Countdown - Wiltshire Cutlery eStamps (for Those of You Who Don't Want It)

Hello guys,

Please mods, remove this if it's not appropriate for the website. Unsure if it's okay.

If anyone isn't going to use their eStamps, I'd love to take them.

Onecard number - 9481 0024 87746 (guess it's safe as you can't get anything with it unless it's for my own benefit).

Appreciate your time, guys ☺


    • Auckland Quay Street had like a 100+ of the 4-pc Dinner Set yesterday if that helps. Best to give them a call and check.

  • Hoping for steak knife. Needing 16 more! Appreciate if anyone can pass the unwanted stamps.

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      Sent you 12

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        I can send 4 more.

        • Yes please! Really appreciate that :)

      • Thank you!

  • I have 32 (including 19 won from Wakarak's competition), if anyone have some spares can I have 13 more so I can get the steak knives please, all others set except the 4 piece dinner set are sold out at my local store. Thanks guys! 9480 0375 63531

    • I have exactly 13 you can have. What's your code?

      • Thanks mate!! Appreciated that!! Got yours 13 will go redeem it tomorrow!

  • Most of you may have seen this email from Countdown?

    "Kia ora,

    We wanted to let you know that we’ll be ending our Wiltshire Salisbury Cutlery eStamp earning period a little earlier than expected, due to high levels of customer demand.

    This means that from midnight Friday, 23 September you’ll no longer be able to earn eStamps.

    Over the last few days, our stores have seen plenty of demand for the Wiltshire Salisbury Cutlery sets and our stocks are running low right across the country.

    If your local store has sold out, we’re really sorry - we do try to estimate the amount of stock required as best we can, but this has been a very popular programme!

    Thanks for your understanding - we appreciate it.

    Ngā mihi nui,
    The team at Countdown"

    I know for a fact some shops don't even have stock anymore. If you find, it's only the 4-set, not the others.
    Make sure to call the shops before going in.

    • we do try to estimate the amount of stock required as best we can, but this has been a very popular programme!

      Yet they somehow manage to be way off every time.

      Countdown Claudelands has been out of stock for a while now.

      • I think they did it quite well with the glass containers promo. Some items were sold out early but there was stock in most stores around me until the very end. With the building bricks promo last year they had so much left staff just gave kids bagfuls when they saw kids at the checkout.

        • I might be mistaken then. Could be getting it mixed up with a New World promo.

        • I'm still asking what have I done wrong with these glass containers, they're the bane of my life. Totally chipped. I still use them but it got as bad as chipping in the dishwasher.

          The dishes are still awesome, I still have them and not one mark on them. Jamie Oliver collection? Remember them?

          • @toomanywises: I love the glass containers. I have two big round and one big rectangles. Used in oven, freezer, fridge, microwave and dishwasher regularly. Still like new, so much better quality than Briscoes containers (which aren't oven safe, and still good for freezer/fridge/microwave).

            • @sunshinenz: I have 2 of the rectangle ones. Even though they are good, they are not leak proof. I hate using them for taking lunch in them.

  • Does anyone know any Auckland stores that might still have these in stock? Have called a whole bunch and all are out of stock

    • Auckland Quay Street had like a 100+ of the 4-pc Dinner Set on Wednesday. Have you checked with them?

      • Yes called them and they said they’re out of stock

        • Sorry to hear… How about Orewa and Silverdale?

          • @Totto: called Silverdale, none left, non in orewa, and non at Albany, Glenfield, Mairangi Bay, Browns Bay, Milford, Birkenhead, Sunnynook….also tried Auckalnd Quay street, none

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              @budget: Can confirm Mangere has <10 of the Steak Knives sets and >10 of 4-pc Dinner Sets available right now. I strongly advise you call them right before you go though. Apparently it's all sold out Auckland-wide. Hope that helps :)

              • @Totto: Thanks for this :) is this the countdown in the mall or the other one?

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                  @Is2u: The mall branch. You can always call and check both before you go :)

                  • @Totto: Can confirm mangere mall countdown still has the cutlery set, steak knives and the salad servers

                    • @Is2u: Awesome. Glad you got some :)

    • What about lynfield? There's a smaller amount of people that go to that store. Had the 4pc and steak knives.

      • Lynfield didnt even have the signs up yesterday

        • Wow, quick change. Had probably 50 sets of the 4pc last week.

          • @Bill: Yeap plenty on Monday too (i picked up a few then), went back yesterday to get my last one, and no signs of any promotion anywhere in the store

  • I have 7 stamps if anyone still needs some?

    • If you still have can you transfer that to me?

      • +1

        Given you 12.

        • Thank you!

      • I thought you only needed 4 more which I transferred to you.

        • Joins just to take all of the stamps lol

          • @Wakrak: I can just ask for stamps like freee and get some more sets without a single stamp of my own.

        • Yup was aiming for salad server. Unfortunately it was out of stock and only stake knife was available! Hence tried my luck.

          • @freee: So you should have 47 now which is enough + 2 extra. Would recommend getting the knives asap as they seem to be running out all over

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    Countdown should convert unused stamps into Onecard points or something

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      I rang and complained that it was a scam to get people to shop at countdown and then have nothing to redeem them on.
      Got $45 of vouchers for 39 points.
      Was 17 minutes on hold, but friend was on hold for 3 hours earlier in week.

      • Oh nice going, that's a good return

        • +2

          It was a really bad run promotion.
          Even when I was aiming for steak knives the cheaper ones started becoming out of stock before the promotion even ended.
          So when I realized I wouldn't make the 45 points I couldn't get anything, and then when I got gifted some points everything was gone.

          Essentially rang and laid a complaint that I was incentivized to shop at countdown instead of say paknsave where items might have been cheaper, so that I could collect points that ended up being completely useless and unredeemable.

          If they said they would continue to get more stock I would be happy enough, but they aren't going to.

          I agree with you that you should be able to convert unused stamps to credit but only in the event of out of stock situations.

  • Anyone have luck converting the estamps to voucher? I contact them via FB but no luck

    • 😂 This is a vicious cycle now, huh?

      I have kids but won't bother.

      • I give em to nephews, not actively collecting though

      • New World is starting another promo tomorrow too.

        Free premium glasses.There are six Spiegelau glass styles to collect, while stocks last. Every $20 spent = 1 sticker*. Start collecting stickers and redeeming glasses from Monday 31st October 2022.

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    I like the email that Pak'n'Save sent out this week with the title 'Have You Started Collecting Low Prices?" and the first line reads "Collect what you really need with our low prices this week!"

    • I thought it was pretty well played too.

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