Countdown - Wiltshire Cutlery eStamps (for Those of You Who Don't Want It)

Hello guys,

Please mods, remove this if it's not appropriate for the website. Unsure if it's okay.

If anyone isn't going to use their eStamps, I'd love to take them.

Onecard number - 9481 0024 87746 (guess it's safe as you can't get anything with it unless it's for my own benefit).

Appreciate your time, guys ☺


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      I don't quite understand the high appeal. Is the quality just out of this world, or are people fixated on having a matching set? Because at the end of the day it's just cutlery.

      Looks pretty similar to this:…

      • Yeah I wouldn't be bidding to get these. Just because it's a "bonus" from our shopping anyway and we just happen to need replacing of our cutlery sets as most of them are chipped and damaged from being accidentally ground in the waste disposal over the years.

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          Haha I don't miss doing that (misplacing things in the insinkerator).

          • @Wakrak: Haha honestly, RIP to the many teaspoons…

      • Considering they were $15 instore if you had no eStamps, that's pretty rich.

        • Good point.

      • The appeal for me was they were free, they cost nothing extra. I wanted a children's set but missed out cos I got the parfait spoons first. I posted on facebook market place that I was after a children's set and had 20 stamps to give away (only cost 15), a week later someone offered me a set for nothing which was super nice.
        It's crazy paying anything for a set that was free, let alone over $15 for this set! That set from Briscoes is probaby $15 on special and you get an extra spoon.

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      Truly insane the amount people will pay for a hyped product. Already double what countdown was retailing them for.

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  • I need 10 more stamps to get one more cutlery set if possible please
    9480 0814 19624

  • I wonder which set is the best value for money? Why is the salad server set so expensive (in terms of points)? What are the best prices you can get for equivalent sets of steak knives and cutlery?

    • I mean, for the $45 you'd pay for two steak knives, this is a better deal.

      • If you like chocolate, you can also buy $43 worth of chocolate to get 45 stamps.…

        Given that Cadbury blocks are $3 per 180g, 50g bars are 83.3c each, so 43 bars are worth $36, then the steak knives only cost $7, much cheaper than the trademe set (after shipping). Plus the Salisbury collection might be better. But only if you eat Cadbury bars/blocks.

        • Hmmm $64 for 8 knives… I'm really trying to see the maths working here.

          I always thought that the knives were a bit pricey.

          Not sure if anyone else was looking for the parfait spoons. Countdown Mt Roskill had them today.

        • "If you like chocolate", would you buy Cadbury? Even as a Cheapie I'll happily pay for more Whittaker's…when it's on special :)

          • @gcnz: A real cheapie would get TWH to beat the on special price to get it cheaper again!

  • Would anyone be kind enough to share their eStamps that's unused or unlikely be used please? Aiming for 4 x 4pc Dinner Set, and will probably have enough for 3 sets and a bit (after another stock up..) but won't make it to the 4th set alone unfortunately… Would really appreciate it!
    70053742101 :)

  • If anyone has any 8 spare stamps that you don't need, I will be very thankful and appreciate it…… thank you

    9480 0492 42691

  • If anyone has any spare points, we need 11 for steak knives. Thanks in advanced

  • short 13 more… 9480043349709 Thank you!

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    The dinner set is similar to this…

    At 50% off the Briscoes box is $40. It is equivalent to 6 Countdown sets, so each Countdown set is worth about $6.67.

  • Does anyone have a single stamp I can please have?
    Just 1 short to get a 4 piece dinner set


    • Done. I only had one stamp left, just transferred it to you.

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    Can I have two stamps please (4 piece dinner set)? Thanks!

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      sent over 9.

      • Thank you very much! I appreciate that.

        • If you don't need the other 7 stamps, I'd really appreciate them thanks :)

          • @Totto: I've got 6 stamps for you, but it says your oncecard number is not valid

            • @akrotohur: Oh it's 7005 3174 2101. Thanks so much!

              • @Totto: Transferred. You're welcome!

              • @Totto: I've given you 1 Totto.

                • @gcnz: Wow thank you. I now have 6 to go :)

                  • @Totto: I've just given you 4 more. I hope you can still get stuff.

  • Hi fellow cheapies, I'm almost able to get a set. Is anyone able to spare me 3 e-stamps. I would be very appreciative of it!
    I'm afraid I won't be able to have time to collect anymore and I feel so close to being able to get something.



    • Pascall Lollies are $2 at the moment and they are bonus points items for the week in case you don't get lucky before the deadline. ☺

    • I transferred 3 stamps to you card.

      • Thank you! I went to all my local countdowns this week and the cheese knives were all sold out :(

  • Heya,

    I'm missing few stamps, if anyone has spare ones.


    Please and thank you

    • How many do you need

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    Who needs stamps? Reply with how many you need, and your card number and I'll see what I can do

    • How many do you have? I need 15 but I understand it's over the top :)

      • Whats your oncecard number :)

        • 9480040143478


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              @Arsonist: Marvelous! Thank you so much for that!

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              @Arsonist: Thanks again. Got 4 dinner sets. The 2 closest Countdown stores were sold out so had to make a special trip to a farther store. Could have waited until tomorrow to try my luck at a store that is on my commute route but didn't want to risk it, lol.

    • If I could get 5 stamps that would be awesome. 9481006541741

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    • Currently looking for 13 stamps to help a friend with their set, would be happy with any help at all, thanks :)
      My onecard number is 700311572007

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        • Thank you so much!

    • I’m needing 4 more stamps if you still have some left. Thanks!

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        I've sent you 4.

        • Thank you!

    • Hiya, do you happen to have any left?
      Need 11 since the cheaper sets are oos.

  • Hi,

    A few stamps short at the moment. If anyone has 5 they can spare it would be much appreciated

  • Can I have 10 please? Or anyone else have any spares, I highly appreciate it.


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      • Thanks

  • Hey guys.. I'm short of 4 stamps. Can anyone help please? Thanks

    • Onecard number?

    • Sorry I forgot :p - 9481015709774

      • Done

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          How many hundred stamps did you have? Didn't you want to redeem for anything? ;) I think the quality of the dinner set is great. I can see it will withstand every day use quite well.

        • Thank you so much!

  • Too many comments - I have two stamps to give away. Not going to the supermarket anymore. If you want it then reply with your card number. FIFS.

    • 700484253800🙏

      • Done. Should be in now?

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          Awesome, thank you so much!❤

  • Appreciate if anyone can help me out. Will take a while if I do it myself and not sure if any will be available by that time!

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    I have some stamps - let me know how many you need and I’ll sort!

    • Appreciate for some stamps if still available? thank you.

      • How many do you need?

        • 5 would be wonderful. Cheers

    • do you still have spare e-stamps ? if available please, I am 3 stamps short… thank you

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        Yep sure. Let me know your one card number.

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          thank you so much for your kindness 9480 0492 42691…. I am really thankful to have this for dinner set… thank you very much…

    • Hiya, i need 11 if you have any spare.
      Was going to get cheaper ones but all oos.
      If i get extras from asking people will share them back

      • +1

        I've just given you my last ever stamp!

        • Appreciate your support in my time of need

  • I have 1 stamp

  • Flick me thorough your spares and unwanted :)
    Thank you in advanced 👌
    9480 0346 32339

    Need 12 more to reach 20 🙌

  • Anyone know of any stores thats still have any stock?

    • Only these available from their online so i assume most stores only have those, if not order online for pickup? maybe

      4 Piece Dinner Set
      2 Piece Steak Knives

      • Tried that, that dozen stores I tried around Auckland say out of stock when you get to payment page

        • bummer, could ask live chat to see if they can find a store i guess

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