Twinkly Icicle LED Lights 190AWW $92 Delivered @ Briscoes


The Twinkly Lights are awesome!

There are four on clearance at Briscoes with a clearance price between $100 - $200 each.
Using the Original Coupon Deal code from Wakrak you can get another $15 off even though it states further discounts don't apply.
Shipping is an extra $7 or Click & Collect for $3.

These lights have been on clearance before - see previous post by Arsonist which is when I bought mine.

Yes they are expensive and won't be for everyone but in my opinion definitely the brighest lights I have ever had.

Twinkly website if you want to have a look

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  • Could be an option Viper if you've still got the $100 burning a hole in your pocket?

  • +1

    Bought these on the last deal, have only opened to have a play and they are pretty neat.
    Now looking forward to Diwali and Christmas to put them up!

    • I'm exactly the same.
      Haven't had much chance to use them yet but looking forward to when I do.

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