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LG UQ91 50" 4K TV $1195 + Shipping / $0 Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Costco has just released some pricing and one stood out to me. The 50Inch LG UQ80 for $1299 ($1099 Deal) at Costco. This just doesn't seem good to me.
The UQ80 at Costco is a lesser TV that will cost the same as the better UQ91 at JB HIFI after the first 3 days.

Better than Costsco: LG TV UQ80 = UQ91 at JB HIFI for $1198 (Full price, not on sale)

At noel leeming : https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/p/lg-50-uq9100-4k-led-2022-sma...

At The Market :https://themarket.com/nz/p/lg-50-inch-uq9100-4k-led-2022-smart-television/4-212214?siq=e6894ebf-915c-44db-b591-d06704182860&sii=4212214&mode=io&s=lg%20tv
+ CODE "KIWI10" today only for 10% off

PS: These are also some Sony, TCL and other branded TVs worth looking into at this price range.

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    That was quick…haha

  • Not sure why you've got two completely different deals mixed into one OP.

    I'm going to make this one JB Hi-Fi and let you create another for The Market.

    • My bad Mod. Didn't realise someone else was editing it.

    • It's regarding Costco deals so the link would be to multiple other NZ stores. The top one is just for the TV. Planning on finding a similar or better deal every product Costco advertised. Should I create a new Deal for everyone if its regarding alternatives to the current Costsco deals. The site wasn't letting me just put in a screenshot of the multiple deals.
      Please advise :)

    • Ok someone edited the title now the article post makes no sense!

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        I just changed it back to how one of the mods had it.

        Your original title of Alternative to Costco Deals! Links Updated in Description goes against the rules of deal posting, which is why Neil (mod) changed it. I didn't realise this and was confused as to why there were two completely different deals in one post when they're usually posted separately.


        • I think the launch of costco is something a little more special as many users and NZ population are looking into it. It is not a one-off deal. Im simply wanting to post a page with an alternative to every single "Introductory Offer" that Costco has announced as it seems they are being very sneaky with their pricing which is unfair on buyers who think they will be getting a great deal because of the hype.

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            @FlavourDeal: Yep that's cool, as long as you follow the rules whilst doing it. If you want a megathread, the forums section is probably the best place to start it.

            • @Wakrak: Thanks yes. Didnt even know about the Megathread option. Ill make one there and edit this one to just be regarding the TV. Thanks

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                @FlavourDeal: All good. Thanks for posting regardless! Good seeing new people join Cheapies.

  • Code KIWI10 only works for orders over $75.

    Rexona at The Market = $31.98 delivered
    Puma shirt + $11 shipping (unless you spend $150) = $29 delivered

    • You may just get them In-store as the Costco deal is in store as well. So save on delivery fees there :)

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      Also KIWI10 is only valid until midday tomorrow - Wed 28th Sept.

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    BTW this is now $1,198 through Noel Leeming or $1,078 through The Market with the extra 10% off (+ delivery).

    See sale here

    • $1,167.20 delivered through The Market.

      • How is that better than NL?

        • I edited my comment. Too sleepy.

          • @Wakrak: Go to bed, lol. I'm hyped up from this sale trying to find me something I don't need haha

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    Now $1195

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