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Twinkly Xmas Lights on Clearance (Over 50% off, Now $100-$200) @ Briscoes


These lights are awesome!

Check them out @ https://www.twinkly.com/

Thanks to the OP on Geekzone

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    • create another account and get $10 off $100. Help offset some of the shipping cost.


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    Thanks OP, you just open my eyes! This is next level of Christmas lighting! Although I am not sure if I want to pay 100+ for lights but if for those who want to know how it works, here's a link I found

    The "advance lighting" part begins from 1:00

    • Fancy! But being a cheapie, I'll stick with the $2 Bunnings fairy lights…haha, I still upvoted though.

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    From the series of "never heard of it, never thought I would need it, but got it because it was on sale".

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      Surely thats the Cheapies motto haha

    • For me, not even because it is on sale.
      It is just cool.

      • Oh, definitely that as well! It looks awesome actually!

  • In case anyone is interested in trying a price beat, Mitre 10 stock these too.

    • It would be unlikely for them to beat it as this is a clearance rather than a sale

      • I think store availability would be more if a challenge than the clearance status. I’ve always found Mitre 10 to be pretty great at honouring their price promise.

  • I have been wanting these for a couple of years but I keep forgetting to check for sales after Christmas.
    Cheers OP, much appreciated

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    These lights are terrible , they don't map anything like what it shows in the videos. They are nifty but I'm returning mine, the price is nutty

    • Oh man, I've just bought two of them. Did you specifically buy these ones in this sale and just try them out?

      The geekzone link has positive comments about them, so maybe you got duds?

      • We have two sets and have used them for a couple of years. You would need a whole lot of lights to use most of the colour effects, we usually just do the rainbow on our Christmas tree and we love them. But to do a picture of the Union Jack or anything you would need a much bigger investment.

    • All your comments are whining and moaning. You have nothing good to say. Stop commenting, you're a detriment to this community

      • Everytime I see a Rabid come up on the Live action feed, I know its going to be something negitive.
        Rabid, is everything ok? Lifes to short to be negitive all the time.

  • These are definitely the coolest Christmas lights I have seen.
    Ended up getting the coloured 200 string (which looks to be sold out now).
    The lights are so much brighter than anything else I've had.

    Just a shame the Christmas tree is down now…

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