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Disney+ via Türkiye: TRY₺349.90 Per Year (~NZ$34) - VPN Required Only to Register @ Disney+


Credit to PissLUR on OzBargain for this one.

Disney+ is finally available in Turkey and much like some of the Netflix workarounds it is possible to get this for a significantly reduced price with a little bit of effort.
I have been trying this for a few days now without success and finally managed to get it to work last night.
My initial attempts came up with error messages like 'google pay purchases are not supported in your country' and even got a 'due to suspicious activity we have blocked your Disney account'.
If you read through the OzBargain post you will see a lot of different methods - VPN/No VPN, Phone/Computer.
The below is what worked for me. I did this twice with a years subscription and a month using both a Wise card and NZ credit card so can confirm it works.

Charge on Wise card for the year was $34.23 or $3.45 for the month on my Westpac Card. By comparison it is $129.99 for the year or $12.99 per month here.
Note the VPN is only required for setup it is not needed afterwards.

My method:

  • Factory reset Android Phone
  • VPN to access Turkey (I used Windscribe which you can get 10GB free per month)
  • Credit Card - I have tested this with both a Wise card and my NZ Westpac Credit card


  • Factory reset android phone (I had a spare Galaxy A10)
  • Create new Google Account - name, DOB etc
  • Choose Gmail address - skip the phone number
  • Go to Play Store
  • Download Windscribe (this is what I used but any VPN that can access Turkey should be fine)
  • Turn on VPN and set it to Turkey (on Windscribe use Turkey-Istanbul-Ataturk which is free)
  • Go back to Playstore - Payments & Subscriptions - Payment Methods - Add credit/debit card
  • Change country to Turkey (as soon as I did this I had to repeat the payment process but it worked)
  • Postal Code: 06010
  • Save
  • Download Disney Plus from Playstore - still had VPN on so it was slow even though file was only 18MB
  • Once downloaded turn off VPN
  • Open Disney App and choose sign up now
  • Should see prices in TRY - 34.99/month or 349.90/year
  • Enter email, password
  • You should now be able to complete signup.
  • Disney+ can be watched on your other devices without the need for VPN going forward.

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  • +1

    This is awesome good effort bigcheese!

    • I just copied it from OzBargain and posted a method that worked for me.

  • "like some of the Netflix workarounds it is possible to get this for a significantly reduced price"

    Anyone got a link for a NZ centric version of that ? :)

    • +3

      Have a read through the link posted by quote above - including the comments.
      Ignore the comments about the chat bot.
      At the time of the thread Argentina was cheapest but I used Turkey.

      Here's another thread

      The key points are:

      • You must cancel your current NZ subscription to Netflix first.
      • All your personal details need to be up to date in Netflix, particularly NZ phone number verified and a credit card loaded before you cancel.
      • Once the subscription lapses then you can reactivate via VPN to Turkey.
      • I used giftcards from Turgame. Others have used credit card*
      • Current pricing the Premium Plan costs less than $8 NZD converted per month, so dirt cheap by comparison to what you pay here.
      • Hi @bigcheese. I'm trying to get Netflix to work but it's taking me to the verify phone number page (using the Turkey website) with the Windscribe VPN. I set up a new account with a new email address to set up the Netflix but can't seem to bypass the mobile phone screen? Any work around you know of?

        • You need to have your phone number verified in NZ first.
          That's why I mentioned about having all your details up to date before you cancel.
          The best way to do that is to let your current NZ subscription lapse first or if you don't have one then subscribe for one month in NZ and then cancel.
          You can't (as far as I know) go direct to a subscription from Turkey with no prior subscription history.

  • Has anyone tried doing this with a web browser?

    • Some on the OzBargain site mentioned using BlueStacks as an android emulator with mixed success.
      I did try a web browser and VPN to sign up direct but got errors and couldn't make it work.

      • I tried getting Microsoft 365 from Turkey using a VPN and a Wise Card but they only allow credit cards issued in the country, mine obviously wasn't. It seems that when you use an app, you bypass the service's payment processor and instead use Google's or Apple's, which accepts global cards. That means you would pay 30% more because of AppStore fees, but that is still cheaper than the NZ price.

    • I tried with Bluestacks5 a couple days back but got stuck on the payment screen within Disney+. It was a 10 minute jobby though so could have easily done something wrong.

      I was following the instructions on MyDealz

  • Trying to create @gmail.com account but can’t skip phone verification. Any idea?

    • +1

      seems it's mandatory now, buy some $1 SIMs for future use, always come in handy.

      • +1

        It was optional for me.
        When I got to the third step of creating an gmail address I could skip the phone number.

        I'm no Android expert as I usually use iPhone. This was just what I had spare to try and worked for me.
        Did you do a factory reset first?

    • +3

      You can skip phone verification when creating a new Google account on a new phone, just did it on an old phone I had lying around. Factory reset and then when going through setup choose to create a new Google account.

  • Been trying to get this working for a couple of hours!. Got to the final step where it won’t accept my payment. I see a holding charge on my account though so I might try again tomorrow.

    • What’s the message you get at the payment stage?

      • “Your transaction can’t be completed. To continue this transaction use a different payment instrument or contact us”

        • That’s a different error to any that I’ve struck.
          Sounds like it doesn’t like your card.
          Did all the other steps work ok?

          Try some of these tips I found online.

          • @bigcheese: Yeah, I think it is a card issue. I did try BNZ and ASB visa debit cards. I might try again from the top with a new Google account.

            Cheers for posting the deal though! I persevered to get Turkish Netflix and that eventually worked. I have a Plex Pass, Tidal, YouTube Premium and Netflix all paid for in different currencies. Best Cheapies hacks ever.

            • @lookout: Newbie to all this, can this be achieved with an iPhone? Or laptop? I don’t own an android

              • @Sarahglasgow: Not at this stage.
                So far all the successful efforts have been using an Android phone that I have seen.
                There is one post here that mentions doing it by iPhone but it involves using giftcards through the App Store in Turkey.
                It you are a newbie I would wait a bit longer unless you can find someone that has an old Android you can borrow.

                Disney Plus has only been available in Turkey for a couple of weeks so give it some time and I'm sure more methods will come out.

              • @Sarahglasgow: My wife asked this question the other day during a games night and one of my ahole friend dismissed her by saying if she can afford a $2k iphone, she can afford to pay for Netflix subscription the legitimate way like everyone else- she was furious!!

                • +1

                  @brownie1: But why pay more if you don't need to?
                  Netflix is definitely able to be done via a computer, it's just Disney that looks a bit trickier at this stage.

                • @brownie1: Maybe due to the fact that she is an astute bargain hunter most of the time, and doesn't pay more than she needs to for things like NetFlix, means that she can afford to spend money renting an iPhone from Apple for $2,000!


                  • @Alan6984: Haha of course. She's an aspiring cheapie and getting into the MMM, frugal ways of living, incrasing our UMI etc so its happening. Just annoying when people assume things just because she has an iphone..

                    • +1

                      @brownie1: It's more to do with being jealous of her that she can afford both 2k iphone & netflix lol.

  • +1

    I subscribed successfully, but I didn't follow the exact steps.
    No need to reset your phone, connect VPN to the turkey server first.
    Add a new google account in your adriod phone and download Disney plus.
    Open the app and sign up then subscribe to your plan. Google would ask for the payment, just choose your original google account for the payment.
    My one is one the top right-hand corner, you can switch back to your original account from new created one.
    Your NZ/OZ account is now subscribed with Turkey Disney plus, my westpac cc was charged for $35.
    Never ask for a phone number and I think the new turkey google account is only for downloading the app to fool the system.
    Hope this help.

    • Glad you got it working.
      Good to have slightly different methods to mine too as it gives people some options if mine doesn’t work for them.

  • +1

    there is other methods from OP in OZbargain
    Thanks to fishbomb's comment I was able to get this to work without even needing a VPN.

    Create new Google account on phone
    Delete cache in Google Play Store (not sure if needed)
    Select new account in Google Play Store
    Add payment method and select Turkey as Country.
    Uninstall Disney+ if you have it installed.
    Open Google Chrome/browser on your phone in an incognito window. Set your window to desktop mode.
    Search Disney+ on Google Play store in your browser.
    Log in on new account and remote install Disney+ to your phone
    Open app on phone and pay in TRY.

    • +1

      This also comes in handy for other apps on the app store - eg. google drive (2tb -28nzd/year), youtube premium (Individual 16.5nzd/year - Family 30nzd/year), discord (Classic 13nzd/year - Niro 28nzd/year)
      Plex lifetime 40nzd - might have stacked a sale + turkey pricing
      Apps in general 50%+ cheaper

      Spotify is also releasing google pay support later this year so easy transfer to turkish subscription then

      Plenty more, Ill add as I think of others I have bought/ subscribed to

      • For Google Drive storage, does this mean the storage is on the freshly made Google account? It'd be nice to have it on my current Google account at that price, but is that possible?

        • +1

          yeah I have it on my current google account, I think I even did it through my browser
          The only thing is sometimes it can get a bit buggy during set up, and the easiest way to do it smoothly is through deleting your payment profile (will clear any auto payment subscriptions etc meaning they wont automatically renew)


          If it looks set up correctly and isn't working give it an hour or day and come back to it as sometimes it just needs some time

          Google play store under settings also needs it's currency/ payment profile set

          I currently have a NZ and Turkey payment profile on the one email address

          On second thought — I think google drive can just be done with a vpn, it's been about 5 months since I did google drive specifically - but doing payment profile will allow doing other services easily

          • @Rowjo: Can i ask which bank CC did you use? Getting an error saying that Google pay is not supported for discord when trying to pay for nitro. I'm with ASB.

            • @Nzfade: ASB True rewards through Google payment profile

              • @Rowjo: You mind doing a quick write up with the steps you did to get Discord Nitro working?

                Tried all the above steps with Windscribe VPN, and without. My gmail is set to Turkey, Wise card set to Turkey but I have only loaded around 15$ NZD. Failed with my ASB debit card.

      • Also Adobe CC and Microsoft 365 (I bought these via India VPN on Proton VPN)

  • Did this with an Apple TV and Music app on Mac. No VPN needed at all. Works perfectly. Have subbed for a year.

  • I've got Disney+ Hotstar premium subscription from India cost me NZD 30 for 4 devices, does that provide access to NZ content too ?
    But I can't access this without vpn though.

    • How did you get Disney+ Hotstar to work in NZ? Isn’t it geo locked to India?

      • VPNs get around geoblocks

        • Hotstar's hit and miss with VPN. I've tried it and it somehow detects I'm using a VPN to access content.

          • @Encounter Ekambaram: On mobile it doesn't work well with vpn wouldn't load anything on a browser or streaming box works with vpn, use it mainly for Tamil content on Hotstar. Even aha works too with vpn

            • +1

              @Ashwin: cool. I just download tamil movies/shows from 1tamilmv. cant be bothered with VPN

        • I also couldn't get hotstar to work with vpn as well around year ago.

  • I see all methods for android phones, has somebody tried this on iPhone? Please share the steps if u have, thanks

    • Would like to know aswell for IOS or desktop.

      • Thanks for mentioning as I'd like to know for a laptop.

    • The only mention I can find for doing it on iPhone is here and it's using iTunes gift cards from the App Store in Turkey.

  • Cant all this be done on iphone or macs, pcs?

    • The issue is getting the payment to accept.
      I'm an iPhone user too but couldn't get my payment to accept when I tried it on pc with VPN.
      I have seen online someone talked about using iTunes gift cards through Turkey but didn't want to muck around with that.
      It's the Google subscription that gets around it, hence the need for Android with all the methods I have seen but I'm sure someone will find a method using iOS at some point.

  • I couldn't get this working with a second account on my Samsung S21 which someone also reported on OZB, but using the new account on a factory reset spare phone worked fine.

    • Yes that’s why I did the factory reset - was just a lot more straight forward than playing with second accounts.
      Plus me being an iPhone user and not so familiar with Android!

      • In case any one else is having the same problem - it seemed to keep reverting to my primary Google account, I'd get all the way to the payment step in the Disney+ app which would show the price in TRY, I'd hit Subscribe Now and it would say that my payment method was unavailable in my country. Using that same secondary Google account on the second phone VPN'd to Turkey I removed and then added the same credit card as a precaution, disconnected the VPN, opened Disney+ and successfully subscribed.

  • Hi I'm able to get to the card payment screen on the Disney + Turkey website on my phone with a VPN and it's displaying Turkish currency prices though it says my card doesn't match the region I'm purchasing from . Have used my Wise card , changed to address on my digital card to a Turkish one , converted $40 NZD to Turkish Lira but still no joy . Any suggestions

    • I used the Disney+ app rather than the website.
      Also, once I had the app downloaded I turned the VPN off and then went back into the app.
      This still kept it in TRY but enabled me to purchase with both Wise card and NZ Credit Card.

      Are you using an Android device or trying on iPhone?

  • When I use the app it displays in NZD on my Android device. On the website it displays in Turkish currency . Just can't purchase because it says my card is from a different region .

    • Did you download the Disney App from the Play Store with the VPN turned on?
      I only turned the VPN off once it was downloaded and from that point everything was in TRY.

      If this still doesn't work you could try some of the other methods, such as mentioned on the Ozbargain post or by rbx064 here

    • That happened to me, but once getting to the payment screen on the disney+ app it came up as ₺349.90 and charged my card NZD $34.91 . I had the vpn on to download then disabled as disney+ wouldn't load with it on .

  • Can anyone recommend a VPN to use on this 😂, I never really use or own 1..is the free one I found on Google play will works?

    • +1

      Windscribe allows free 10GB per month.
      It's what I used to get Disney+ as it has a Turkey server you can use as part of the free plan.

      • Thanks bigcheese, will windscribe works on youtube premium and netflix too?

        • +1

          Should be fine to get Netflix if you are going via Turkey as they have the free server there.
          I found the server very slow (for Disney+ anyway) but as it's only needed for the registration process you can put up with it.

          Not sure about Youtube Premium as I don't use that but I know a number of people do so I'm sure somebody else on here will be able to answer that for you.

  • +1

    worked! Thanks!

  • i can get to the very last step and saw 349/year, however upon paying an error pops up saying "google play purchase are not supported in your country, unfortunately you will not be able to complete purchase"

    • Did you have the vpn turned off at the payment stage?
      You will get this error if you are still connected via vpn when you go to pay.

      • yes it was turned off, i did use NZ credit though

        • The NZ credit card should be fine as it’s paid through a Google subscription which is what makes this possible.
          Did you do a factory reset first?
          This is not strictly necessary as some others have done it without this step but it does ensure no existing profile or payment information comes through that might prevent this from working.

          • @bigcheese: yes i did, i have followed your instruction precisely, will try again tomorrow. cheers

            • @organicLv: Ok. Good luck.

              If you still can’t get it to work then maybe try some of the suggestions in the comments of the OzBargain post.
              It took me a few attempts initially.

  • I'm also at the very last step, showing 349/year, my google play store is in Turkey, I was able to buy a 1 TL game from store, but when I want to subscribe in Disney+ app, google pay says: Your request failed. Use a different payment method, or contact us. Learn more… Or if I use WISE, it says "Your transaction cannot be completed. To continue this transaction, use a different payment instrument or contact us"

  • +1

    Worked without having to factory reset phone. Used windscribe vpn and a new gmail id with country set as Turkey and my wise card.

    After having Turkish Netflix, Indian YouTube premium, Indian Spotify, all at reduced prices, it was very disappointing to pay full price for Disney. Tried several times without luck in the past.

    Bigcheese you’re a star!

    • Do you have a visa or mastercard wise card?

      • I used both a Wise Debit Visa and an NZ Westpac Mastercard credit card.
        Both worked so shouldn’t be a card problem.

      • +1

        I used a Kiwibank Visa, but it wouldn't work until I switched to my spare phone with no other Google accounts loaded.

      • My Wise card is a Mastercard.

        • Aren't all Wise cards MasterCard? If not, how do you choose?

          • @Alan6984: No - mine is a Visa which I got in about Dec last year.
            On the website it all refers to Visa now and you can't choose.

            This happens every so often with credit/debit cards with the main banks too.
            Once the contract runs out with Mastercard they change to Visa and vice versa.

            • @bigcheese: Interesting - I wonder what would happen if I 'killed' one of my existing virtual cards and replaced it. Would I get a Visa replacement?

              I can't be bothered to try it right now, but it might be possible to have both for a while.

              • @Alan6984: If it's the same as the banks then you will stay as a Mastercard until such time as your physical card expires.
                I would imagine that your virtual cards would also stay as Mastercard, so you might be with them for a while yet.

                • @bigcheese: So you think any new virtual cards created will always be the same 'type' as the physical card on our account?

                  I had figured the virtual cards were all independent of the physical one, but I don't know really.

                  I should get off my ass and test it :-)

                  • @Alan6984: I'm only guessing - the only way to know for sure is to generate a new digital card.
                    I was treating it like your physical card is your 'base number' and all the virtual cards are the equivalent of a suffix off that, albeit with a different number.

                    • @bigcheese: More fun to speculate - testing it would just ruin the discussion :-)

                      That's the problem with the net and Google etc. We used to debate things for days, weeks even, whereas now you're just getting into a great discussion over drinks, and some prat goes and finds out the facts online. Boring!!

  • Is it possible to subscribe with an existing Disney account, or it has to be a new Account? I understand the method has to be done with a Google account in turkey, but how about the Disney account itself?

    • That I don't know.
      All the instructions I have read are about creating a new account but it may work.
      Just be aware that I did get an account blocked for 'suspicious activity' on an earlier attempt so keep that in mind if you are going to try.

    • I managed to do this and link it to my existing disney account.

  • Has anyone tried using Google vouchers?

    I can't get my card to work

    • I haven't, but I could only guess that your vouchers would have to match the currency in which you are trying to pay.

      If your vouchers were, say, USD, and you are trying to pay a TRY subscription, I would have thought it would fail.

      However, notwithstanding my other comment(s), and noting that (slightly misquoted), '… consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds …', by all means let us know :-)

  • +2

    Been trying on and off for 2 days and finally got it to work!!

    Created a new Google account on a reset phone (not sure if this is required).

    installed windscribe

    opened a incognito window with vpn on and set to turkey.

    Searched Disney + on browser there is an option to pay via the website.

    entered payment details (anz debit), vpn still on and it worked!!! :D

    • Good stuff.
      The more options the better as there definitely isn't a 'one size fits all' to get it working.
      Took me a few days as well.

      • Thank you for bringing it to our attention! :)

        Such a great deal! Just rediscovered the cartoon Doug and watchung now :)

    • +1

      I wonder if you could just use a VPN to Turkey on a PC and sign up through the browser normally?

      • I don't see why not? worth a shot.

      • Please do let us know how it went :-)

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