Countdown - Wiltshire Cutlery eStamps (for Those of You Who Don't Want It)

Hello guys,

Please mods, remove this if it's not appropriate for the website. Unsure if it's okay.

If anyone isn't going to use their eStamps, I'd love to take them.

Onecard number - 9481 0024 87746 (guess it's safe as you can't get anything with it unless it's for my own benefit).

Appreciate your time, guys ☺


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    • Thank you ☺
      Am I allowed to add my onecard number here since it doesn't link to anything actually personal? Or rather leave it to PM?

      • No idea eh.

        • Guess we only have one way to find out 😂

  • Putting my hand up for some eStamps if anyone has extra they want to give away 😅

    Saving up for the parfait spoons.

  • I am also putting my hands up for some stamps if anyone has extra they want to give away…. thank you

    • I am also putting my hands up for some stamps if anyone has extra they want to give away…. thank you 9480 0492 42691 is my card number

  • Also open to some spare stamps if there is any going, have 18 at the moment but will probably aim for a four sets of 4 piece dinner sets (80)
    9480 0325 40285

  • I would also love some stamps of anyone has too many 9480032192040. Have 19, aiming for at least 1 children's set and 1 parfait spoons set. Thanks.

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    I don't even know how many stamps I have. Still 53 days left, so if I don't have enough by then for an item, I'll give em to someone here.

    Edit - sick. Somehow have 13 stamps. Must be those late night snack runs.

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      Today I found 3 bags of Maltesers in my shopping, along with a lot of chocolate and other specific treats. Wonder how they got in there 😂

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        2 weeks ago they had cadbury bars on special for 90c and each bar had a bonus stamp so I purchased 20 bars of chocolate.

        • I'm still going through the bunch of crunchy bars that were on special. My husband took care of the Perkinanas 😂

  • Will add my one as well, cuz why not. Just aiming for the steak knives.
    9480 0317 26604

  • Also looking :)
    Onecard account: 9480027449340

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    This promotion still has 2 months to go. I think people should come back in 2 months, and say something like "I need 15 stamps but I only have 14, please give me 1 if you have any spare". More likely to get donations that way.

    • Fair enough - at least we can re-hash it later on!

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