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Google One Storage Monthly/Yearly 100GB ($0.55/ $5.59) 200GB ($1.10/ $11.08) 2TB ($2.77/ $27.71) @ Google Türkiye (VPN Required


All Credit to I Smell Pennies.

Update : Successfully subscribed to 100gb plan for $5.59

Got an alert that my google drive is 92% full last week and have been thinking of what to do, clean up google drive or buy storage. Just found out the turkey trick for Google one. Still haven't got much luck to get the turkey currency displayed. Thinking of creating a new account and buying storage and then sharing it with my main account as most of the recommendation is to delete existing payment profiles which I don't want to do due to YT premium and my paypal account. Will try another account tonight which has no payment profile and see how it goes. Putting it out for others who may find this useful.

Below chart is conversion from AUD.

Storage Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
100 GB $0.55 $5.59
200 GB $1.10 $11.08
2 TB $2.77 $27.71
5 TB $13.88 $138.82
10 TB $27.76 N/A
20 TB $55.52 N/A
30 TB $83.27 N/A

Step 1: Change your Google payment profile to Turkey. If needed, use a fake address simulator like this this one

Step 2: VPN (fly) to Turkey using the deal link above (I used the free Windscribe Chrome extension; although it was a bit tricky since Windscribe kept connecting me to random Turkey locations - in this case just disconnect and reconnect until you land on Istanbul or something, or use a different VPN. Nord VPN does not work). if the currency is shown in Turkish Lira, you've hit the jackpot

Step 3: Subscribe to the plan of your choice. Use a credit/debit card (preferedly with no international fees)

Step 4: Fly back home

  1. Regards to AussieMark's comment here

    • I just did some testing and it looks like you can share your Google One with family members - IT'S POSSIBLE! The only catch is you have to add the family members / accounts into the family first, before taking one of the accounts and subscribing through this deal. TO ADD FAMILY MEMBERS GO TO

  2. For those who currently have Youtube Premium from Argentina, and want to sign up to this deal on top on the Google account - IT'S POSSIBLE, simply create a new payment profile for Turkey

    • If pricing initially shows Turkish but switches back to AUD, try this method: You might see the 3 columns show Australian pricing, but select the 2tb and go to next screen and check it changes to TRY currency. if this doesn't work, then I think you have to delete the Australian payment profile. You can always make a new one after, but be aware that deleting your Australian profile will destroy all your Google Play Credits
    • You can create a new payment profile by following these steps by alcheron: go to and clicking the pen icon next to "Country/Region" and a link to create a new profile should pop up. You can then add details for the Turkish profile.

Hope this helps!

Edit 6/7/2022 5:51pm : If the price shows up in Turkey lira but "Your transaction can't be completed. To continue this transaction, contact us." happened when pressing subscribe.

Go to that screen again and disconnect the vpn before clicking subscribe and you should be good.

This is my upgrade screen looks like now. See initially it shows in NZD, but clicking next shows up in Lira

Here's what I think is the simplest way to do it.

  1. Setup your Google family using your existing accounts -
  2. Create a new clean google account in to your Google family -
  3. Use the new account and add a Turkish payment profile (I used wise digital card) -
  4. Subscribe to Google One with your new account in TRY (I used surfshark VPN whilst doing this, general concensus is Istanbul location works) -
  5. Enable family sharing using your new account -

Now all your family members should have access to Google One including the new storage.

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  • Thanks OP - Don't think I need the storage just yet but I had fun getting Disney+ via Turkey so why not Google too at that price.

    • Thanks OP. Worked well. If it shows another currency at the storage plan selection page, click on the (annual, monthly plan selection available depending on your existing plan) and then the Turkish Lira pricing should show up. That's what worked for me anyway.

    • @bigcheese - would you know how to perform the same with Spotify premium? I've tried the same process and the plan selections are showing up in TL. However, once I put the CC details in, there is the error message showing. "Payment failed. Please try again, pay with a different card or use another payment method. Go to our support page."

      • Not at this stage.
        The method used in this post and for my Disney+ one rely on a Google Subscription which is what allows a credit/debit card from NZ to work.
        As far as I'm aware this is not available for Spotify in Turkey yet but I did read somewhere that it was coming this year.

        I'll be onboard when it does.

        • Nice! Thanks for the update.

  • Thanks OP. Do you know if Google will bring the hammer down for using this method? I'm currently paying for the 200GB plan so this would make it just under half my current rate

    • +2

      So do use another account and share with your main account. That's what I did. We have been using YT premium for a while now, so I don't think that can happen soon. But I am no expert.

      • Thanks that's a good workaround

    • How much are you paying now for your 200GB plan?
      Based on OP's chart it's better than half NZ pricing - it's less than a quarter.

      • Holy shit I just checked and you're right. I thought I was paying $2.99 but it looks like that's the old price and I'm actually currently paying $4.49 monthly. It's on auto pay so I never noticed the price creep. Time to get my Cheapies on.

  • perfect timing, needed more storage :)

    • I was in the same boat, started cleaning up my junk mail & promotions folder yesterday. I rather pay $5.55 /yr and done with that.

      • does Gmail contribute to the storage? it's been forever since I've cleaned that….

        • Yes according to this

        • Yes. All Google services are linked together. My Gmail is showing 100gb+ storage now.

  • Would you guys reccomend using Google photos as an alternative to plex?

    might digitalise all the movies we have on cds and wondering if Google photos would be a good option to store /stream movies off

    • Both are kind of different. I will recommend staying with plex as it is locally stored and you have better control over it.

      For photos Google is fine.

      Edit : on second thought, in case you meant personal videos are fine with Google in you are sharing with others

      • but the issue with plex is that to stream things, the device has that has the movies stored has to be powered on.

        I was thinking since Google photos stores on a cloud, I could upload movies and stream the movies on any device.
        Would google photos have issues with buffering / loading?

        • Google photos is not meant for live streaming as far as I know. Secondly if you are uploading movies be aware of the copyright issues. They will be flagged and account can be blocked or terminated.

          I remember something similar happened to me on youtube few years back.

        • Also you lose all the benefits of plex like categories, playback resume, posters etc… And you have to upload the movies every time as well, in which case you will have to keep the device active.

  • When I select the plan I want, I just get an error "Something went wrong on our end, please try again". No luck an hour in. Deleted my NZ payments profile and only have Turkey on my account. Connected to Istanbul via Windscribe… Thoughts?

    • Try without vpn. Go upto subscribe and see if you get it in nzd or lira. Check screenshot above I posted. Subscription shows in nzd but subscribe page shows in lira. This is without vpn and only turkey profile.

      • Thanks mate. It worked once I ended the Windscribe VPN before final confirmation.

    • I didn't use my main account, used a Google account without any payment profile and created a turkey profile with wise card

  • What happens if you stop? Does Google delete your files beyond your allocated storage?

    • +2

      Google won't delete your files - you/shares can still access them - but you just can't add more until you clear the total to below what's allowed/free.

      • so that means, no more email? best to create a new google account just for files then if you're planning to stop subscription

        • Correct. As google uses the same storage pool for all your services. Better to create another account and add it to your family ( and share the storage.

  • I had to delete my other payment profiles to make it work, but then it worked a charm.

  • +1

    Awesome, managed to upgrade from the 200GB plan to 2TB and it costs less than I was paying before!
    Also changed my Youtube family plan from India to Argentina to save a little more $

    • How much did it cost ?

      • For the 2TB plan, $28.78NZD for the year on my BNZ card.

        • Thanks. so it doesn't matter if you have any active plan or not. It's fixed price per tier.

  • +1

    When I try to join the turkish profile family it says It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you. Learn more

    What am I missing?

    • +1

      Try adding the account first to your family and than add turkish payment profile.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, can confirm it works. Best method was to make a fresh / clean account and tie that to the Turkey payment profile. Just got charged $11.15 NZD for 200GB of storage for 4 people.

    • +1

      I agree - the people doing this on their main / any account they care about are courageous!

  • Hi, I've been trying to do this for some time now. Have they possibly cracked down on this?

    My subscription page is only coming in USD when I sign in despite connecting to Istanbul through Windscribe… When I've not signed in, it shows NZD but when signing in, it automatically goes into USD. I've connected VPN multiple times too :(

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Did you check your connection is actually to Istanbul? Use below site to check

      Secondly, are you using new account or an existing account with multiple payment profiles? Use new account if you can. See the steps on bottom of the post.

      If it's new account with only turkey payment profile go to the subscription page with VPN on. Then disconnect vpn and go to subscribe page. See which currency it shows.

      For me it showed something like this

    • The other weird issue I had with Windscribe (desktop client) was that I had to connect to the VPN first (Istanbul) and only once the connection was established, then proceed to open the browser (chrome). And as mentioned, disconnect from the VPN before you click "Continue"…

  • +1

    If you are already using an India Payment Plan for example for YouTube Premium and you can't see TRY currency, you need to change your Payment Plan back to New Zealand, then cancel it, then refresh the Google One plan options (seems like it has trouble if there are three Payment Plans). OzBargain users say that you can re-create your NZ account again to be able to access your past purchases successfully (not subscriptions).

    • this is me, are you saying I will lose paying for YouTube Premium via India if I want to subscribe for Google One via Turkey?

      • No you will keep it. Do you have NZ, India and you now want Turkey, but when you try add Turkey, it doesn’t show Turkish Kira currency, but NZD?

        • yes and I have a google one subscription at NZ rates expiring Jan 2023

  • I'm getting stuck at step 4:
    Subscribe to Google One with your new account in TRY (I used surfshark VPN whilst doing this, general concensus is Istanbul location works) -

    I've successfully opened a fresh Google account and added a Turkish payment profile using a Wise digital visa card using a Turkish address. However when I attempt to subscribe/upgrade to a paid plan, it always shows up in NZD despite first activating a VPN and specifying Turkey/Istanbul as location. I've tried using my paid PIA VPN as well as surfshark as suggested.

    Any advice or suggestions much appreciated 🙏

    • Never mind, I have figured it out. I went to the Google Photos app on my phone and upgraded to Google One from there.

  • +1

    Just did this yesterday. Still working.

    • Good to know. Thanks.

  • I stupidly used my main Google account (that I have my phone logged in to) to create the turkish payment plan, and shared with my family… Now I can't download certain NZ apps due to me being based in Turkey now.

    Any way around this?

    • +1

      I seem to recall that you could change your 'location' up to once per year in the past - not sure if that is still true though, as Google does change things regularly.

      I would imagine that it would be documented somewhere in Google's help / support pages.

  • So I created a new account, added it to my family, didn't use a vpn, just created the turkey payment profile and the payment went through at the lower rate…wooohooo….however when looking at the Google One membership plan in the settings it shows the "current plan" as the full priced NZD one…wondering what is going to happen in 12 months time when this is scheduled to renew :\

  • Can't seem to get past the "Your transaction can't be completed. Please visit the help center for more information".

    Tried turning on and off the vpn , prices show as lira but can't complete purchase. Any other workaround ?

    • yeah this method no longer works sadly, chances are youtube premium might be the next victim.
      from what i can see there is no work around yet or alternative method, happy to hear from anyone who says otherwise.

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