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Collect 1 eStamp with every $20 Spent & Redeem for 1 of 6 Wiltshire Products @ Countdown (Requires Onecard)


The Wiltshire Salisbury collection is coming soon!

Exclusive to Countdown, there’s six stylish cutlery sets to collect, including a dinner set, steak knives and parfait spoons. Earn eStamps to get your free* sets when you shop in store or online, using your Onecard. Stay tuned to find out more.

  • Shop in store or online using your registered Onecard
  • Earn 1 eStamp for every $20 you spend
  • Redeem your eStamps at checkout, in store or online

15 eStamps = 3 piece children's set
20 eStamps = 4 piece dinner set
20 eStamps = 2 piece cheese & pate knives set
20 eStamps = 4 piece parfait spoons
35 eStamps = 2 piece salad severs
45 eStamps = 2 piece steak knives

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Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)
Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)

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    Link is broken

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    I love how they call these free*

    *1 stamp for every $20 you spend.
    Think you might be paying for these in a round-about way!

    • You should ask for a discount if you don't take the 'stamps' and see what they say!

      Please video it for us :-)

      • +3

        I'm too cheap to shop at Countdown.
        Pak n Save for me.

        • Take one for the CC team!

  • +2

    Bit sneaky using estamps, can't combine them with other people.

    • +1

      I think you will be able to share. I think with the glass containers they did awhile ago they allowed people to share. People on Cheapies shared with each other.

      Edit: found in the forums

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    Countdown are terrible with these promotions. I had enough stamps for the medium sized glassware last time and there was no store with stock during the entire of the last week of the promotion. Customer service didn't even respond.

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      The last week of the promotion is the worst time to try and cash in your tokens. It sucks but you need to get in early

      • This kind of stuff should be anticipated by countdown. Writing "while stocks last" is a massive scam and shouldn't be acceptable.

        They knew what they had, and the timeframe they expected the stock supply to be diminished was wrong. The responsible thing to do would be to remedy this, rather than just shift the blame to the customers

        I remember there was also something in the news about this

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          If I remember correctly, similar thing happened with knives promotion by NW last year. It did blow up in the news as well.

          Personally, I always feel this are the worst promotions to look for. Unless you are shopping regularly at that store and manage to get enough tokens/estamps might be ok. But never buy from the store just cause of the promotion which many people do.

    • +10

      Countdown is great with these promotions.
      This all works in their favour.
      You want it.
      CD have it.
      You spend lots of money to get it early so you don't miss out.
      CD is happy.
      You are happy.
      The late customer is not happy.
      Media hits it.
      CD is happy.
      The unhappy customer knows to spend lots of money early for the next promotion as not to miss out.
      CD is happy.

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      Ahh.. It's not a true comments section without a complaint about something from the great complainer! 😂🤦‍♂️

      • +1

        I also love it when a downvote is reversed.

    • Link doesnt work

      • Damn it was working when I tried it.

      • It works now.

  • Wiltshire, jeez. Talk about a knock off of the NW promotion

  • +2

    And Countdown prices have gone up again in the past month. 🤣

    Duopoly ftw!

  • So, how many eStamps would you need to grab a set?

    • +1

      Countdown have yet to release that information.

  • Find cheap non perishable item with bonus eStamp, buy lots, profit

    • I agree - that's what we always do when they offer a voucher for, say, $20 off of $100 spend.

      We stock up on anything non-perishable that we would be buying anyway at some point, that is a good price on the day.

      Worst case, toilet roll, although we still have five lockups full of the stuff from Mar 2020 :-)

  • Is this brand cutlery good?

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    Items and stamp cost details have been added to the website.

    15 eStamps = 3 piece children's set = $300 spend
    20 eStamps = 4 piece dinner set = $400 spend
    20 eStamps = 2 piece cheese & pate knives set = $400 spend
    20 eStamps = 4 piece parfait spoons = $400 spend
    35 eStamps = 2 piece salad severs = $700 spend
    45 eStamps = 2 piece steak knives = $900 spend

    Or you can just buy em…

    3 piece children's set = $15
    4 piece dinner set = $20
    2 piece cheese & pate knives set = $20
    4 piece parfait spoons = $20
    2 piece salad servers = $35
    2 piece steak knives = $45

    • So its a 5% bonus rate, which is okay I guess, as long as you are only spending money that you would have spent anyway.

  • Hi All, if anyone doesnt want their e-stamps and happy to transfer, please consider gifting to my onecard account: 9480027449340 Thanks!

  • If anyone has any spare Stamps to share my Onecard number is 9480 0855 82157
    Thank you

  • If anyone has any extra stamps that they won’t be using I’d love to be considered please, thank you so much :)
    My onecard number is 700311572007

  • Hello, I'd also appreciate anyones unwanted eStamps, thanks .
    My onecard number is 9480054303325

  • Had anyone got a children's cutlery set they don't want? Can trade stamps for it. I started trying to find one on Monday, called all the Otago stores and most in Wellington, none left. In Dunedin. Cheers.

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