be evil' slogan.

    I'll stick with Vanced for now. Still gave a + though.

    • Vanced? I thought it was dead? Mine stopped working

      • +2

        Still works for me. Have a look at ReVanced (the successor to Vanced).

        For Android TV, sideload the SmartTubeNext app.

        • Thanks for SmartTubeNext, I just got a chromecast w/ google TV and the ads are just non-stop, gotta try this out.

          • +1

            @Vic: Be sure to try both the stable and the beta versions of SmartTubeNext (they will appear as separate apps) as they're functionally quite different, and I prefer the beta version as it has more features, and it is IMO just as stable.

            To sideload these apps on Android TV, first get the Downloader app by AFTVnews from the Android TV Play Store, and use the built-in browser in that app to go to the SmartTubeNext Github page, and download the APKs.

      • Uh just checked my OG YT Vanced is still working. I use it to have creepypasta going in the background at bed time.

      • Hey, yea Vanced is still working, but the original devs are no longer working on it. It'll likelt continue working until YouTube changes their api's, which some. Suggest to be another year or two away.

        I'd look into reinstalling it if it doesn't work for you (still possible), otherwise if you're using a xiaomi it'll be the xiaomi user experience in dev tools stopping it from working.

  • Do you all just use your normal Visa cards to pay? Or do you use services like wise?

    • I use my standard BNZ debit card (footnote 2).

      • Are the exchange rate that different to Wise?

        • Also wanting to know. I’m with ASB right now and just planning to use my debit card, if wise works out to be cheaper, I’ll probably set it up.

          • @NeverLucky: I use my standard ASB credit card, the rates are more or less the same. its such a small amount and I think ASB charges 2% or something - so your talking literal cents on the family plan - and given its just an automatic payment like any other, dont even have to think about it.

      • @Wakrak: on BNZ website, it said there's foreign currency service fee 2.25% for debit card…

        Is yours different?

        • +1

          Same card. February - September; $2.56, $2.42, $2.42, $2.39, $2.37, $2.27, $2.19, $2.17.

          I’m not concerned about the currency fees. Cheap price regardless. Guess I could charge my ‘family’ members $2 each a month 😄

    • Kiwibank Visa Debit.

      • ASB Visa credit card

    • Weatpac airpoints debit is 1.95%

    • On 27 October 2022, the Westpac Low Rate Mastercard was renamed the Westpac Fee Free Mastercard and they no longer charge a foreign currency fee when the card is used overseas or to make international purchases online.

  • I was able to start this on my main account, is that right? seems to be working and planning to charge me in 119 ARS

    • I believe most people set up a new account just in case Youtube decides you've violated some T&Cs and closes your account.

      • makes sense. cheers

  • Thanks - I signed up using my wifes account on a family plan (my gmail account is gsuite linked so I had to make a new one and new Youtube account grrrr).
    I then invited my new account to join the family plan while on the VPN and it said I couldn't join as we're in different locations - turned VPN off and joined and YT Premium was working right away.
    Hopefully I didn't f anything up lol

  • Tried TIP 2, created a new gmail account while connected to VPN, country set to Argentina, then created a family with this account as manager, when family member tries to join, this comes up -
    Can't join family group
    It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you

    • -1

      I had the same problem - read my comment above. Just turn your VPN off when joining the family and they'll be able to join.

      • -1

        read your comment before posting but you've mentioned, 'turned VPN on and joined' I'll try with VPN off

        • +1

          Ooops sorry! I meant 'OFF'. Apologies for the mistake.

          • @Vish: unfortunately.. error

            "It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you"
            this is when attempting to join

            anyone know how to add the sub accounts and same country be recognised

            • @A-deals: this occurs with VPN on, and when VPN is off
              (unfortunately no luck at this stage adding my usual Google account created in NZ)

              • @A-deals: Did you send the invite with VPN off?

                All I did was sign up on my wifes email using the VPN and got her family membership sorted. Post that, I turned the VPN off and email invited the rest of my family and have had no issues with anyone joining the family and getting access to YT Premium.

                They all accepted the invites on their own networks without a VPN or anything and were google accounts that have been in use since the beginning of time.

      • how did you get around the 'same country' error?

        I'm using a spare google account, successful Family plan membership with VPN to turkey.

        when trying to add the subaccounts,

        "It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you"
        this is when attempting to join

        anyone know how to add the sub accounts and same country be recognized?

        this occurs when VPN on, and when VPN is off.. which makes me think there is some 'ingrained' country to the accounts when I made them. (both made when connected with NZ, not brand new)

        (unfortunately no luck at this stage adding my usual Google account created in NZ)

  • this is great.

  • +3

    Just a word of caution: I've read reports of folks who Google banned for doing this, but only on their primary accounts—not their family ones. So just to be on the safe side, sign up using a fake account you are okay with losing, and then add your main account as a family member. Atleast I have done it this way because my google account is way too important for me.

  • I've been doing this for months. But no need to create new accounts, I have just used my normal account and ANZ credit card and works wonders!

  • how do u create a new account with a phone number?

    • +1

      For Gmail or YouTube? Or do you mean just using a phone number to sign-up?

      • I've got the same issue, google is asking my to verify with a phone number while trying to make an account. Tried signing up via google and youtube, same thing.

        • +2

          got around it by creating a new gmail account via Android OS - Settings - Accounts

  • Got it working a couple of hours ago, thanks.

  • I got youtube premium Indian subscription, got charged $2.84 and $2.68 in previous months. I guess its time to switch to Argentinian youtube now

  • Would this be doable if you already had YouTube Premium? I guess if one cancelled and let the month run out until the subscription is over and then sign up again using this method? I see people have said they've done it with their main account OK which is what I'd prefer to do too..

    • That's what I did (if I'm remembering correctly). Cancelled my subscription. Changed my personal details to make it look like I'm in Argentina.1 Signed up again via VPN.

      1. I changed the address listed under payment methods & the address listed under Addresses within my Google account. 

  • Just signed up using the steps listed in tip 2. Worked perfectly fine and everyone now has premium access. Thanks!

  • I also signed up use the steps in Tip 2. Was super easy and everything went well … Thank you

  • +2

    Tip 2 also worked for me. However, if you or your family's main accounts already belong to a Google family, then they can't join the new one unless they leave the existing one. In other words, you can only belong to one Google Family at a time.
    For those who don't end up using their main Google account for Youtubing etc, but you want to copy all your Youtube subscriptions across to your new burner account, then you can use the Chrome extension "Subscriptions Importer for YT" which worked a treat. It exports your subscriptions from one account, and lets you import them to your new burner account.

  • Oops. Now its showing ARS699 for a family plan 🤯

    • Is that when you go to sign-up or with an existing account? Mine still shows ARS$179.

      • Just got an email saying the price will be increased to 699.

      • I just received an email from YouTube saying they’re increasing the price to 699 ARS from Nov 21. Still roughly 8NZD per month for family plan. Oh well I’ve had at least about a year on the cheapest price already.

      • Similar to others got the email to 699. I can live with that but curious if it's still the cheapest.

        Seems to be a global thing with the US plan going from $17.99 to $22.99 USD or about 30% increase. With the shitty NZD/USD that's getting up there.

    • I signed up on the 20th - didn't get this message and haven't received any email.

      • Nevermind, I got the email and have cancelled :) Time for Turkey

  • Yep I also just got an email saying my individual cost is going from $119 to $389 :(

  • So with the Argentina price going up almost 4x, are there other countries we can use this with like say India to get the cheaper rate?

    • See comment below yours

  • Family plans approx $4 nzd when using india as the country.

    • Seems to be around a increase worldwide, rolling out worldwide - India may be next - probably need to wait a little bit to be sure thats staying the same

  • We created YouTube Premium to provide an uninterrupted YouTube experience, so you can get closer to the videos, creators, and music artists that you love. To continue delivering great service and features, we will be increasing your Premium family plan price from ARS 179.00/month to ARS 699.00/month.

  • Is the price increase for all countries or just Argentina? Currently paying around $4 via India.

    • Looks like it.…

      YouTube does not appear to be raising the cost of YouTube Premium for individual accounts. That cost is still $11.99 per month on YouTube’s website, despite the new family pricing already showing (pictured below). The price change appears to be in place in a few regions including:

      United States: $17.99 > $22.99
      Canada: CA$17.99 > CA$22.99
      UK: £17.99 > £19.99
      Argentina (individual plan): ARS 119 > ARS 389

      • Interesting out of all the countries in the world Argentina and Turkey was singled out for a rise. Rather insignificant markets in the greater scheme of things. Could be a currency /inflation thing I guess, but one suspects the numbers who are VPNing it are rather vast in those places so they thought they would cash in.

    • What VPN would you recommend to access India? TunnelBear doesn't have India.

      • I have subscription for Surfshark, so used that.

  • +1

    I'll stick with it for now. $8 a month for YT Family is still pretty good. Might have to start charging each member $0.50 each a week.

    • +1

      I feel bad for actual Argentinian users, it’s over 300% increase for them. Still cheap for us I guess.

      I’ve been using it since it was YouTube Red, but I’m considering dropping it now. Massive jump in price for no real added features or benefit, while being one the richest companies in the world.

  • +2

    Turkey user here. Price increased from TRY 25.99 (2.46 NZD) to 59.99 (5.68 NZD).

  • Maybe now is the time to pre-purchase a year via India before they price-hike too - or has that already happened?

    • Connected to India with FastestVPN.

      YouTube Premium
      Individual Membership

      12-month ₹1,290.00 = $26.97

      1-month $2.2475 = $26.97 ÷ 12

      1.00000 INR = 0.02091 NZD

  • Cancelled Argentina YT Family and resubscribed to Turkey. Still more expensive than before but not complaining.

    • Thanks, did the same. TunnelBear doesn't have Turkey (or India) so used free Windscribe. Didn't even have to come up with a Turkish address.
      Also realised I can buy Google storage for much cheaper via Turkey rather than NZ too.

      • Yep - Türkiye is pretty much the place to go for everything cheaper

  • What's the cheapest country to buy in now lol I was planning on doing this next week when mine runs out

    • Should be India but they have very strict credit card requirements. Next cheapest is Turkey.

      • Around $6nz for turkey I think might be the go

      • Not sure about that. Used my westpac credit card and it has been working for few months without any issues.

        • Good to know. Can't be bothered to change now.

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