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Netflix ~60%+ off via Argentina VPN Hack (Valid for Both New & Existing Subscribers)


Credit to the folks over as OzBargain who figured this one out. Easy way to save $100+ a year depending on your plan.
See original write up here

Basically the idea is to sign into Netflix from a VPN server in Argentina to access their pricing structure. VPN is only required to setup the billing, Netflix will work as normal without it.

Windscribe was the only VPN that worked for me and had servers in Argentina.
Existing subscribers need cancel & wait until their plan expires.

Pricing using Argentina as billing location:

  • Basic: 199 ARS (Currently equates to ~$4.20 NZD/month)
  • Standard: 319 ARS (Currently equates to ~$6.70 NZD/month)
  • Ultra: 449ARS (Currently equates to ~$9.50 NZD/month)

Savings of ~$90-$150/year depending on plan.

For New Subscribers:

  1. Sign up for Windscribe VPN
  2. Sign into your account on the website. Access the chatbox by clicking the green icon on the bottom right. Ask the chatbot for a pro trial, accept any prompts.
  3. Once the pro trial is confirmed, download & install the software (they support both MacOS & Windows)
  4. Sign into the app & connect to one of the Argentina servers
  5. Go to Netflix and sign up for a new account.
  6. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in ARS (Argentinian pesos)
  7. Continue through and sign-up
  8. Turn off/uninstall the Windscribe, Netflix will continue to bill in ARS.

For Existing Subscribers:

  1. Cancel your Netflix subscription. It will expire at the end of the billing period.
  2. When the billing expires, complete steps 1-4 above (i.e Setup Windscribe)
  3. Login to your Netflix account and click 'reactivate your subscription'
  4. Follow steps 6-8 as above


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  • I might give this a go soon once my billing period ends, but in the original ozbargain thread they suggest trying turkey pricing as that seems to be cheaper than Argentina now

  • +1

    Any VPNs that could reliably stream 4K Netflix in NZ?

    I've been using Getflix DNS service for a while now and it's been rather glitchy, and the VPNs I've tried are slow as hell.

    • Have you tried Smart DNS?

      • Getflix is smart DNS AFAIK.

  • +3

    Been doing the same thing for the past year or so. At the time the cheapest was in TRY (Turkish Lira). My last bill was $9.88NZD for the Ultra plan.

    • How do you pay in Turkish currency?

      • I just used a VPN set in Turkey and logged into Netflix and setup my subscription. Only need to do this once then it auto renews.

  • +3

    Here is a bit more info on the cost in each country with exchange rate into NZD.
    does look like Argentina is the cheapest.


    • Do you have a document like this for spotify?

      • No, i do not sorry.
        But you might be able to find something similar for Spotify on google.
        I don't use spotify myself, so not very sure.
        found an old bookmark of mine, but not sure if still vaild.

        I personally use Youtube Premium, use VPN toIndia to get a much cheaper price.

        • all good. thanks!

      • I believe Spotify has VPN detection and it wouldn't work because of this

  • Get the top tier with a couple of mates to make it even cheaper.
    I share mine with my mates living in different time zones around the world… so pretty much no chance of running out of "screens".

  • Can we do this with NordVPN ?

    • You can connect to Arg VPN via Nord. Haven't tested the process though.

  • Do you need a VPN afterwards to watch it?

    • Only need VPN for the sign up and billing setup process.
      you do not need to watch thru a VPN.

  • +3

    It asks for a mobile number (from Argentina) to text code verification?how to go past this please?

    • I would be interested in how to overcome this roadblock too?

      When I initially signed up for Netflix I attempted the VPN hack but couldn't get past the mobile verification code stage so ended up registering the NZ Netflix. Perhaps if you're an existing subscriber and cancel then rejoin the previous verification still counts?

    • from the OZ Bargin webpage regarding this issue

      "Ignore it.
      It's an option, for recovery.

      I opened the account page in a new tab, to be sure. Worked fine.
      On the original tab, where it asked for phone number, I left it empty, and clicked on the, CONTINUE below. Worked fine."

      Im not sure if that is helpful but i came across it while reading the comment section there

    • Are you using a brand new account or an old account?

    • +1

      I am using my existing account for reactivation and faced same behaviour - The mobile number update step was mandatory (no option to skip). So at this point I went back to Netflix home page (by clicking Netflix logo) and re-filled the payment details again. Now the next step was again mobile verification but this time optional :). Hope this helps

      • What vpn and CC did u use? I can’t passed by the mobile number Argentina?

        • I used windscribe VPN (subscribed to ARG,India (useful for Disney+ Hotstar)) and used Transferwise debit card to cut down on the bank fees

  • Nice find OP.

    If anyone has a streaming box and is into Kodi/LibreElec/Core-Elec , I recommend getting Seren + a subscription to Real-Debrid or Premiumize. I pay 16 euro ($28 nzd roughly) for 6 months of streaming capability. Quality decent overall. Don't need a VPN. Get Netflix shows etc. I can test out a couple of shows to see if I get em if you'd like.

    I run Core-Elec on a MiniX Neo U9-H, Seren and SkyGo as my main apps.

    • do you get 4k remux through seren?

      • Yes but unsure how large real-debrids remux database is. I usually have Seren limited to 20GB and under for file search. Just adjusted it and finally found a 4K remux source at Avengers: Age of Ultron, 54.72GB. No issues. Few people think Premiumize might have a better database when it comes to remux, but I have no idea. Never used premiumize. Had no idea what 4K remux was before looking it up after reading your comment.

        • I fell down a rabbit hole the other day and learned of plex shares. Oh my

          • @Hayce Irri: Sounds like a deep rabbit hole. Don't even know what that is. Some sort of home media server?

            • @Wakrak: you can share media over Plex, so people have set up their media servers to be like their own netflix but with many many more movies

              • @Hayce Irri: Would you have to download it all first though? I'm a member over at IPTorrents but I can't be stuffed downloading these days. Use to have 300 movies on my external but so easy just being able to find and stream. Too lazy eh.

                • +1

                  @Wakrak: You're correct. one person needs to have the media stored locally, & set up a server - then they can share to friends/family/random strangers online, each person can have their own login. & access it via pc/tv app. there is a paid version where you can download files to mobile/tablets as well. the person running the server can add/remove users as they please.

                • @Wakrak: Search for the subreddit 'plex shares' and you will be away laughing

  • Any examples of the typical bank fees when paying ARG pesos from an NZ account? I've just converted a years worth of standard plan NZD to ARS for $1 NZD in TransferWise. https://www.cheapies.nz/deals/transferwise.com

    • Depends on your card. If you have a Flight Center card it's 0%, typical bank around 2%. Can go up to 3.5% for Prezzy card.

    • How do you pay Netflix using TransferWise?

      • you can get a transferwise debit card.

  • Does it provide Netflix content from NZ or from the region you sign up in?

    • +1

      If you use Netflix in NZ then it will show content specifically for NZ. Unless you use a VPN to another country e.g. USA then you have access to Parks and Rec, The Office (US) etc.

    • +2

      Billing and content are treated independently. So billing as a customer from Argentina, but watching content in NZ, with an NZ connection, you'd have access to NZ content.

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Works for me using Turkish Netflix + Windscribe VPN. Charged me $6.50 for standard subscription. Btw, mine is a reactivation.

    • What CC and device did u use for reactivation? I used windscribe on ios but when clicking on the “See Plans” nothing happens (stuck there). TIA

  • +1

    Tried transferwise debit card and kiwibank cards but both are not getting accepted by Netflix. Which bank cards are accepted?

  • Thank you !!! works like a charm !!

  • I can see Stardard plan come with HD and Ultra plan come with Ultra HD, can anyone let me know is Netflix HD good enough to watch on TV? Are they usually 720p? Or 1080? Or?

    • +1

      HD is 1080p and Ultra HD is 4k I believe

  • After signing up this way, will Netflix work using the smart TV app?

    • Yes, should work on all platforms as normal

  • Restarted account on the Ultra premium plan. Cost $9.40 I think

  • +1

    having no luck with this on my debitcard. How are others getting on?

    • I signed up last week no problems & used the same VPN for the youtube premium. used a westpac Credit card.

  • No luck using my debitcard to make a payment. Tried Argentina and Turkey service on trial pro version. I think I made a mistake following this after cancelling my previous Netflix account. It was already setup on Mexican payment which is slightly cheaper now compared to NZ and now I can't get that back. Any help or advise is appreciated.

    • I used hola extension I think. Worth a shot

      • No luck. I even used both VPN and hola and still failed. I'm wondering if this still works or the it's only limited to people using Kiwibank cards.

        • Did you get it to work in the end?

          • @wellydeal: Unfortunately, it's not for me. Not sure how these guys made it

            • @chriswiz: I cancelled mine after the price went up & tried to reactivate in turkey but now it isn't working :(

    • +1

      yes it is

  • +1

    I received this email from netflix,the price is going up by 35%

    We hope you are enjoying your Netflix membership. Argentina issued a new tax collection rule on September 16, 2020, and your Netflix membership will be impacted.
    A tax of 35% will apply to your Netflix subscription. You’ll see the tax as a separate charge on your credit or debit card statement.

    • +1

      Time to move to turkey .. looks to be the next cheapest

  • Anyone else having issues on this? If you do, are you using Kiwibank card?

  • If anyone wondering price, mine came to $9.14 NZD (top UHD plan) which was cheaper than before the tax increase $9.54 NZD. ARS hasn't changed too much over the last month flucuated from ~ .20 cents to ~ .19 cents in terms of our dollar as well.

    • Third monthly payment came in @ $14.37 NZD. Whats really weird is the tax increase was 40% on top of the 449 ARS (as shown in netflix account), which would make it 628.6 ARS (= about 12.14 NZD)

      It also changed processing names now "Netflix 8 Troncos Del T Ar" from "Netflix.Com Amsterdam Nl" if thats any useful information.

  • Mine went from $9.14 to $14.78 (premium plan). Using a visa credit card.

    • so it went up? were you using argentina or turkey?

      • Yes, went up by over 60%, as is reported by many on ozbargain. Using Argentina.

  • Did anyone manage to cancel Arg and move to Turkey without phone number confirmation?

    • i ended up cancelling, because it wouldn't let me "move" to turkey

  • this worked for me today. Couldn't get Argentina to work, but Turkey worked fine with my VPN. Was charged $5.05 today by kiwibank for a month

    • How did you get around the mobile phone verification?

      • +1

        I was reactivating my existing account and it just accepted the already loaded in NZ one

    • What vpn did you use?

      • I have Nord, not sure what they offer in terms of free, I have a paid one, though if you don't usually use VPN then probably not worth buying it just for this.

  • +1

    Anyone tried this now? Apparently every time I tried to pay it doesnt allow me to.

    • mine was only about a week ago. When I tried it with Argentina it tried to charge me in USD (so more expensive than NZD), but then I tried Turkey and it charged me in Turkish lira so that worked a treat as its a good exchange rate currently.

      • did you have an existing payment method, or create new? if new, what card/type did you use? westpac hotpoints for example

        • we had a NZ subscription, cancelled it. Then just paid by Kiwibank CC. Kiwibank tacks on their conversion % whatever it is, but its pretty minimal. $5.05 included their fee.

  • just did it on my pc. nord has lots of different servers for each country so possibly some work and some don't?

  • So i tried this hack today, used solid vpn and tried turkey and argentina. But at the time of payment it would not accept. Tried with amex cc and asb/anz dc..
    Can someone help pls.
    Which location is cheaper anyways?

  • Aparently when you ask for a free trial it says this now: "Garry is sad to say that people were abusing the free Pro trials, so we had to stop giving them out. You can always tweet about us or refer your friends for more free data! Or you can upgrade to Pro. Remember, you can always receive a refund within 3 days or 10GB of bandwidth used (whichever comes first)."

  • Is this still working for anyone?

    • Yeah I managed switch my billing over to Turkey this morning. Are you having issues?

      • I am having issues getting this set up (again) i've flicked you a pm, if you're able to help.

        • +2

          Copy/pasting my response here for the benefit of others:

          I didn't have any luck using the browser but was able to do it via the android app.

          Here are the exact steps I took, in case you want to try and replicate them. In my case I had a current NZ subscription, so I'm not sure how the process would differ for new subscribers.

          1a. Cancel subscription and wait for billing cycle to end.
          1b. Do not remove existing payment method (I had an NZ debit card as my payment method).
          2a. Download VPN app on your smartphone (I used Surfshark).
          2b. Connect to Turkey VPN then open Netflix app.
          3a. Follow prompt to renew your subscription.
          3b. Select your plan - the pricing should be displayed in Turkish Lira (TL).
          3c. On the payment screen, select your existing payment method from your previous subscription.
          4. Ignore the prompt asking you for your phone number - your subscription should already be active at this point.

          Hope that helps!

          • @deladani: I had a Netflix membership but cancelled it earlier this year and I guess I removed the payment method then. Now when I go to sign in it tells me to finish signing up and you can’t sign up on the app (iOS). Tried on browser and payment method was declined using ANZ Visa Debit card. Thanks anyway :)

          • @deladani: Hi @deladani
            Just wanted to double check that when you meant "via the android app" - when I go in to my android Netflix app and choose "Account" - it takes me out of the app and opens a browser where I have the option to Cancel membership.
            Is that still okay? I don't think I can "Cancel membership" directly from within the android app?

            • @brownie1: Sorry for the confusion! Yes, I did the first step of cancelling my current subscription via the browser, then the remaining steps to renew my subscription were done via the android app.
              Good luck!

              • @deladani: @deladani Thanks for replying! Just to clarify, once the subscription expires, I should see "prompt to renew" my subscription within the android app? Because as of now, as soon as I select "Account" within the app, it takes me to browser like I said and its only there I have the "restart membership": option. Anyway, mine expires on 2nd Dec so not long to go to test this out. Jeez it says I've been a member since 2015! Wowza, wonder how much $$ I paid so far lol

                • @brownie1: Yup, (if I remember correctly) after my membership expired there was a screen/popup asking me to restart the subscription the next time I opened the app.

                  It definitely adds up! I don't use Netflix very often anymore so ~$9 per month using this much easier to justify! The TL to NZD exchange rate has dropped in our favour too, so it's getting even cheaper.

                  • @deladani: @deladani - Gave issues with payment screen :( didn't work :(

  • I've been unable to pinpoint what exactly the issues can be using this VPN method.
    I managed to set myself up successfully a few months ago, but then when using the exact same VPN with the exact same bank, it kept declining for my sister. She tried an alternative credit card and got the same error too.
    Then fast forward a couple of months, I helped my cousin using a different VPN, and have no idea who they bank with, but it worked successfully.
    Would be really interesting to know the mechanics behind whether its the VPN, bank, or somehow Netflix account that causes variation in the results.

    • +1

      It's a little more difficult with most banks now. Rather than paying with NZ credit card directly, what you need to is pay via Netflix gift card.
      To do this you can buy them through sites such as turgame.com/netflix-gift-card/. You then (upon being asked for a payment method) choose to pay with gift card on the Netflix payment screen.

      • I did exactly this yesterday after my Netflix subscription expired.
        My credit card payment would not work so I purchased the Netflix gift card through Turgame.com and then applied it.
        Worked a treat.

        • @moona @bigcheese - credit card didn't work for me either. So do you have to buy the gift card every month? Also, is it ok with buy gift card with NZ credit card?

          • @brownie1: I purchased a 100 Lira Netflix Gift card using my NZ credit card by going to turgame.com (without VPN. When I accidentally left the VPN on Turgame blocked my IP but it's fine if it's off!)
            Then I used a VPN set to turkey to login to my Netflix account and applied the gift card which comes via email (in a matter of minutes).
            The 100 Lira Gift card cost approx NZ$15.50 and gave me about 2.5 months of credit of the standard plan which is normally $18.99 per month in NZ

            So, I will need to do it again in February when it runs out.

            • @bigcheese: Dang, so for premium 4k account, it will be $25 which is not enough with the 100 Lira gift card - potentially means I need to do this every month maybe!
              Wonder if its possible to get a Turkey cc for somewhere lol

              • @brownie1: You can apply multiple gift cards - I just tried it now and extended my membership further.
                What I found though was that I got an error when I tried to apply a new gift card initially as I had signed in using the Turkish VPN.
                As soon as I turned off the VPN and signed in normally I was able to apply the gift card no worries so looks like you only need the VPN the first time.

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