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Samsung 5.5kg Top Loader $399, Breville The Air Fryer Chef $179 @ Noel Leeming


Noel Leeming's Massive Sell Out has started tonight and already found some pretty good deals, where I have found the lowest prices in over a year (or ever).

I.e. this Samsung 5.5kg Top Load Washing Machine on sale for $399, lowest price I can see was about the same at Xmas/ New Year

Or this Breville The Air Fryer Chef on sale for $179, lowest price ever(?)

A bit annoyed I purchased these Eufy Cam 2C Pro 2K Security Kit 2 Pack the other day for $470 after 10% off at The Market, considering Noel Leeming's sale prices have been uploaded to The Market and you can now get them for $430 after the 10% off there. Again seems to be lowest price ever, actually beating previous lowest price by $30+.

There's too many other good deals to post in here, feel free to add your finds to the comments and remember that extra 10% off at The Market.

Massive Sellout 2022 is coming! Mark your calendar for September 27th to make sure you don’t miss all the big brands at sellout prices, with huge technology and appliance deals you won’t find anywhere else.

There’ll be hot deals across all our categories online and in store. Stock is limited, so be in quick to get the best deals on brand new products from New Zealand’s top brands."

Noel Leeming, The Market

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  • CSCGB Main discount brings the Breville Air Fryer Chef down to $157.49

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      plus a few extra dollars off if you pay with Zip ($154.41)

    • Is this one any better , its cheaper and 5.7L

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    Posting some more examples here - let us know what you find / get:

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    KIWI10 for 10% off at The Market is only valid until midday Wed 28th September.
    You can use MCLUB30 to get $30 off $300 spend from the 28th September.

    • Get buying people! Before midday tomorrow :)

  • Wonder why PriceSpy and PriceMe differ quite a bit in their price histories.

    Unless PriceMe is somehow tracking CSC pricing?

    Air fryer. $157ish every other month.

    Samsung washing machine

    $399 every couple of months, but that's at Appliance Outlet, so could be a refurbished product.

    • Price histories can differ when they track a different mix of retailers.

      Sometimes its impossible to identify the retailer that offered the lowest price because they're no longer tracked or the history is reset/restarted when the product is delisted/relisted due to change in availability or SKU.

      Price histories can also be misleading when they track pricing errors or display products.

    • There is also no corrections for the price history when there is a error. There was a price for a different product that had been remediated by manual verification, yet the price history still reflected the incorrect price. This in turn leads people to believe a product has gone down to a certain price, but the product was incorrect.

  • Keep in mind The Market 10% discount too. Would rather buy from a trusted store like Noels, not Appliance Outlet.

    Airfryer $161 with the extra 10%, Washer $359 with the extra 10%. There's some steals in this sale when you take into account that 10% with The Market.

    • Airfryer still cheaper with CSCGB Main + possible extra $10 off with welcome code.

      Agree with you about Appliance Outlet.

  • can someone confirm that the eufy 2c pro is the cheapest on the market? Id rather just have someone reaffirm me just in case

    • As far as I can see from price comparison websites, PB Tech etc. I paid $470 for them the other day and taking into account the 10% off with The Market they come down to $430 which I think is a steal

      • you happy with eufy? good experience so far?

        • I have only had them up for like 2 days but so far so good. I have seen a few discussions on here about them. Thing I liked most was not having to have a monthly subscription charge

          • @mycomputer: oh wow so you mean very recent lol. I have also heard quite a few good things about these cameras

            • @kiwiicheapies: Yup hence why I am now sad they have gone down so low. I have never personally seen them this low, and this is backed up by the price history above.

          • @mycomputer: Good night vision? (Clear enough to id face?)Need some outdoor camera

            • @justaddwater: Yup mine is really good (uses IR) and if there's not enough light there is also a spotlight built in

        • +1

          I have owned Eufy 2C pro cameras along with the video doorbell since couple of years.They are one of the best cameras out it in the market.
          The best thing I love about them is they don't have any monthly subscription to store/view footage like other vendors such as Arlo. The human motion detection works like a charm,I never had any false positive.

          • @techytechno: Agree, human detection sometimes too good:)
            What is the best place to mount them , I used Privacy and activity zones but keep getting alerts.
            May be I should install higher up to avoid pedestrian etc

        • More on here https://www.cheapies.nz/node/34047

          I think current price is the cheapest. I am very happy with few of the eufy cams like indoor pan n tilt, Floodlight, 2k solar.

          • @ace310: What is the best place to mount them , I used Privacy and activity zones but keep getting alerts.
            May be I should install higher up to avoid pedestrian etc

            • @Joe: I would say install it around 10-12m height. Try to reduce sensitivity and check. Make sure activity zone doesn't overlap common /public walkways. Also during night time see if you are not getting direct light on camera or activity zone don't have much shadows of cars/people walking past. I had false positives in night when car passed on the road which had light shadow on my lawn which triggered the activity. Changed the angle and putting it bit higher helped.

              I will also recommend putting it on the side facing rather than facing straight to have better detection rate.

              • @ace310: Thanks. I have it mounted at just above ceiling level due to easier access for dismounting for recharge. 10-12m would be for a multi- storey house I presume?

                • @Joe: Try it as much higher you can go it also helps in more coverage.

                • @Joe: It is, but I believe it is just above the ceiling of ground level. Not only the height but the angle of the camera is important as well. Also, see if it is not getting direct sunlight on the lens.

      • I see the Eufy Cam 2C Pro kit is available for $414 on The Market now when using the code MCLUB30:


      • Nice find! The 4 pack fit is on Amazon au for 799 also

      • Do you have to be flying out internationally to purchase?

        • Yes

          • +1

            @Wakrak: I dont think so. From their website:

            Picking up without a flight

            You can still shop The Mall Domestic and click & collect your order without any flight at all. Here’s how:

            Shop on The Mall Domestic
            Add your items to the cart & select to pick up 'on arrival'
            Proceed to check-out
            Apply flight information at check out by entering NZ420 or NZ1292, and a date that suits you to collect your order from the domestic terminal.
            We will have your order waiting for collection at The Collection Point in the domestic terminal 1 hour before your chosen time (11:50AM for NZ420 and NZ1292).

            If you need to park whilst collecting your order, you can do so free of charge (for 30 minutes) in the wait zone, located just a few minutes walk from the Domestic Terminal.

            If you have any questions, it's a good idea to view our FAQ where we provide answers to the most common questions we are asked. Alternatively, get in touch, we're happy to help.
            Home Delivery

            You can still shop The Mall Domestic and get your order delivered to a New Zealand address. Here’s how:

            Shop on The Mall Domestic
            Add your items to the cart & select to pick up 'on arrival'
            Proceed to check-out
            Apply flight information at check out by entering NZ420 or NZ1292
            You will receive your order confirmation email within the hour. If not, check your spam/junk folder or get in touch with us at [email protected].
            Once you receive your confirmation email, reply to the email at [email protected] to let us know you would like your order delivered with your delivery address.
            Our customer service team will quote the shipping cost and share our bank account details with you for you to deposit the shipping fee. Please include your order number as reference when making the deposit.
            Once we have received your shipping fee, we will dispatch your order to you with a tracking number.

            We are currently only delivering domestically, within New Zealand.

            • @icoupon: Isn't that price ($521.65) specifically for international duty free though?

              • @Wakrak: yes, no way can you get duty free without a flight

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    Hmm to buy a Dyson V15 for $1249..

    • +1

      Doesn't look like it has ever been that cheap, besides maybe on Amazon a while back

  • Looking for Dyson supersonic. Not sure if I should pull the trigger on the market or wait.

  • +1

    This is what I bought hopefully it is better than my oral b

    • Thanks. Been after one for my wife.

    • +1

      It's excellent - takes a bit of getting used to though

    • Bought one too. $$67.50 is a decent price.

  • Must be close to Black Friday and Boxing Day pricing.

    New pricing including discount and delivery.

    Samsung 55’’ S95 OLED 4K 2022

    Samsung 65’’ S95 OLED 4K 2022

    Noel Leeming Cashback Promo

    My personal price target is half RRP at $2,550.00 and $3,300.00 for 55" and 65" respectively.

    • Exactly what I am thinking. Hoping everyone jumps on these great deals in the morning!!

    • Damn they’ve really cut back with their cash back promos, 2 years ago I spent $6,500 and got $1,100 back (the top tier) and now it’s only $800 at $8,000.

      Agree with your price targets, with them adding them onto the market this week I reckon you’ll easily get there by Black Friday.

      I’m really happy with my c1 to a95k upgrade if that helps anyone on the fence about upgrading. Also got my a95k for a steal which makes it that much more sweet.

      • Why would you want to upgrade though the C1 is the 2021 model? Did you end up selling it?
        What size and price you get your a95k?

        • I got a 65" a95k for $3,800 - way too good of a deal to pass up.

          My old 65" C1 which hasn't been used much is now sitting in the kids toy room (high on a cabinet so they can't touch it). My initial plan was to replace the TV in the other spare room which is a 5 year old 55" Sony LED, but the mounting holes in the C1 mean I need to move the current mount that is on the wall lower and I really can't be bothered for a TV that is used maybe ~1 hour a week lol. Still not too sure what to do with it.

          • @Vish: Nice, its not a great problem to have if you have expensive TVs as they do lose a lot of their value. I just got my hands on the C1 a few months back for $3099 probably one of the last new ones left in the store.

            • +1

              @hval007: That's a pretty good deal! I remember seeing a few clearance ones around $3.4k at Noel Leeming (which I'm sure you could have easily talked down) in June.
              I heard from the sales staff that the 65" A1 they had on display went a month ago for about $2.2k, I was guttered I missed that. But worked out since I found the A95k in the end.
              They also had a price error on their 65" Nano95 8k TV (crap TV, I had one and returned it) and it was going for $800 for the display but no one wanted it haha.

              I did think about selling my C1, but seems like such a hassle for something I don't think anyone wants and FB marketplace is a real wack-a-mole of people.

  • +6

    Belkin Boost Up Charge Wireless Charging Stand + Speaker - $19, great steal as cheapest is $78 with HN! - https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/p/belkin-boost-up-charge-wirel…

  • Anyone know if I were to buy the s22 ultra off the market, if i am still able to claim the bonus free samsung buds 2 pro off Noel leeming?

    • +1

      In general the retailer promotion doesn't carry over to TheMarket but the manufacturer promotion does.

      In the past they've mistakenly included the same promotional text in product description but they're normally quickly corrected or withdrawn.

    • +1

      As long as the store at the market is a Samsung retailer you qualify for any manufacturer promotion. But retailer promotions, no unless stated. Brought a few things with promotions at the market and just used the market email receipt. Most notably a Nikon Z50 Body 16-50mm + DX 50-250mm kit for just over $1000 with a bonus $300 adapter.

  • I bought the Phillips Shaver https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/p/philips-shaver-series-3000-w… using the market so came down to $71.10. Cheapest it has been since Black Friday 2020 when it was $58 but usually doesn't drop below $90. Seems to have good reviews too.

  • +2

    Logitech MK120 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo $10

    Next cheapest I can see is PB TECH at $26.70

  • Finally got myself a heat pump dryer. Thanks OP

  • +1

    P.S. Only 2 hours left of the 10% of at The Market - make the most of the Noel Leeming specials !

  • Anyone see any 35-42L microwaves on sale? Unfortunately the 40L Samsung version at Noel that I have my eye on is not on sale :/


    The neoChef looks to be promising : https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/p/lg-42l-neochef-smart-inverte…

    • +1

      The 40L Samsung Microwave comes down to $344.24 with the CSCBG Main/Premium membership group added to your account.
      Not a massive discount but still $75.75 less than the current price.

      • I'd probably wait to see what Costco have in their kitchen appliances and then have a look back at Noel Leeming

    • I can vouch for that Neochef, I have one and it's awesome

      • Does the tune/chime at the end annoy you? I saw it on one of the reviews and not sure if it can be turned off?

        • Yeah it can be a bit annoying but it can be turned off

        • I have one and think it's just a normal chime?

  • anyone have experience with this rice cooker?


  • Hi all,


    Is anyone knows about this? Having good reviews. But is this a really good deal?

  • If you're after a Sunbeam product, Amazon AU has an extra 25% off with code SUNBEAM25.

    Sunbeam SG1000 garment steamer is currently $79 at Noel Leeming
    $61.89 delivered from Amazon AU

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